Fire on HighMature

Love, Loss, Life and Lament.
The Tale of Silas, the Fire Starter

The flames around him grew higher, but they were oddly cold to the touch.

"Is another test?" He asked himself quietly as he stood at the gate.

The wall surrounded him, with no path to return to, only the gate, to press onward through.

The silence was deafening. The flames did not even crackle. 

His hand trailed into the flame, and he waved it around. The flame not only failed to burn him, but it also obeyed him, as the clay to the potter, or the arrow to the archer. 

Stunned, he stepped backwards. "But did I?"

He attempted to duplicate his actions, and when his hand penetrated the fire again, he waved it sharply to the side. The flames, ever the obedient servant, flew away and exposed the remainder of the room. The flames which were cast aside struck the wall and began to burn them. This flame was quite hot and loud. Suddenly, the room was an oven.

And he was the turkey. 

The Gate needed to be opened. It was the only way now.

He approached the burning wall and took hold of the flames again. They, while hotter and louder, again, failed to burn him. 

He cupped the fire in his hand, like it was water from a fountain, he then threw his two hands forward, at the gate. The flames struck the massive doors and the flames grew. The gate was enveloped. 

And as the doors burned and turned to charred ashes, a wind silenced the flames.

The white-hot fire turned to black. And the voices from before chimed in his head.

"Silas, you have proven your courage and power. Your soul burns as brightly as the kiln you escaped from. You are worthy of the flame."

"WHO ARE YOU! WHY HAVE YOU BROUGHT ME HERE?!" His screams were unanswered.

But the black flames began to surround him. Closing in. 

He waved his hands, but they refused to obey.


He backed up, but the flames blocked his path.

"Stop this...Let me go!"

They grew taller and the perimeter smaller.


"Silas. Do not be afraid.

The fire swallowed him whole, and the pain was too much to bear. The scream which emanated from his chest shattered the world around him.

The very air burned away.

He began to choke, he couldn't breathe. And the moment he took a long gasp for air,

the fire crawled into his mouth, down his throat, and into his body. 

The searing pain grew, the fire turned from black to red, from red to orange, orange to yellow, yellow to white, white to blue, blue to the vast vacuum of obliteration.

Silas awoke in the night, sobbing bloody tears as his mother came running in.

"Honey! Oh my god! Oh my god what happened?!" 

She sobbed and crouched over his charred bed and bloody burns. His hands were burned horribly. Along with his chest and the side of his face.

He gasped, and finally reached air. 

But could not speak.

He could not even open his mouth.

Because if he did, the fire inside would destroy everything.

The End

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