The Road is CharredMature

It was September the Seventh when he stepped through the archways of the Asylum for one final time. The stone doors which once bore him as a patient, as a prisoner, was now saying farewell to him as a man, it was no longer able to bind him as it was his mother who admitted him.

But Anne… Anne was still silent. And her release would not be for another three months. But they cannot allow Silas to remain, not at a Children's Asylum. 

It is far too late to turn around and fight them.

He reached for her, as she placed her hands on the cold window. His eyes burned a familiar burn. "Anne! I will come and visit you! I promise!"

His love burned brighter than the fireworks which spurred her need to embrace him. 
Brighter than the flames that had left his body scarred.

Brighter than the sun that had begun to bear down on his weary face from above the pitch of the Asylum roof.
And every teardrop was relief to the pavement which was parched from the dry heat, sizzling by his feet.

"I will come back, Anne." His lip trembled as the words escaped him.
If only she could escape as easily.

The door to the taxi opened up, and he sat inside.

"Where to?" The cabbie spoke without a notion of concern for the crying Silas.

"In town, I was set up with a small place down the square, so I'm told."

"You some sort of crazy person?"

"Maybe just a little."


"No. Not fit for the Army anyway. They don't want nobody like me."

"Whatever you say, Kid." 

The world changed while he was away. Music was louder, people were always moving faster. 
Silas's eyes caught a line outside of bar, and saw that people's styles changed too. 

His lungs exhaled a bit. His mind reeling. 

He had not seen the outside of the Asylum fence since 1958. 

Its been six years.

The End

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