Chapter 3 (part 1)


What happened? 

I surveyed the mess I had created. The metal shackles that I'd ripped from the stone wall hung around my wrists and the chain between them rattled if I moved. The metal bar I had been trying to pull out was lying bent and dented; the solid metal had yielded easily beneath my fingers. 

Five bodies lay haphazardly in the cell. Five faces stared blankly and soullessly. Five humans I'd killed while the rest of the group had scattered, screamed and fled. I could hear right now more screams as they were rounded up again. Those five who had been my first kills were either too slow or had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their deaths had been fast and messy but it had reduced and numbed the burning.

Blood was still seeping across the floor from my first victim as, in the madness, I hadn't had a chance to finish him. He was curled in on himself with his back to me. Deliberately, I walked slowly over to where he lay. As if in a dream, I check over his motionless corpse for any signs of life. I turned him gently so I could look into his face. His features were sharp in my new eyes. The scent of the last of his life-blood filled my nostrils and I struggled hard to control myself. I couldn't help licking the hand that I'd used to turn him over just to taste that heavenly liquid again.

Pulling myself together, I looked at his face again. The original shock and fear I'd seen on it before his death had relaxed and he could almost be sleeping; if only his eyes weren't so blank. I felt phantom tears building up in my eyes; I knew it was impossible to cry in this state. If I wasn't a monster, tears would have been trickling down my face and dropping onto his lightly tanned skin. His floppy bronze hair hung over his eyes and was a complete mess. I knelt on the cell floor and, after dry sobbing a few times, I rested his head on my lap. 

Slowly, I started to brush the tangles and wildness out of his hair like I had done so many times before. He may have been my age but he was like a brother to me. He'd been the one I could talk to, the one I could rely on. He'd been the only family I had left. Looking at his face, flecked by little drops of his own blood, Jamie looked so young and peaceful.

That was how they found me. 

The End

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