Signs Of Love

Ian took American Sign Language in school as a blow off class. But then he meets Raydio, the new boy in his school with almost feminine good looks, who's taking all honors classes and is always seen hanging out in the library or somewhere with a book in his hand. Raydio could easily be top of his class and the most popular guy in school, except for one thing. He refuses to talk. To any one. Teachers included. Seriously, no one has ever heard him utter a word. But he seems to be a master of Ameri

Ian's POV:

"Ok, let's review our alphabet. Anyone willing to give a try at spelling out their name?"

I put my head down on the desk ignoring the teacher's much to peppy voice trying the coax volunteers out of unwilling students. How could someone be so happy about American Sign Language, it was a subject the immediately rated a zero on my scale whats cool and whats not.

I vaguely wondered why I was even in this class, but then I remembered that I'd needed another practical art credit and this seemed like the easy answer.

"What about you Ian, would you like to give it a try?"

I looked up at the sound of my name being called, "Uh, no." I said. Well she had asked.

Raydio's POV:

I sat in the back of the class, looking at all the unwilling participants. I looked down at my nails, putting one up to my mouth, I started biting. I lowered in my seat. I didn't want Mrs. Chancelor to say my name again.. It always put me on edge, like I wasn't like the other students because I knew a lot more sign than the others.

Our teacher decided to call on Ian, I looked at him with distaste, he seemed uninterested in the language. Most people in this class didn't care whether they learned it or not, as long as they got the credit. I had already started on the homework for my Algebra 2 AP class. I started to figure out the problems, all the while listening to Mrs. Chancelor.

She called my name.. "Raydio, would you like to help Ian out with his name?" She smiled sweetly. I quickly spelled his name in sign. Boy, people in this class were stupid...Ian has three letters in it! How hard is that!? "Very good. Now, class, I'm going to hand each of you the homework for tonight, and you better finish it, it's pretty straight forward, the handout gives pictures of the alphabet in sign and you have to write the letter you think it is in the blank."

She was already handing the papers out. The bell rang as I was handed my copy. I swiftly took the paper and stuffed it into my backpack. I stood up and swung the shoulder strap onto my shoulder and walked to 5th period lunch.                                          


 "Hun, how was school?" My mom asked when I got home. I signed to her that it was fine. "Are the kids treating you okay?" I nodded my head. She kissed the top of my forehead and messed up my hair. She smiled at me. "Amber called, she asked how you were and how you were doing in school, she misses you, Ray."

I smiled, wanting to hear Amber's voice. I haven't seen her since she left for college at Oxford. It's been almost 3 years. We haven't had the money to bring her back overseas, what with the medical bills stacked high from my hospital stay.

"Chinese sound good to you, baby?" I nodded again, signing my order out to her. She picked up the phone and ordered. "Go wash up, they'll be here in 20 minutes. Your father won't be home tonight, he has to work late." My eyes saddened. Dad usually never came home anymore. It was all my fault, too.

The End

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