Matt gave the computer screen another squint, willing it all to make sense.

"Radar Four is still down," he said. "Our scout is hiding behind the couch of all places."

Randy sat down beside him with a wad of pizza and a coke. "Let me see," he said.

Matt pushed off from the desk and let his chair roll its way to the other screen. Randy moved in and navigated his way through a few windows. "Looks like he's safe to proceed," he said after a moment. "Radar Four isn't necessary. No one could be there unless they've been there for the last two hours. And they couldn't have gotten there except through the window. And even then, Radar Seven would have picked up at least a small disturbance."

Matt nodded. "Yes, but someone could see him from the deck of the neighbor's house. We haven't secured any sight lines on the other side of the fence."

Randy looked skeptical. "Chances are slim. But just in case, we can always ask the scout to crawl down the hall."

Matt nodded. "True," he said. "Yes, let him continue. We need him to secure Camera Two in the master bedroom."

Randy lifted the speaker to his mouth and said, "Scout Three, this is Headquarters."

There was a single beep in response.

"You are clear to proceed. Crawl down the hallway to the third door on your right. Once there, you may stand and open the door."

Matt rolled in closer and peered at the left most monitor.

"I have him in sight. He is crawling like a bloody lizard. Tell him he doesn't need to be quite as low as he is. And he can pick up the pace as well."

Randy nodded. "Scout Three. Safety is in the green. You have another foot above you that is secure. Move with haste."

There was a moment as the two young men watched the monitors with bated breath. Then Matt nodded and let out a sigh. "It's as easy as traffic control," he said.

"Well it is," replied Randy. "We're controlling the traffic of people, making sure their sight lines don't crash."

Matt nodded and tapped his way into the new camera as the scout secured its position.

"Camera Two is in working condition," Randy said into the mike. "Cover your tracks, crawl back to the stairs and you're safe to move with leisure to the back door. We'll tell you when all his clear."

Matt clapped his hands together. "Well that's a wrap," he said. "Another mansion is ours. We can begin our tabs, and I bet we'll have the place to ourselves in under a week."

Randy laughed. "The network we're building is for our business, not for our own enjoyment."

Matt gave his best friend a long look. The stare continued for nearly a minute until they both burst with laughter.

"Alright, alright," Randy laughed. "We'll take the house as our own for a few hours. But then on with the business."

"Yes," Matt replied. "On with the business."

The End

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