Chapter 9 (FINAL)

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Note: ... this was my first sequenced work, so It brought about some problems regarding the order. Promise that It won't happen in future works. Enjoy!

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Chapter 9

Yata's diary:

It is a peaceful night, the moon is full and red.

It must be the king watching over us. Watching over me through my window, writing down his story. Long live the Red King. Long live Homra!

No blood, no bone, no ash!

Here, It is about time to bring forth... misery, I guess.

Once the door was opened, our group found themselves looking at a young shadow. It was too dark to see its face before the flames of the candles set off. It was a girl, Anna, and apparently, she was the one who lit up those fires, for her arms were stretched, and her aura was bright red.

It was a hall, an entry, with two stairways spreading upwards. It looked almost like a mansion... a sort of a Victorian Gothic castle in shape. The girl looked at us, the intruders, with glaring eyes. She giggled before she's disappeared.

Kusanagi-san turned around, facing us, then said in his sternest manner, "She's mind controlled, just as our king, and my guess is Tatara too."
He paused, hesitating, then changed his facial expression again, "Let's go, and finish this Genji! Let's bring our friends, and our king, back!!". We all nodded in agreement, then travelled up the stairs with confident feet.

It was grand. There were doors to the left, that would take you to different rooms, and others on the right that leads to yet more rooms. I remember that I had suggested for us to spread, however, Kusanagi's answer was, "If we're to part, we die. We lose.", he paused, only to check yet another room, closed the door, then continued, "I can't risk such folly, Yata."

Kusanagi-san, as firm as Mikoto, and deserves a title of leader.

Around an hour later, the blue king trodden to the front, "Ahh. I know where cowards like him would hide.", he said, almost confident. Kusanagi responded, "The room upmost?"

"If not, he must be creeping underground.", the blue king confirmed. We followed him.

We stopped to catch some breath before a huge white painted gate, it could be here. The ultimate battle. We kicked the door open, then stood watchfully around us, for it was pitch dark inside.

Treading few steps ahead, the door was shut behind us, there was a red -warm- light of some sort too. It was Tatara, and he has shown a grin we didn't like. He stood as if he was ready to fight, before I was able to talk to him, he attacked me.

I set free my aura as a shield, however, for Tatara has started a chain of attacks to break it, I pushed him back with a fire wave.

Tatara was not born to fight... he always seemed to be the peacefullest member in Homra. Therefore, it was easy to stop him.

After he has stopped to catch his breath, already torn up. Kusanagi has stopped me before my last slash approaches him.

The dark room started to brighten up by many candles around, and on the two walls spread left and right. It became warmer due to their flames. Some candles were long enough to last for a week. We saw the guy we seek sitting in the far distance, on a golden throne like chair. Just as a king. He was surrounded by raging red.

Anna was sitting on his lap, hugging his neck, while his chin was resting indifferently on his left palm, and his legs crossed. Looking at us, his enemies...

"Shameful.", Mikoto said in a low, angry tone.

Tatara granted, then fell to the ground before reaching back to him, "Ki-king..! I am sorry, I failed you..", Tatara sobbed. I wanted to help him up... Tatara was already sick in the hospital, and that was just a lot to handle... however, Kusanagi has stopped me by my shoulder, then shook his nose.

"Silence!", Mikoto has yelled. It frightened everyone in the grand room, even the little, innocent girl on his lap. She jumped.

Mikoto stood up, "You worthless dupe!", firing up. Anna has left his lap and stood beside him bluntly. The evil king, sticking his left hand in the air, has commanded Tatara's fires to burn him down.... Tatara started to shout out the pain--

I still remember me, Kusanagi, yet everyone jumping in different directions to stop the king's, evil,  deed. The blue king's mastery has hit the red king's shield, Kusanagi, and the others, all of us, had produced damage from different locations into him. He blew us back with one single wave, some has got sever burns.... I-I still remember everyone's voices. ..Hell.

I, hardly standing, called out for Anna, she looked at me with the eyes that used to be pure. I thought she was responding, so I continued, "Anna, open up yer eyes!! Mikoto, Homra, we all need you!!"
However, all I got back from her was a surprise attack. I couldn't hurt her.... so I got myself hurt.

When I fell down, I saw Kusanagi standing up, just as if he was switching with me. He reached to Anna, then held both her hands up. She wiggled trying to break free. 

I have never seen Kusanagi like that... with his aura so red, and his eyes so savage. I pushed him to the wall, protecting her before his slap reached her soft round cheek. She fell to her knees, then squealed. She's came back.

I sat next to her trying to calm her down and explain the baleful situation were in, while Kusanagi was rapping against the king.

Mikoto: Oh, no. No. You have deceived me, you!

Kusanagi shouted, almost sobbing: "Mikoto! open your eyes!! look what has happened to your people! look what has become of the Homra we created, together!!

Mikoto: My... people? If those people, have tears to shed for their king, this soul of mine is all that holds his body now! Bring forth your weeping! I'll have ashes to keep--

Anna, interrupting his speech: Mikoto!!

Mikoto paused, then slowly changing, he looked at her with eyes of guilt. She called him again, then he trode carefully towards her, "A-Anna...?", he uttered. "Y-yes!!", she cried happily.

Before that I reached her to steal her back, she ran towards him, then hugged his legs, just like a child cuddling a tall tree. She cried for him, and called his name. She was gasping... it breaks one's heart.

Mikoto fell to his knees, reached her shoulders with her hand, then hugged her. Only to suck her spirit out using such false drama... "You're the mother of my fires, melt your life into my unholy darkness, why let grief to eat you alive?", he said.

Mikoto's accent was antique and rough, it just proved that whoever it was talking, it was not Mikoto-san.

Kusanagi took the spear I had, whispering, "Right back at you...", then jumped as high as a horse, shouting "Why let grief to eat you alive!!! MIKOTO!!" he cracked down the evil skull. Mikoto shouted out, wriggled the pain, bleeding... before getting up, then letting his power to help him float in the midst of the air. He seemed to be invincible... his fires flamed yet hotter than ever. The other kings, jumped at the front to conduct some sort of a huge shield against the red fatal wave, protecting everyone of us. They offered all the power they had within their majestic inner-side. They finally blew him down. However, he stood again.

Mikoto: I'm s-strong in me. vi-visions like these are no innocent signs for killers!! (coughed blood)

He hardly stood, then caught his breathes. It was silent for a while, everyone was beat, and clueless of what's going to become of this tragedy...

Kusanagi trode towards the king, dropping the spear: Mikoto, let's go home... shall we? Enough of this... please.

He seemed the most tired of us all, inwards and outwards... since the incident Mikoto has allowed his powers to create.

Mikoto, with one eye squeezed swallowed, then continued to take his breath. 

Kusanagi: Come back... to us. To me.

Kusanagi-san was Mikoto's closest friend, more like a brother... must've been hard for him. I remember Mikoto uttering, "You must be the most loyal, young one. But you know nothing succeeds without work. The present king has deceased, only I-!!", then shouted, "only I is the present king!!", he lowered his arms then said more quietly, "I, am the present!!", then spat out some alluring kind of laugh, only a bit evil. He started to slap his forehead for some reason, too.

Once Kusanagi has reached him, he clutched Mikoto's hand down, putting his palm around his chin, and forcing... a kiss.

It seemed just as any passionate kiss, long and hard. A flare of aura has bursted out of its limit, blowing everything away.

Kusanagi was sucking out his powers, would be my guess. I thought that It might be some sort of purification. I had absolutely no clue of what was going on, but it worked -I'm not minding whatever reason it was for. (crossed words)

They, both, fell to their knees... then flat across each other. Hardly exchanging glimpses to one another's face. I think that I've seen them whispering things from afar... wasn't close enough to hear what their words were -which annoys me. I want to remember everything everyone has said in a conclusive battle like this....

(tear drops)


Before that we had reached them, Tatara was announced dead---

His last words -I was gladly able to hear at least- were, "I wish that I can go back in time..! kingu..", he smiled as warm as ever, then blew out his last breath in my arms right after his tears blended with the blood dripping out of his, no longer working, mouth.

I feel so sorry for Tatara...

Anna was unconscious, right after she's knew that Homra's king was gone... along with our friend, brother, and leader, dear Kusanagi Izumo.

They were always together, now, they're gone together.

One must admit to envy such closeness...


The days aftermath were tedious and filled with grief and memory. Homra has lost two important figures in a doomy day.

It must've been hard for the king to endure.

It must've been hard for Anna to accept reality.

It must've been hard for me -chosen to become the next leader- to decide out Homra's future...


Homra's still the bar we knew, only with noticeable changes, for there was no king any more, no one bubbly as our Tatara, and... no bartender like Kusanagi-san...

Anna has changed, she's became a strong woman, wiser than her age, only to catch up with the pearl white strings on her head.

As long as there's peace. There's no need to allow grief to eat us... eh? Mikoto-san.



"I wish that I can go back in time..."


End of Chapter Nine, 

End of SICK

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