I'll come back for you!Mature

He didn't work. Didn't need to.
His mother sent checks to him. Guilt payments. 

When Silas was admitted into the Asylum, it was because his mother feared that he had done the damage to himself. She had the boy locked up at age twelve. And she visited every day.

Until he was thirteen.

Then it was once a week.

For two months.

Then she met a man.

Then it was every birthday.

Until he was sixteen

Then, she started to send letters.

And when the letters stopped,

He stopped caring about her.
She abandoned him.

But at least He always had Anne.

But now, Silas was without her, and was not allowed to visit Anne for a month. He walked to the Asylum time after time, but they said Silas would only 'complicate her recovery'. 

But there was one time, where he saw her peer through the window at him. Silas turned to race back to see her. But she was pulled from the window. The curtains closed as the orderly shot him a dirty look.

"Anne! Don't you forget about me! I'll come back for you."

It was the second month where he was finally allowed to see her.

But she did not want to be seen…

'Oh god…" He thought, "does she think I abandoned her?"

The End

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