Dead RingerMature

Did they see it? Our alikeness? A couple of girls would look towards us, but mostly everbody went along with today's lesson.

The boy, I'm guessing his name was Nixon, kept glancing towards me like I did towards him. The ticking of the clock on the wall was never slower. Tick by tick, I waited for the moment to confront him. Who was he? Were we somehow distant relatives? The list kept lengthing in my head.

He tapped my foot lightly from the other side of the aisle. Nixon gave me a nod and glanced down. Following his gaze, I saw the tiny white sheet of paper cluttering the floor. Swiftly, I picked it up, making it look like I'd just dropped something.

'Is it just me, or do we look the same?' It read. My reply was short.

'Dead ringer.' I passed it back.

'So, what does this mean?'

'Beyond me. It's not like you could be my twin. lol.' Again, the paper fluttered to the floor.

'Doing anything tonight?'

'No, my mom has work.'

'Meet me after class.'

'Gotcha.' The paper landed by his foot.

"Mr. James, are you passing notes?" Ms. Heather inquired. Damn. Busted.

"No, ma'am." Nixon muffled. He showed his No. 2 pencil. "Bugger just keeps rolling off the desk." Ms. Heather smirked, but went on with her lesson. For being so young, she knew how to pretty much control a room.

Finally, it was the last five minutes of class. This period had passed by like a snail. There were so many questions. This was just...weird, for lack of a better word. Ms. Heather went back to her desk and handed out homework to everyone. "It's due tomorrow class, you need to be familiar with these signs next week. ASL doesn't get any easier as we go along. You need to make sure to keep up with your things, Mr. Henley." She gave daggers to a kid in the second row. "Mr. Cloud?" My head shot up at my name. "I want to see you after class."

I nodded. Why? "I'll wait in the hallway for you." My neighbor decided. Another nod to him. The bell finally concluded the class and everybody scrambled out of their desks to make it on their way home.

Ms. Heather took a seat in the chair in front of me and turned around. Nixon was in the hallway peering in. "Noah, I know being back in school must be hard for you with all these people that you need to communicate with. I hope you will find comfort in this class. Some students in here, they know ASL from the outside. A couple of my students are deaf, and others have family members at home that have those same kinds of problems. I don't want to see you depressed in my classroom, you hear? No head being down like today,  I want to see you engaged. Maybe I'll make you my assistant. I think you'd be great at it! We'll talk about it. Okay?"

'Yes ma'am.' I signed. Anger flooded through my veins. I didn't want to be special or a stupid assistant. Why couldn't I just have stayed put that night!? Stupid boy!

The End

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