Chapter 3 (part 2)


I could hear the displacement of air and I looked up sharply. Two vampires stood there. One of them, a woman, was in the gap I had made in the cell with an amused sneer on her face. A male vampire stood just behind her. Another instinct flashed into my head. Threat. 

I jumped up from my knees into a crouching position, shielding the body from these strangers. Pulling back my lips in a snarl, I studied their features. All I could see of the man was that he was enormous; a giant. I couldn’t see anymore because the woman was obstructing my view. She had glossy black hair that contrasted with her white skin which seemed to glow in the semi-darkness. She opened her pale lips to reveal her fangs.

“Good meal newbie?” Her red eyes looked down at me mockingly. I hissed as an answer. She laughed a little at my response and it sounded like the ringing of bells. Although she was so beautiful, it did little to hide the dark creature that she was.

I could feel from my position on the floor that she held power beyond what I could understand. My new instincts told me that this was due to age. I was certain that she was one of the first vampires, not just a worthless pawn in this war; like me.

I tensed as she took a step into the cell. Her lean body moved with confidence but caution. This confused me; surely a vampire of her status wouldn’t need to be so wary around a “newbie”. Her eyes never left my own as she took a few more deliberate steps into the cell. I kept every muscle in my body still except my eyes that followed her every move. Slowly, she approached me and bent down until she was level with me.

“So, newb, what shall we call you?” she asked in a tone that would have better suited a school child. Though, to be honest, if people still went to school, I would have only been out of school for a year and she was so much older than me. She may have been justified in judging my youth, but it was still and insult.

Narrowing my eyes, I held myself steady. “Owen… Owen Hughes.”

She smiled sweetly. “Well, Owen Hughes, do you think that we could have a nice conversation outside of this rather…” she looked around without really taking in the mess, “…depressing setting?”

My nostrils flared and I snarled a little. Then an odd sensation crept into my mind. I felt so warm and at home just by looking into her face. I felt like anything she said would be worth listening to. Suddenly, her request didn’t seem so repulsive and I felt myself straightening up. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from hers which were starting to take on a faint glowing quality…

I felt my eyes widen as I shook the feeling out of my system. Rage started to fill me. “What the heck?”

Her eyes widened a little in shock which she covered with a toothy smile. “Oh, come now, young Owen. You can’t tell me you haven’t been told of our power.”  She was right. I knew what she had been doing. In the very beginning, compulsion was the power of vampires least understood by the survivors. However, this lack of understanding led to many human settlements being torn to the ground.

Nowadays, all the remaining cells knew of this subtle but deadly power that all vampires wielded. One look into a vampire’s eyes while they glowed would take you under and there’s nothing you could do about it. Personally, I had never given them the time to see my face let alone compel me so this was a new sensation. I didn’t like it.

“No matter,” she continued dismissively. “We had better get you cleaned up, hadn’t we?” She looked pointedly at my torn clothes. I struggled to remember the fight between my cell and a group of vampires. I didn’t know how a large group of them could have worked together like that but one thing was clear; we didn’t stand a chance.

My favourite t-shirt with a penguin on it was ripped in many places where it had got caught on claws and fangs. My loss of control just now had left it covered in 5 people’s blood and it was already starting to dry. I think I could salvage my jeans, which had been ripped years ago but there was nothing I could do for my nike trainers.

I looked up at this stunning, powerful woman and said slowly, “Do you have a shower?” She grinned at me gleefully.

The End

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