sick day

“What’s wrong?” Ty watched me as I tired to sit up.
“The room in spinning. I just want to get something to eat.”
He walked over and placed his hand on my head, " you feel hot and if the room is spinning maybe you shouldn’t get up. I’ll get you something to eat, just lay back down and I will bring you something. Anything in particular that you wanted to eat?"
“Nope just something warm.” I laid back down to try to get the room to stop spinning and I turned of the tv. Noise was just making it worse before I knew it I had fallen asleep.
I hadn’t heard him come back in the room; he set the bowl down on the table beside the bed. “Hey sleepy head, wake up.”

I felt his hand on my face and began to wake up. “You didn’t need to bring it in here I would have came out to the table to eat it.”
“Now if the room is spinning how do you expect to be able to make it to the table?”
“I don’t know; but thank you.”

I sat up dripping with sweat, “well that was a nice little dream but back to the real life.”

The End

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