Nixon's POV

Where was he? I'd texted him hours ago and had never received an answer. My body began to ache from the restraint of holding back heaves. Was I crazy? Had it all just been a dream last night? Something wasn't right. He'd been so sad last night. I shouldn't have left him alone! Dammit! 

Begrudgingly, I sat through ASL, glancing at his open seat. My clenched teeth felt like breaking from the force I was using on them. How was Noah making me feel this way. I'd never felt this way before with any other friend. At the same time it made me confused about my sexuality, did I just like him or did him, like him. I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind. Gross. No. It was more protective, more instinctual this thing. 

"Nixon, do you have last nights homework?" Ms. Heather waited at my desk until the sheet of paper sat in her hand. It was blank. "It isn't done." 

"But you asked for it so there it is." She rolled her eyes and handed the homework back to me.

"I expect it finished by tomorrow. Understand?" I nodded. 

Once class was out, I ran to my house and asked Claire for a ride back to Noah's place. "Yeah, go get the car started, thank god you're getting your license in two weeks." I smirked, knowing soon I'd be driving myself around and not have to ask anymore. The ride felt incredibly slow and I was tormenting myself on what I would say to him. I'd already said I'm sorry, that didn't seem to work. 

Once we'd arrived, I knocked on the door. No answer. Another knock. I thought I'd heard something. Still no answer. I was about to head back to the car when a woman appeared at the door. "Hello?" Her eyes were rimmed with red and you could see where tears had dried up on her face. She looked up at me and stopped. "Noah." Her hand touched my cheek. "No, baby." Her eyes started to well again.

"No, ma'am. I'm Nixon. A friend of Noah's at school. We do look a lot like each other though. Is Noah okay?" By her reaction I could tell he wasn't, I needed to know. What could have happened? Why was shy broken down like this?

"He's at the hospital...he...he's not doing good."

The End

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