Chapter 3 (part 3)



My mouth hung open.

The dingy stone walls of the cells gave me a feeling we were inside some restored medieval castle. Each wooden prison door had bars in the place of windows where I could easily peer in to see them. Our blood supply; the humans. The woman quickly explained about the need to keep humans around to avoid them dying out or being killed by the werewolves. Although I was more in control, I couldn't resist taking a peek and breathing in their smell.

After we'd passed about two dozen of these cells, with disappoint on my part, the doors ran out and we entered a maze of archways and more modern looking corridors that seemed to lead on to nowhere. How my escort knew their way was beyond me. The place was eerily quiet. Only our footfalls on the polished tile floor could be heard and my new ears were sensitive to the enhanced sound.

After about 5 minutes, I realised something insignificant but obvious. Of course I knew that vampires can move at speeds unable to be detected by humans and we could easily run through these corridors to wherever our destination may be. But instead, the woman and her companion were content to adopt a care-free walking pace that was starting to pick at my patience. The annoying tapping of her shoes on the tiles was starting to irritate me and the contrasting silence around us was really freaky and it made me tense up.

"How long until we get there?" I asked.

The woman shot me a look. I wasn't sure what to make of it. The best I could glean from the flash of her gaze was that I was nothing more than an annoying child who she was forced to put up with. "We won't be long. Just a couple more corridors."

Another silence followed, pierced only by her tap tap tapping feet every second or so. If I had still been human, I would have been yawning and gazing around in boredom. However, something about being a vampire prohibited these human reactions to the situation. So I continued to suffer in silence.

Finally, we came across another living creature (though it was technically dead). I could smell a vampire behind a door on the right that we were coming up to. Another smell was emanating from that room. It was a chemical strong scent that was both sickly sweet and sickly sour. As we came up to it, the door swung open.

An empty space greeted us.

The End

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