Chapter 9 (FINAL)

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Note: ... this was my first sequenced work, so It brought about some problems regarding the order. Promise that It won't happen in future works. Enjoy!

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Chapter 9

Yata's diary:

It is a peaceful night, the moon is full and slightly red.

It must be the king watching over us. Watching over me through my window, writing down his story, and his clan men.

Long live the Red King! Long live Homra!!

No blood, no bone, no ash!!!

Here, it is about time to bring forth... misery, I guess.

Once the door was opened, our group found themselves looking at a short shadow. It was too dark to see its face before the flames of the candles set off by themselves, or maybe power of some sort.

It was a girl, Anna, and apparently she was the one who lit up those fires, for her hands were stretched upwards and around her waist, and her aura was bright red, reaching every candles around us.

It was the entrance hall we're all in, with two stairways spreading upwards. It looked almost like an ancient mansion. A Victorian Gothic castle in shape. The girl looked at us, the intruders, with glaring eyes. She giggled before she's disappeared. Just like a ghost.

Kusanagi-san turned around, facing us, then said in his sternest manner, "She's mind controlled, just as our king, and my guess is Tatara too."
He paused, hesitating but thoughtful, then changed his facial expression again, "Let's go, and finish this Genji off! Let's bring our friends, and our king back and to rest!!". We all nodded in agreement, then travelled up the stairs with fury feet.

The place was grand. There were doors to the left, that would take you to many other doors or different rooms, and others on the right that leads to yet more rooms to more doors. I remember that I had suggested for us to spread, however, Kusanagi's answer was, "If we're to part, we're to die. We'll lose.", he paused, only to check yet another room, closed the door, then continued, "I can't risk such folly, Yata."

Oh how I admire him, he's like the perfect king, or leader whenever Mikoto's absent. He's firm as Mikoto and deserves the title for a future or next leader.

Around an hour, or half an hour later perhaps -we were too distracted in thoughts to count time-, we stopped for a short rest and to quick plan what's to be done next. The blue king trodden to the front in haste, stood before us all abruptly, then said "I think I know where cowards like him would hide.", he smirked brilliantly, almost confident. Kusanagi responded, "The room upmost?" Munakata nodded back, "If not, he must be creeping underground.", the blue king confirmed. We followed him upwards first.

We stopped to catch some breath and before a huge white painted gate, it could be here. The ultimate battle. And the end of this wicked work. We kicked the door open, then stood watchfully around us, for it was pitch black inside.

Treading few steps ahead cautiously, the door was shut behind us, there was a red -warm- light of some sort coming from the distance before us. It was Tatara, and he has shown to us a grin we didn't like. He stood as if he was ready to fight, before I was able to talk to him, he decided to attack me.

I set free my aura to shield me, however, for Tatara has started a chain of attacks to break it, I pushed him back with a flaming wave.

Tatara was not born to fight... he always seemed to be the most peaceful member in Homra. Therefore, it was easy to stop him, I thought... but he jumped back at me with a heavy kick to my face. I stroke back -letting my anger blinding my eyes- with a blunt headbutt, accompanied later with a chain of burner fists from every direction.

After he has backed to catch his breath, he fell to one knee, coughing blood and already torn up. Kusanagi's stopped me before I've inflicted the last slash I planned to produce onto Tatara.

The dark room started to brighten up now by many candles, specially the ones on the two walls spread to the left and right. It became even warmer due to their flames. Some candles were long enough to last for a week.

We found the guy we seek. Sitting in the far distance, on a golden throne like chair. Just as a king. He was surrounded by raging red. He didn't seem happy at all to see us...

Anna was sitting on his lap, hugging his neck, while his chin was resting indifferently on his left palm, and his legs crossed. Looking at us with full disdain. Hoping for us to vanish from his sight immediately.

"Shameful..!", Mikoto said in a low, very angry tone.

Tatara granted, swallowed, then fell to the ground. He tried to crawl back to his -new- king, "Ki-king..! I am sorry, I failed you..", Tatara sobbed.

My heart ached, I wanted to help him up somehow, so I called his name then walked up towards him. Tatara was already sick in the hospital, and that was just a lot and enough to handle for a person like him. Kusanagi has stopped me by the shoulder, then shook his nose, with compassion in his eyes.

"Silence!", Mikoto yelled at the poor guy. It frightened everyone in the room, even the little innocent girl on his lap. She jumped.

Mikoto stood up, "You worthless dupe..." he smirked, raging up with more fire. Anna has left his lap immediately then wrapped around the king to stand behind him bluntly.

Evil Mikoto, sticking his left hand in the air above, has commanded his flames to devour Tatara.

Tatara started to shout out the pain--

He was burning before everyone's eyes. We looked away, but wretched Anna was smiling, pleasing her eyes just as her fake king beside her.

She still wakes up in mid- night seeing nightmares and such hideous flashbacks of that day...

Me, Kusanagi, yet everyone jumped in different directions, for vengeance, and trying to stop the king's devious deed of killing our clan-mate. But we've all failed to break the red shield around him, and little Anna.

Suddenly, the blue king's mastery has clashed with the red king's shield. For Mikoto -or Genji- wasn't aware of the blue burst coming towards him, his shield wasn't strong enough for the attack and finally broke. Now it was our chance. Kusanagi, me and the others, all of us produced rapid and various damages from different locations and onto the monster. But he blew us all back with one single blow, some of us has got several burns. I-I still remember everyone's voices granting.... hell.

I, hardly standing, called out for Anna, she looked at me with eyes oh how I longed to see. Eyes as pure as angel's. Now that is Anna. I thought she might be responding now so I continued calling her name out, "Anna, open up yer eyes!! Mikoto, Homra, we all need you!!"
However, all I got back from her was a surprise attack, by kicking my face with her little shoe, but with very great power. I couldn't hurt her, so I got myself hurt instead.

I fell down to my chest, and at the same moment I saw Kusanagi standing up, just as if he was switching up with me. He reached to Anna, then held both of her hands up. She wiggled trying to break free.

Kusanagi called her name out, then lifted one hand up in the air...

I have never seen Kusanagi like that. With aura so red, and eyes so savage. I managed to heave myself up again and push him to the wall before his slap reached her soft round cheek. She fell to her knees, frightened, then cried. I knew she's come back.

I sat next to her on my knees trying to calm her down and explain the baleful situation we've come upon, while Kusanagi was rapping against the king, and the king hurting even more people in the room with his flames.

Mikoto: Oh, no... you've deceived me, you..! How could you...?

Kusanagi shouted back, clenching the king's shirt and almost sobbing: Mikoto! open your eyes!! look what has happened to your people!! look what has become of Tatara!! The Homra you've built!!-

Mikoto: My... people? Huh! If these people have tears to shed for their king while this soul of mine is all that holds his body now, bring forth your weepings! I'll have ashes to keep--

Anna, interrupting his speech: Mikoto!!

Mikoto paused, then slowly changed his face to Anna's voice. He looked at her with eyes full of guilt. She called him again. He slapped away Kusanagi's hand off his shirt, then trode carefully towards her, "A-Anna...?", he uttered, eyes full of pain, and hurt. "Y-yes!!", she cried happily.

Before that I was able to steal her back, she ran towards him, then hugged his legs just like a child cuddling a very tall tree. She cried for him, and called his name many times more. She was gasping too, it breaks one's heart. This very little child is only asking for peace...

Mikoto fell to his knees, reached her shoulders with his hands, then hugged her, only to suck her spiritual power out. Then saying, "You're the mother of my rage, melt your lively life into my unholy darkness, young mother. Why let grief to eat you alive? while I, the king of chaos is capable of leading your very one soul to rest?", then started to laugh hysterically, tears on the edges of his eyes. Anna fainted on the ground. I tried so hard to heave myself off the floor... I felt so helpless. We all did.

It was for Mikoto's accent being antique and rough that we all knew it was not Mikoto-san speaking.

Kusanagi took the spear I was holding in my hand, flaming redder than ever, then whispering, "Right back at you...". He ran towards the man with tears flying out of his very mad flaming eyes. I gasped, then shouted for him not to do anything reckless, but he ignored me -or didn't listen to me- shouting, "Why let grief to eat you alive!!! MIKOTO!!", Kusanagi's fires took down the man's head with one flog and onto the floor, where Mikoto started to yell, wriggling in pain and bleeding. He got up again however, with more heat. His raging aura heaving him in the midst of the air. He was flying now, he seemed to be invincible.

His fires flamed greater, and greater around him. The other kings managed to bring them self up and jump at the front to conduct some sort of a huge shield against the red fatal wave he was starting to inflict against us, protecting everyone including Anna, who was behind me this time. They, together, have pushed the destructive shields back onto the demon. They conducted that by offering all the power they've had within them... it was an epic scenery.

Now that they've thought they've finally blew him down, he stood up again, however a bit weaker than before. Such a brute.

Mikoto: Killers... but I am s-stronger... strongest.. me...!

He coughed, "H-humans...  like you... are no sign of innocence.. you're all killers...!!", he coughed his own blood again.

Mikoto-san, he was suffering within...

(coffee stain)

He hardly stood, and tried to catch his breath.

It was silent for a while, everyone was beat, and clueless of what's going to become of this tragedy. We can't kill Mikoto himself... but this brute might be unstoppable if we haven't.

Suddenly... Kusanagi -barely- trode towards the king, dropping down the spear he took from me: Mikoto, let's go home... shall we? Enough of this... please.

He seemed the most tired of us all, inwards and outwards, and since the disappearance of our king.

Mikoto, with one eye squeezed, or partially opened, swallowed, then continued to take his breathes, listening to his good old friend.

Kusanagi: Come back... to us.... to me.

Kusanagi-san was Mikoto's closest friend, more like a brother... must've been hard for him.

Thence, Mikoto replied to him, "You must be the most loyal, young one. But you know...? (he coughed) nothing succeeds without effort. The present king, me, can not be deceased, only I.. only I is the king!", he shouted at the sky -for he's blown up the ceiling- hiw arms reaching to the sky. Then said more quietly, "I, am the past, present, and future.", then spat out some evil kind of laugh. He slapped his forehead too, or was it his eyes? for some reason. It started rain again then.... the rain itself felt heavy and somehow hurt.

Once Kusanagi has reached out to him, he clutched Mikoto's slim face with both palms, forcing a kiss, into his lips.

It wasn't just a kiss, it was a passionate kiss, long and hard. 

We were all left with wide open jaws.

Between the two friends -or lovers- a huge red burst has started. Blowing everything away.

I still remember their wet sorrowful faces, kissing very passionately for the last time... their clothes were rattling, starting to burn, break and tear apart. Only the help of the rain has reduced the burns, gladly.

Was Kusanagi sucking out the king's powers in some way...? that would be my only guess. It seemed like some sort of purification. One way of sucking someone's powers out. I had absolutely no clue of what was going on, but it worked is all matters.

They, both, fell to their knees... then flat across each other on the floor.

Hardly exchanging glimpses to one another's face. I think that I've seen them whispering, or mumbling things from afar to each other. I, sadly, wasn't close enough to hear what their last words were, which annoys me so much...

(tear drops)


Once the evil king was finished... Tatara was announced dead---

His last words were, "I wish that I can go back in time.. kingu..", he smiled as warm as ever, then blew out his last breath in my arms right after his tears have blended with the blood dripping out of his, no longer speaking, mouth. I cried. We all did. I feel so sorry for Tatara.

Anna has become unconscious after she's heard that the king was gone... along with our friend, brother, and leader, dear Kusanagi Izumo.

They were always together, now, they're gone together too.

One must admit to envy such closeness...

I am so sorry I as no help. Kusanagi, King Suoh....

 I think that I really should read Kusanagi's and Mikoto's diaries for some answers to the remaining questions in my head.

Later days, following the aftermath, were tedious and filled with grief and memory. Homra has lost three important figures in a hot, yet rainy day. Everyone was fighting. Everyone was courageous. Everyone had hope for something just. At least I did...

It must've been hard for the king to endure.

It must've been hard for Anna to accept fate.

It must've been hard for Kusanagi to fight.

It must've been hard for Tatara to be used.

It must be hard for me -chosen to become the next leader- to decide out Homra's future.

Homra's still the bar we knew, only with few noticeable changes, for there was no king any more, no one so bubbly and full of life as Tatara, and... no bartender like Kusanagi-san.

Anna has changed, she's become a very mature, and strong beautiful woman.

Wiser and older than her age, only to catch up with the pearl white strings on her head.

As long as there's peace. There's no need to allow grief to eat us, eh? Mikoto-san.



"I wish that I can go back in time..." - Tatara Totsuka


End of Chapter Nine, 

End of SICK

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