Chapter Seven

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Chapter Seven


Tatara's diary:


I'm left alone in this white painted room... It only makes you lose more brain cells.

Everything has changed... everyone has changed...

The recent nights I've been dreaming of my king, and love. In the dreams, I see his red aura floating outside my window, he stretches his hand towards me, then asks me to become his loyal companion, for ever.
Please take me away, with you? (tear drop) I have nothing here for me. I am sick and tired, dying!

Fill me in with your fires!!!

*  *  *


Kusanagi's diary:

Anna is barely eating since her aunt brought her here, and is bothered by anyone's presence or approach. She wants to be alone all the time. And in her room. She looks weak... I'm disable to do a thing for her.

Yesterday, which was Sunday, I decided to have a drink on Homra's bar, habitually, and at 8pm. At the moment I have gulped what was left in the glass of Jack I had, I heard tiny footsteps treading down the stairs. Anna. This is unusual, I thought.
I crunched behind the bar to hide, to see whether I'll witness a suspicious behaviour.
She stood, looked around. "Darn it!! My glass's still on the damned bar!", I scolded myself. The glass that she did not realize, and kept walking, sleepingly, towards the door. I figured that must be the sleep-walking the aunt has told me about. I followed her outside, glad, for I haven't got me more drinks that would make it a hassle to concentrate.

She looked at the sky, that was nearly about cry down its rain. Then, and to my shock, her hair strands, and her rose-dress -as Mikoto called it with his delicate language in his diary- started to flutter, as if an invisible wind blew upon the young lady.
A red aura crept around her, she lifted up her head, closed her eyes, then stretched her arms to welcome it within her. Her little doll-like feet floated in the air, high, then higher. I noticed red lightning bolts tickling her body, similar to those around my king's tired Damokuresu no Tsurugi (Sword of Damocles). She laughed, and to my surprise, uttered, Genji. That bastard again!!!
Before I've finally got over my shock and moved my legs to steal her back, she disappeared in a red flash...
Hah! I'm here now writing down my regret and failure.

Sorry to disappoint my king, and.... his queen... 
I wish sorry fixes anything!

*  *  *

A piece of torn news paper resides in Kusanagi's diary:




Shizume: recurrent tragedy?


Yesterday, Monday, Shizume city witnessed angry currents of winds, and high pressure in the higher spheres above its sky. The clouds emerged, bundling to form a sword figure of young tornadoes in the air. There was no clue of any reason, and no proof whether its a natural scape, scientists said. They mentioned that a similar occasion, a catastrophe, of that type has fallen upon the Southern Kanto region years ago, which they called "Kagutsu Crater Incident", of the 11th of July's 1999.

The leader and head advisor of Shizume development department, said:
"Be informed to keep your families and friends inside, and endure some supplies of food and other necessities. Shizume people might face a potential apocalypse. We can not guarantee anyone's safety, thence. However, for our army will be ready, squads of......" (piece was torn and incomplete)

*  *  *

Kusanagi's diary:

Tuesday, midnight- Today's evening, I rushed to check on Tatara's status in the hospital, for I got a call of emergency from his doctor. They told me he has disappeared when I arrived. The security camera in his room has shown a figure of a man, stretching his hand outside the room's window inward. Tatara's eyes widen up, he tripped out of his bed, crawled, then reached the hand with a groggy, fragile walk after he was hardly able to stand up. I am sure, it was you, Mikoto... for I know those silver rings on your wrist, then for I have studied your hand enough, my dear...

 I am helpless. I want you to take me, too? However, I know that is not what you want. ('you' was bold by the pen)

I shall save you. No matter how weak I am against your flames...

(cig ash)

(scratched words, and a crossed-out sentence)

I love you (tear drop)

*  *  *


Yata's diary:

Thought to start a diary like you, Kusanagi Izumo, for I might be the one and only retelling this tragedy of our Red King, Suoh Mikoto.

17 years ago, Kochikyuu (Old Earth), or the city that was known as 'Shizume', have seen hell upon its land. I still remember those days as if they were yesterday... and so I'm smiling. Happy sad.

I shall start the story, for your sake, my king, my wife 'Anna'. And our all other HOMRA fellows.

One day, and few months after the red hell took over Shizume's region, Kusanagi decided that we shall all, along with the other kings, meetup to discuss reasons and solutions to end this folly the previous red king Genji has brought, yet again, to this land. We thought it might become the whole world soon...
It seemed that our king's body, Mikoto, was overthrown for Genji's pleasure, to conquer, then to destroy. I wonder how hard it was for Mikoto-san to endure, for it hurts only thinking about it. (coffee stain)

We, Homra members, walked outside the bar, and through the burnt down buildings and corrupted alleys to find our way to the district where the blue king resides, or used to reside.

I remember Kusanagi has told me that day that he's been seeing this dream over and over again every night, of Mikoto on a golden throne, crying and laughing hysterically at the same time, drinking a glass of red -seemed to be human's blood, he said- with Anna cuddling or might be sleeping on his lap. Tatara was standing behind Mikoto's antique throne with a hideous smirk on his face. Just as a butler of hell. I swallowed my saliva in respond, then looked at the others, warning in my eyes to the danger was awaiting us ahead.

Before reaching the other kings, who were waiting for our arrival inside the Scepter 4 building, a warm... kind of hot wind blew into our faces, with some dust tickling our checks -some got into our eyes- which was normal since the day "Kagutsu's Return Incident", or so was called, had started. It was supposed to be winter that month, though. And it was raining at times too, but the ground seemed like an eternal furnace under our feet... my wife's calling me for dinner... I shall continue the writing later.

End of Chapter Seven

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Author's Note: For the story is taking longer than I thought, I needed to squeeze the time and events, by jumping into the future, which I retailed the past through.
Do not worry. All the events will still be mentioned.

The end of the story is few chapters away.

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The End

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