G128. ASL. Was I really back at school already?It seemed weird. After all that's happened, how was I here?

Upon entering the classroom, I quickly scanned the interior. Four rows of desks, with five in each row. Some already containing students. There was a long whiteboard on the right side of the room, the door placed catty-corner to it. The alphabet banner for sign language was placed over the white board. The teacher, Ms. Heather, sat behind her desk, which was on the opposite side of where I was standing. Her desk was organized with decorations, lined up in the front and her papers looked carefully put together and precise.

She was a very pretty woman with round, childlike cinnamon eyes with auburn hair that was being dulled by the flourescent lighting. Her round face gave away her age. She couldn't be more than 25. I wouldn't be surprised if boys flocked this room just to taste a look of her.

"Excuse me, dude." I was given a slight shove as more students started pouring in. Taking a seat in the back, I watched all of them. They seemed so normal. I wanted to feel like that again. Normal. Rubbing my eyes, I laid my head down, scratched the back of my head and gave a silent sigh of wanting.

"Hey, uh, you're the new kid, right?" The boy who took the chair adjacent to me, asked. 

I nodded, turning my head to face him. Green, emerald eyes greeted me. Mahogany, spiked hair stunned me. His angular face was soft still, like he wasn't done growing yet, stunned me.

My breath was caught. We both gawked at each other in shock. What the hell? I was staring into me! 

The End

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