Onto a New TownMature

She brought her fingers together, then swung them outward, she looked like she was saying "okay" with her fingers on both hands.

He sunk into his chair. 

He remained quiet. Silent. 

She looked around for a moment and looked right past him. Not noticing.

A loud sigh of relief escaped his lips as she departed.

Anne had found someone.

He was….Happy for her.

She deserves to have someone who can't hurt her.

She deserves someone better than Silas.

Even if he still loves her.

He wiped a tear from his eye and expected black makeup marks like the Bride had on her sleeves. 

But nothing.

The tears quenched no thirst. It didn't go away. It didn't stain.

It was absorbed.


Those tears on his sleeve, were never to go anywhere important.
They were never meant for anything more than solitude sobbing.

He would go to California.

He was California Dreaming on a winter's day. 

March was coming.


So many young blossoms, new love, and reminders of old love.

The harshness of winter is suddenly missed, when compared to the lonesome spring.

He was all the way to Portland when the Bride's kiss revisited him. In a dream of sort, her lips touched his so gently. So delicate, her hair was ebony. 

Her voice so soft, "Find her…Just…Just go on"

Silas stepped off the train and headed North.

He ran like the hounds of hell were behind him.

His feet burned from the lack of socks, they had been torn apart by the journey.
His thighs pumped with boiling acid. His chest was knotted with nerves and exhaustion. But he couldn't stop running.

He dropped his pack at the visitor's station off the highway and reached for a phonebook.

Flipping through the pages, he thought of all the names he came across. 

He took his time. And stopped at some names. 

Bacon, Charlotte. Then a number. Then an address.

The imagination carried Silas to Charlotte's family restaurant. "Makin Bacon" 
He smiled thinking about it. 

He'd take Anne there, and they would enjoy a hearty breakfast.

That's when the next person would walk in. Just down the page, Dan Barden. He would be providing entertainment, Playing guitar in the corner. Lighting up the room.

Anne and Silas would sit side by side and look on as Olivia Engel, a regular customer would dance around and make a scene and spur laughs from across the restaurant.

Josephine Gay would walk in, wearing a purple dress, and stand next to Dan and sing a soft song, wowing the patrons with her voice.

She would wink to a person as he walks in, Dylan Hockley, and he would shoot her a wink back and make Ms Gay blush a bright red. 

And there comes the Waitress, Maddy Hsu. She's working while she works through medical school. A hard worker and a pleasant face, she's a happy face in a weary world.

Catherine Hubbard and Chase Kowalski walk in hand-in-hand. They had been flirting for some time, and decided to take things to the next level. And everybody was happy for them. They deserved it.

Maddy drops a plate with a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich off on the table of Jesse Lewis who couldn't help himself to it. Its his favorite, and the girl in the back, Ana Marquez-Greene, makes the best sandwiches. She gets all the compliments from the workers. 

James Mattoli and Grace Audrey McDonnell stepped on stage next to tell a few jokes and sing a few songs. They were good friends, and needed a laugh after the rain spoiled their plans to go mini golfing together.

And in comes the local celebrity. Jack Pinto, star receiver, playing for Seattle. He always did a funny latin dance every time he scored a touchdown, which seemed to be every game. As he walked in, Noah Pozner, joked with him that Football players are just big lugs, with no brains. But it's hard to compete with Professor Pozner when it comes to brains. 

Caroline Previdi sat in the booth behind Silas and Anne as they sat and ate and laughed, and she leaned over and had to compliment Anne's fantastic blouse. Anne couldn't help but adore her beautiful blue dress.

And Jessica Rekos agreed with both of them, but couldn't really say much for her own clothes. They were denim and stained with grass. She had been down the stables all day taking care of the horses at the ranch. 

Avielle Richman thought Jessica's self-directed joke was hysterical, and her infectious laugh spread through the room, interrupting the song. But who could be upset? It was a wonderful time a "Makin Bacon".

Not even Ben Wheeler, the big-shot writer could be upset when his peace was disrupted. He looked up, and lowered his glasses and smiled to the group. But soon returned to his work.

And Allyson Wyatt, a city councilwoman, entered to finally complete the motley group of wonderful people in the restaurant on this wonderful, rainy day in the city.

And then Silas's finger ended at X.

Anne Xavier was nowhere in the phone book.

The dream faded into a white light, and Silas mourned.
His efforts, wasted.

The dreams of the wonderful people in his fantasy went on from his mind. Hopefully to some better fantasy. Maybe their own? 
One can only hope.

Silas knew that in a dream, they will all be happy forever. In the dreams of those who know them, and maybe in the dreams of those who don't. 

He only wished that he could be as happy as them.

The End

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