Side Switch

[Yes, 'tis another werewolf/vampire story.]
The werewolves and vampires have lost control over their hatred for each other. Most of humanity has been recruited in the battle or killed in the struggle. Sometime during the early battles, both sides mutated slightly so that their bodies can be changed from vampire to werewolf and back, with the correct methods.
Otsana is a werewolf. Her name-sake drove her to the werewolves and, after watching her friends forced to turn, her hate for vampires is


"They what?" My jaw was tensed and my hands were shaking.

A rather small werewolf stood in front of me with his head hung in a classic show of submission. "I'm sorry Alpha. There were too many of them for us to take on."

I roared and launched myself at him. The little boy cowered in terror as I flew over his head and proceeded to destroy a large boulder that was leaning against the valley wall. The messenger stood, shaking like the leaves that thickly covering the trees around us, and watched as I crushed, cracked and turned the solid block into a pile of vibrating rubble. I sunk my bare hands into the grey material like so much soft clay and kicked large chunks apart. Shards flew everywhere and dust clouds formed as I pulverised the remaining rock.

Panting heavily, anger slightly depleted, I turned back to the little wench who was still standing with his eyes down at his feet in a show of fear and respect.

"You may go now," I told him and I could see how much he was glad he could go. He probably had some hunting to do or something more interesting than watching me beat myself up about a group of humans. They were only humans; not worth my trouble or grief. They were meat for us and blood for them and nothing more.

I visibly shook myself and jumped up onto the much larger rock on top of the mini valley that was my quarters. It stood at least two stories high so, from my vantage point and with my enhanced smell and hearing, I could sense everything that was going on within about a mile or two of me. There was only a light breeze today which blew in every direction, great for getting a beaing for what and who surrounded me. The hunters who had arrived with the little boy were cleaning themselves in the stream to my left; some younger wolves were playing in their wolf forms on fallen trees directly ahead of me. I could hear them baying and yipping as they fell off the wet surfaces. The refreshing rain from last night had made each tree glisten with where the setting sun hit the wet leaves. The omega of our pack was being jeered at by a group of wolves who were climbing the trees behind me; he was attempting to climb after them but lost his grip several times before giving up.

Sharply, I turned my head to my right. Sniffing the air, I could sense a wolf approach my valley. I crouched on the rock for a minute or two while he advanced then I launched off it directly in front of the intruder.

Of course, I knew who it was before I could see William walking gingerly towards me. "Alpha." He bowed his head respectfully.

"Welcome William," I replied, giving him permission to speak.

He looked up, not meeting my eyes, and opened his mouth to say something. He stopped himself and rethought about what to say. I could almost see him deliberating on what to say about what I had just heard.

"Don't worry about it," I reassured him in what I hoped was a friendly, conversational tone. "I knew, sadly, they wouldn't last for long." Though I had hoped I could help them last longer than they did.

"It's just..." William faltered again and rethought. "Sana...I...I understand how you... were friends with these humans... before... and you felt you needed to help them..."

I thought about what he was saying. It was true; I felt compassion for them. They were defenseless against the supernatural hordes and I wanted to help them; to help one person in particular. "It's done now," I spoke quietly, trying to show that I was strong about it, yet vulnerable at the same time. "They're gone and we just need to move on. Did any of us get hurt?"

William tilted his head in contemplation and said, "Not that I could remember. We retreated before they could take us on." His overly polite speech made me feel sad. Once upon a time, William was the amazing friend I always wanted and we talked, laughed and were together. When I met him, he was kind, helpful and sweet. He helped me with my school work; he pulled me out of an emotional decline that hormones had to answer for; he also became a type of company that I hadn't had a chance to benefit from since then. He was still all those things and we could still be what we were, if only we didn't have the obvious obstacle.

"That's good." Now I was the one stuck for things to say. We stood there like that for a minute, during which he continued to look anywhere but my eyes and I gazed nowhere but his eyes. Their natural colour was a soft blue, like the summer sky reflecting off the lake about two miles away.

William finally spoke up. "I'd better get back."

I released a breath I didn't realise I had been holding. "Sure. I'll see you this evening." Bravely, I added, "I enjoyed talking to you."

This, I could tell, made him uncomfortable so he turned away from me. I sighed quietly in despair just as he turned back round again. "Oh, I forgot to mention something that may be of interest to you: regarding the humans."

This caught my attention. "Yes?"

He searched again for the right words to say. He never used to struggle like this before. "I recognized a few of them. They… most of them… were taken…”

I blinked a couple of times. I knew what he meant. “And…?”

“Well… I’m sorry, I don’t know how to… put this…” His hesitation was really making me mad.

“Please Will! Just speak your mind!” I raised my voice a little, trying to sound as whiny as possible. I didn't want to scare him into silence

“Ok.” William sighed heavily and then he continued. “I especially recognized one of the boys. He was quite tall, blonde and smelled like fresh rain.”

Warning bells sounded in my head. “No…”

He finally looked me in the eyes and, with complete honesty, he said, “I’m so sorry Sana. Owen, he was… turned.”

The End

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