Chapter 2 (part 2)


Damp earth beating beneath hundreds of pairs of paws; beams of light coming from a hundred pairs of eyes; the yipping and baying of a hundred voices overjoyed at their freedom. Every wolf was aware of each other and we were a family. Beta led most of the pack but I didn’t stop him. He turned around to ask why he was in front: I continued behind.

Wind in my coat was caressing me into a stupor where my body took over my mind and instinct told it to get back at the head of the pack. I lazily batted away this nagging urge. It was no longer my place.


The moon was sinking over the heads of the trees. I could no longer see her glory and I felt sad; we all felt sad. In time, we will be forced to turn back – to what, we couldn’t quite remember. I knew there was something important about the end of this night.


I rubbed the flank of Beta who whined in confusion. Instinct started to diminish with the setting moon and I looked him in the eyes as his Alpha and gave my last order. His ears flattened and he whined again. I looked away from his eyes, lowered my head and turned away from my pack and ran with my wolf out of the woods. 

The End

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