Chapter Eight

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

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Apologies to everyone was confused about the way the story's sequence was published. 

This was the first story I've ever wrote on Protagonize that was carried out by a chain of courses, or parts. And I was not aware that I was able to link each part by simply connecting them adding new pages, instead I published them as separate pages, sorry.

I promise to fix this problem in future works, for it is too late to make any changes on "SICK". For If I'm to change any crucial details it would only make it more problematic to my fans when opening the webpages, and more perplexing to get into the right order, thence.

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*  *  *

Chapter Eight

Yata's diary:

My wife, Anna, cried last mid-night when we were sleeping, warm on our bed. It must be another dream of remembrance. Remembrance of blood shed. Remembrance of old friends. Remembrance of vaporized smiles, of vanished hopes, and of incomplete dreams. Remembrance of a great deceased, red, king. A king people has already forgotten. A king who faced his powers with courage, and courtesy. A king was so gentle ones tears could not help but shed in the day of his death. A king lived within his own comatose, his own wrath, lying in his own shell. A shell he has knocked the walls of for years.

A dark room. Where the only light was his fading fires... always there to comfort him after disturbing hi--(two tear drops..)

It was nothing new, to him...

I hugged her with my arms, in the hope to take all of her pain within my own chest. And keep it there. Away from her, eternally. She slept.

*  *  *

I've just happened to remember that I haven't continued your story I was writing my friends, oh how I long to see...

Why does time goes by so quick? Why can't we go back to those moments we wish to creep to, at least, once again? Why is fate so cruel, hiding a frown behind its perpetually smiling mask?

I shall continue before I forget any more details...:

For it has started to rain before we have dwelt inside the building, we managed to rub off the dampness that has resided on our overalls by fresh, warm towels the servants in Sceptor 4 has given us each. We, then, followed them to the meeting room.

The building was grand, and there were vast dirty windows in each wall. Dirty with mud, with dust, then rain, then dust again. We passed by empty halls, and have seen filthy, messy rooms. Rooms that traces back in time, to a more subtle life. When we asked, they said that there was hardly anyone wanting to work any more after Shizume has become a piece of hell. And most employees, workers, and even some guards had already left seeking more peaceful life. I looked at Kusanagi, acknowledging that it was all made by our king, and the person, yet friend, that we all loved, and lived along with the best memories. I looked then at the other faithful fellows around me. Some nodded, some smiled, and some others were busy looking at the gloom around us. We reached right after we've got off the barely working elevator, where our only light was the automatic blue neon bulbs for emergency.

We went into a room with a sign that said "Head Office", where we found ourselves sitting around a huge round -barely standing- table, made of antique marble, just as if we were  waiting for our breakfast to be served each morning.

Everyone was there. Different kinds of faces, long, round, cheeky, and skinny, so skinny that the cheek bones looked too sharp to touch.

Suddenly, and after that everyone has introduced themselves, everyone started to shout. I still can hear them loud inside my head, as if I'm sitting there yet again. There were demands of immigrating Shizume's people. Demands that we kill the king and his two, young, fellows who has joined his tribe. Other silly ideas were to catch him then to drown him, for the reason of water kills fire -they've said that with brilliant watchful eyes- or to drop a bomb upon where he lives. Others were not interested to argue whatsoever. Kusanagi shouted for silence.

He put his hands into his face, sighed, then shook his hair bangs off his face. He pulled his chair back, before he started to walk around us.

"We can not kill him.", he implied, which made others bark.

"Just listen to him!!", the blue king, Munakata Reishi, sat his aura free so they close their mouths. Kusanagi continued, "He has got two innocent hostages, one of them... is... merely a little girl...", he grabbed his empty chair and looked down with grief. "Mikoto Suoh is our king and a good man, he saved many good people in this city. I, and the other clan members will not accept killing him so easily to get rid of the villain."

Munakata jumped in, "What is it you suggest us to do, then, Mr. Kusanagi?".

Kusanagi tilted his head after a long pause, as if he has just grasped an idea, then mumbled to himself "... people?", he paused for sometime to collect the thing that was nagging to come out of his mind.

"Yah.", he finally nodded, almost spacing out, then looked at us.

"We need to make him fight against his own self. His own people!", he looked at each face in the airless room, certain of each word he has just uttered. "We will fight, and we might, unfortunately, get killed... however, we must try--", one of the attendants cut him off, "So what you are saying is basically we need to die in vain?! That is a potential defeat more than victory!--"

"There is a child, General Matsumoto, and I will endure whatever it is fate's hiding for my soul to protect that child.", Kusanagi said loudly. Then hanged a lucky cigarette on his lips. I am heading there, I have been more than ready... ", he pulled his jacket and walked to the door, where he stood in front of, "I'll see you all, hopefully, there too.", he added before he has left.

The General stood on his worked-out legs, then announced,"Bah! you think this is a game of who is going to be the leader? who's gonna be the king?! I tell you gentlemen, Mr. Ku-- ugh!!", he interrupted his own self witnessing the other attendants following the blonde outside.

"Where do ya think you're all going, come back'ere!! meeting is not over!--", his voice screeched, yet, nobody considered that.

I -Yata- walked towards my broken yet courageous friend Kusanagi along with the other members, and behind his back, I've put my right hand on his right shoulder, then started to shed my tears along with his, secretly.

(several tear drops on the page)

I need to get me a drink-- I will be back....

*  *  *

Yata's diary:

Sometimes all the wishes are to become true... but happiness is only there for some people?

While they endure the darkness, there's always more darkness to come, anyway, whether they ask for it, or they don't?

Are the dead unhappy?

Is it not unfair?

Is it not injustice?

(random scribbles...)

Probably those people are the ones who had found true happiness, and are happier than anyone alive.

*  *  *

Yata's diary:

Next day, I must've slept after writing drunk. Who knew that I, silly Yata, is able to write such profound and dark matters? I need a prize.

I feel better today. I am really glad that I started this diary. Now I understood why you, Kusanagi-san, my old fella, thought of your diary as a close friend.

Anyways, back to the story:

Walking towards our ominous target, we studied every alley, and every corner around Shizume. Asking to remember and collect as many memories as our brains were able to recall. Smelling the air that used to be our source of harmony, then looking at the sky, praying for a good fortune. We weren't able to go back to the bar, to smell the bar for the last time, or to utter our goodbyes to those who we loved. It was all so sudden, and hard to believe is happening. The decision, and the fact that... we might not able to make it back.

I walked towards Kusanagi, and asked him with a smile on my face how does he feel. "No matter what happens is for the best... 'something good will surely happen', was Tatara's favourite quote, remember?", he wisely answered me, which heaved off the pain in my -and everyone's- heart. Then, I remember him whispering something to himself, something like, "I promise I will seek your happiness before anyone's...", he was probably talking about Anna? The poor very young lady... she has nothing to do with this tragedy.

I remember that I uttered, "Mikoto..", then Izumo's jumped at me, "We will save him!"

I clenched a fist to his face, which he has punched back with confidence.

We finally, stopped at the front gate of the city's most grand museum -was- that has become the red king's mansion and residence now...

Kusanagi hesitated, although he was the one to lead us there, walking with infinite confidence since we've left the retarded general.

I stood by his side, and so did every other Homra member - or at least who was left-...

"For Homra!", I remember we all shouted, fisting around strength, hope, and brotherhood.  He pushed the door open.

I'll go have my lunch for I'm starving.

I shall come back later...

End of Chapter Eight

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