Chapter 3 (part 4)


My eyes scoured the empty space before my eyes where I expected what I could smell was vampire should have been. My head moved from side to side trying to find the person who opened the door.

"Down here."

A voice close to a whisper came from the space bellow my eye-line. Looking down, I found who I was looking for. She wasn't at all what I expected to see. She looked maybe five years old and barely came up to my waist. The little girl had curly unnaturally blonde hair and wore a cute frilly black and white dress which made her look like a porcelain doll. She had a white ribbon tied loosely around her neck and an array of tight black bangles on both wrists which glinted in the light of the posh looking lamps hanging from the ceiling inside the room. The sound of running water and the slight density of the air suggested a hot bath was being run. Vampire's had baths?

The woman spoke up. "This is Gwin. She will take care of your wishes; for now." At that slightly chilling statement, she turned on her heals and, with the giant of a man, continued up the corridor.

I was taken aback at first but recovered just in time to say to the older vampire's backs, " I don't know your name."

The woman stopped. Her feet came perfectly together. She turned her head a little to the right as she said, "My name is Katreen." She turned back to face forward and continued with her companion out of sight.

Dragging my eyes away from where Katreen had vanished, I looked down at the little vampire who stood before me. I could see that her head was cocked in the direction of the departed vampires and, after a few moments of silence, she visibly relaxed. Brilliant silver eyes look up at me but flickered away to avoid looking directly at me.

"So, you're the newbie." Her voice was shrill and not at all powerful. This was different to the other vampires I'd met before. But then again, I hadn't spent a lot of time listening to creatures who had wanted to kill me.

"Yes, I guess I am," I replied without letting my guard down as she had obviously done.

"Well." She looked me down and up, again, without looking into my eyes. "We'd better get you cleaned up haven't we. Miss Katreen dislikes uncleanliness." I flinched as she reached out a pale hand to me. "Come on newbie."

After realising that, being newly turned, I could take this little girl in a fight if it came down to it, I took her small hand in mine and allowed myself to be led into the most luxurious bathroom I had ever seen.

The End

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