About a boy living in a place, where everyone is free to dress as he or she wants, and where there is no distinction between girl and boy clothes,

His name was Sig, 10 years old, and dressed in his school uniform. As it was winter, it consisted of; a pair of black wool pantyhose, a grey calf-length wool skirt, with tulle petticoats, a white shirt, and a dark blue sweatshirt.

He hurried home as fast as he could, because today they were having guests over for dinner. The people coming were important people from his parents work, and he had been told to dress with extra care, and therefore need all the time he could get.

He knew better than to run, partly because he’d risk tripping over and tear the dress, and partly because ever since he was a small kid, his parents had told him, over and over again, that when dressed the way he was, it was a no-no to run, so he did the next best thing, he walked very fast.


Once at home, he took the school-dress off as quickly as possible, almost throwing it in a pile on the bed, at the last second remembering to put it neatly in the closet, and put the navy blue velour dress on, which his mother had put on the bed for him to wear. He then put on a pair of white, wool pantyhose and a pair of red slippers with a one inch heel. Lastly, he put a blonde frizzy wig on. Then, he went and had a look at himself in the full-length mirror in the corner. What he saw, took his breath away.

The long sleeves and body of the dress were tight against his body, showing off his upper-body in a nice way, and the silver-thread embroideries on the cuffs and high neck were exquisite; and lastly, the blonde wig, covering half his back, contrasted well against the colour of the dress.


He went out to the living-room and joined the rest of the family; his sisters, Livia, 14, Courtney, 13, his brother Alex 11, and his parents Bruce and Donna.

“Oh, Sig honey,” his mother cried, clenching her hands under her chin, “you look simply lovely! You look so grown up in that dress one could hardly believe you’re only 10! It looks simply wonderful on you.”

“Oh mother; stop being so theatrical, will you!” Livia snorted.”Yes; admittedly he looks good in that dress, but the rest of us has also made an effort to look our best; in case you hadn’t noticed?” His sisters were dressed in identical denim skirts, white blouses, grey wool tights, and black patent leather sandals, and his brother in a pair of jeans a black sweater. He wore light coloured trainers, as usual.

‘Ouch; that hurt!’ Sig thought. Out loud, he said:”Why, thank you, mother. I’ve tried my best, and hope it will be enough.”

“I’m sure it will, dear.” 

The End

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