I should have never followed him. Should've stayed on the side of the road until my mother could pick me up. I should've never taken that drink. What did I do in life to deserve this kind of death? I listened to my mom. Made semi-good grades in school. I was friendly with everyone and never started fights. God, why?


His quick footsteps resounded off fallen twigs and crunchy orange leaves. On the contrary, mine felt slow, even though my adrenaline had been pumping and pumping faster still. My lungs strained for oxygen, but it was a chilly night and whatever oxygen I did recieve froze my insides.

"Help!" Though I knew this far out into the woods, there would be none. I forced my eyes to tear away from my path to gauge how much time I had left in this world. That's when I came tumbling to the ground, rolling a few feet till I was stopped by a stab in my leg. I screamed in pain as I took in my killer's full view in horror. His eyes pierced mine, they were the color of the sky, but they were cold like ice. Chestnut, tousled hair was swept to the side of his face with bloodied, scabbed palms. His unshaven face just added more to his dangerous aura.

I should have never followed him. Should've stayed on the side of the road until my mother could pick me up. I should've never taken that drink. What did I do in life to deserve this kind of death? I listened to my mom. Made semi-good grades in school. I was friendly with everyone and never started fights. God, why? 

He hadn't stabbed me though. I quickly looked down to see that a sharp tree root jutting out from underneath the hard packed dirt was now embedded into my thigh. Blood seeped into my jeans, it was thick from the cold air. Blood had never made me quesy before. Maybe it was because this time I would surely die. That this wouldn't be the last of the red liquid there would be drawn tonight.

A twig snapped and I looked up again to face him. Plastered to his face was a wicked grin, seizing my movements. His eyes were wild with excitement, in the frenzy of a kill. He chuckled manically. "Stupid boy." I gasped for air, realizing I'd stopped breathing. The movement made the pain of my leg shoot throughout my body, it hurt to even think about moving, but I didn't cry out again.  

The man sauntered forward, taking a swig from a flask that had been tucked into his waistband. My breath was knocked out of me as his foot made contact with my chest and drove me to the earth. He sat ontop of me, crushing me and giving me limited use of my arms. He pushed the bottle to my lips, forcing them open with his dirty fingers. The liquor burned its way down my throat as I started choking on it. My arms could do nothing as they strained against his weight. My eyes grew wide as he flashed the knife before them.

"Say your goodbyes, brother." I tried screaming one last time before I felt the blade cut into my throat as I still choked on booze. I stopped resisting. It was less painful. My eyesight was fading into black as I started to leave the world.

Death. There is no life flashing before your eyes, no angels singing praises and for you to come home. It's just silence. Or if you're in my position, manic laughing. Then a shot rings out inside of you to announce your last breath.

The End

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