Chapter Six

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Chapter Six

Kusanagi's diary:

Sunday, 12pm- Seems like my eyes had failed me. Haven't even slept much. After I was awake and done spoiling myself with a warm bath, I went straight to Mikoto's room to check whether he's returned. And to my shock, he was there, doing some push-ups! Just as if nothing has happened the day before...

Should say.... he reminded me of the older days when he used to work-out everyday, that's when he was well. Oh how nice it is to see him just as I knew him. I haven't forgotten about his disappearance though, so I closed his room door and started investigating...

I didn't want to distract him, so I was enjoying a smoke, until he has finished whatever it is he was trying to do.
While he was catching his breath, he said, "I know why you're here", I looked at him. He continued, "I am fine. I'll make sure such things won't happen again. So? can you make an excuse, for me, to the others?", he gulped water from some sort of bottle next to him. "Huh!?", I gasped, "do you think that it is so simple, and funny to joke about it?!", I scolded him.

"Can I count on you, Kusanagi? You're the only one I can rely on...", he lighted a cigarette after securing the lid and putting the bottle away on a small oval table in the room.
Clock's needle was ticking by, then I uttered, "Under one condition," I huffed the smoke, then continued, "you promise me to tell the truth, of what has happened, Mikoto", I looked at him, he looked at me back, then blinked. "If you need help, you explain why.", I concluded. 
He ruffled his hair, turned off the cigarette with the same ashtray I bought him, then sat on the couch. He patted on it twice, as a sign for me to sit beside him. When I sat, he started, "I see things... that I'm not sure whether they're real, or just illusion my mind's making up...", he looked at me then, as if to see my reaction, whether believing him or not. I nodded for him to go on. 

"The things I see when I close my eyes, are similar to those I see when I open them..", I figured he was talking about his nightmares. "Mikoto", he turned his face towards mine once called, I continued, "can you tell me what do you see?", I patted his left hand with my right, caressing it. He produced a mocking sort of smirk, then said, "Why do you believe me? A king who has lost his mind--", I cut him, "You're not losing your mind! however...", Mikoto continued my speech, "It might be my power that I'm losing.", I nodded, looking away.

There was silence for a while, then he spoke, "Fires". I looked at him, "huh?". He went on, "Fires and endless furious dark clouds, thundering. Piercing my ears.", he looked at me, "I see swords similar to my own, rise in the sky, then fall all together like rain.. a heavy rain of swords... It... It attacks me... their owner", he frowned his eyebrows then clutched his fingers together, "My power, is attacking me...", I was so confused myself and had no idea what to speak, I patted his hand yet again, listening to him."I see flames, terrible scenery of Shizume city burning.... a picture of people... burning, others crucifying 'my' people, Even Ann--", I covered his mouth after seeing his red aura leaking again, my face right in front of his, he closed his eyes, shaking, then sighed his warm breath into my palm. I kissed his forehead, and asked him to move to my room, trying not to sleep alone as it might help him see better dreams. He looked at me, as if he was thanking me with his eyes. He pulled me by my red tie. We kissed. Made-out on that cold couch, using our own heat to keep our love-making warm.

I'm intoxicated by this love....

*  *  *


Mikoto's diary:

Sunday, mid-night-

Kusanagi's taking a shower after I had mine...

Just moved to his room, hoping for this sickness to dissolve soon. 

I shall go on pretending to be well, for my people's sake...
And perhaps mine.
(the word 'mine' was bold by the ink) 

I do not want them to know that I'm burning within myself.

My friend, writing helps my mind to become quite, but not my flames.
I didn't ask for this...

Did NoT ask for thiss (cig ash)

*  *  *

Tatara's diary:

Monday, morning - The king has moved to sleep in Izumo's room for an unknown reason. I do not know what to make out of that.. hundreds and hundreds of conclusions squeeze and collide into this troubled mind of mine. Why is it too hard? This one-sided passionate love? Jealousy hurts. And sometime love itself can become hated.
Kusanagi said that the king's disappearance was: to help someone was getting robbed in a random street. Nonsense. I refuse to believe that. And I refuse to believe that Izumo knows what I do not know, about Mikoto...

That is it. It is time for me to make a move.

*  *  *

Kusanagi's diary:

Monday, midnight- Yesterday night, the first night Mikoto has moved to my room, I woke up -I think it was around 1-2 O'clock- it was hard to see the clock on my wall in the dark. But I saw my king's face by the moon's light. I heard him mumbling, baring his teeth, then twisting from side to side. I got out of my bed to get closer -he was sleeping on the bed room's floor with some comfortable beddings- I knew it was yet another bad dream. Before I had succeeded to wake him up, I heard him mumbling... he said, sobbingly, yet regretfully:

"The flames skim out this pale skin of mine..! I am eating myself alive (grunts)... and my flesh smells of ash...!! If a king is one to order on his golden throne... what am I to do with my people! I shall awaken, I shall awaken, I sha-"

Thence, he kept repeating the last line grating his teeth...

When he opened his eyes, I saw the tears flow unconsciously down his hot cheeks, mingling with drops of sweat. I hugged him so hard... (a drop of tear on the page)

I wonder how was he able to go through all of these nightmares alone. It is painful enough to watch.What can I do to help him?

I must read Mikoto's diary when he's asleep. It is for his own sake. Sorry, darling...

*  *  *

Mikoto's diary: 

Speaking of one to change.

Not satisfied with Tatara of late. I am sick enough of various things.

Adding more wood to fire is a vice versa to what I'm looking for...

He tries to kiss me whenever I'm left alone with him.

He won't even stop bothering me nagging me to tell him what's going on, or whether things are going all right.

He even asked me to move to his room.

Can't be bothered,


I've seen a good dream yesterday after I went back to sleep under yer warmth...

(Random scribbles and drawings...) 

Never thought to find myself an angel, one to save me from this Tartarus.
Should've been loved so soon... by you.

*  *  *

Kusanagi's diary:

(half-torn page)

Tuesday, 3pm- cleaned the room today, then peeked in my king's diary as I planned.

It was awful and hideous.

There were torn papers, ashes, burnt edges, and... gladly, explanation of what's going in his mind.

It seems that he's suffering, for us not to worry. I think that It is time to ask help from a psychologist? It might help? I do not know what to do for him! I am worried!! I have no absolute clue of what we could possibly do now and here!! I do not want to lose him. And he doesn't deserve to die young... (tear drops) 

Tatara is making things difficult with him questioning us!!! If he wouldn't stop I'd rather kick him out of Homra, I'm stressed out enough! He's a needle to my throat, and gas to Mikoto's already raging fire. I'll talk to him first, and see what'll happen later...

I love you, Mikoto.

I want him to know... just in case he leaves me behind soon.

Don't leave me behind, with humans! as you're used to say...
I am going insane now! I need a drink!!

*  *  *  

Mikoto's diary:

I saw you peaking in the diary you asked me to write the other day.

Was it your plan?

Did you ask me to write the diary, for you, to please your eyes with?

I'll peak on yours too, then.

I know you'll be reading this.

For I do not want to bring you pain,

I shall not write what has happened, or should say, is happening... to me.

Your love, is the only thing able to put out my worries.

Thank you.

Don't look for me, love.

*  *  *

Tatara's diary:

Tuesday, mid-night, Kusanagi barked at me today and in my room. He does not know the extent or pain within me!! (tear drop)

Shall I give away and up my love and lose to you?? I shall if it was for the one I love's sake.

I am not hurt./

For I can't fe/el a thing any more...

*   *   *

Anna's diary:

Another sad day, Thursday 4pm- Homra's breaking down....

Mikoto has disappeared -with Kusanagi's diary- since Tuesday.

Tatara's in the hospital, he was found on his bed so weak this morning.

Kusanagi's drinking again, now...

I'm in my room, with chess pieces surrounding me, caressing my tears.

Take me with you, Mikoto... why didn't you take me with you!! (tear drops)

*  *  *


Kusanagi's diary:

Saturday, 4pm- I decided to start writing a new diary, although it bothers me that I'm not writing in -talking to- my older one, my closest friends... anyway,

This diary shall keep me company until I get the old one back, hopefully, If I found you my king, for there's no trace, contact, or clue of you. We've been scratching our flaming symbols out of habit of late.

I sent Anna back to her aunt. A young girl like her has a huge future awaiting ahead, and can not get involved in this emotional mess any more. I'm barely hopeful to do anything any more, too, which I regret, for I know you, Mikoto, wouldn't be pleased of me like that. 

Lately, everything I want to do seems to be for you, and you only.

I need you.

My dreams are like two ribbons, mingled with romance and sorrow.

Mikoto's diary has become my favourite book. I read it over and over, fond of his distinctive way or writing.

He's my very favourite author.

(cig ash)

He's mentioned me as his 'Love'.

Later, 6:30pm- today while I was reading Mikoto's diary -yet again- I noticed a piece of paper appearing from the edge, that directed me to the other side of the book -diary- when I pulled. I was completely in shock, for there were several folded papers, hidden diaries, at the end of it. I was, and I'm still, speechless, and I am sobbing just like Anna does. For I feel that I wasn't loyal enough to you my love. Ashamed of not asking you profoundly for truth as needed...

I shall add them to my own book.

*  *  *

Mikoto's hidden diary:

I'm awake, for he is, and inside of me.

He's like a lion trapped in time, and is sick. He's got vengeance.

And through me, and my skin, he wants to sit himself free.

He wants to kill me. He wants to take my body yet soul over, for himself.

He seeks yet another chance to live, only to conquer, and to destroy yet again.

He's like Hephaestus. A god of fire. Burning me down for his sake to live.

I feel him coming closer, and outside of me.

I'm disable to do a thing about it.

Thence, it makes everyone unable, too.

*  *  *

Another piece of paper by Mikoto, partially burnt:

Today, was the day we have met.

He has thrust his fires within me, deeper.

It is too late now... and I-

Shall I utter my farewells?

To the young lady, my followers, and love, 

I am so sorry.

See me? here again.

Out of words to write, but full of thoughts!!

Aflame!! Genji*!!!

(many scratches)

I am at loss.... however, laughing.

They complain to me, their king, for mercy to their little marks aching,

While me, the king,  is an ache as a whole....

(A small note was written upside down on the torn page with crunchy lines, seems like he was shaking: Help)

*Note: (迦具都玄示, Kagutsu Genji) was the previous Red King and the late predecessor to Mikoto Suoh. He is the cause of the Kagutsu Crater Incident, which changed the topography of Japan at the time of its occurrence. This killed Genji Kagutsu along with 700,000 civilians and the majority of Scepter 4 Clansmen and CATHEDRAL Clansmen. Check wikipedia for more details.

*  *  *

Anna's diary:

10pm, I hear Mikoto's voice every night calling me for help... and shouting in pain.

My aunt has told me that I sleep-walk lately, she locks my door each night.

I sleep alone. But, I am not suffering alone.

Glad that this diary keeps me company... (tear drops)

King, wait for me... I'll respond to you soon, and by my own voice.

*  *  *

Anna's aunt email to Kusanagi's phone:

(sent 10:30pm, Saturday)

Kusanagi-san, I am sorry. But can you take Anna back to the Homra's?

I'm not sure how is she doing. She walks around at night, whispers strange things in her sleep, and doesn't eat well!

I am scared... Please help me help her.

I don't think her mind is well  anymore... what's happening to her?


*  *  *


Kusanagi's reply to Anna's aunt:

(sent 11pm, Saturday)

Hey ya,

Thanks heaps for your email updating me about Anna's statues. I really would like to take Anna back now... I'm starting to think that, no, I am positively sure, this little girl of ours must be the resolution of all the mess going on in Homra. I'm sure she'll lead us to something we are messing. The end of this misery.

See you soon, and her, tomorrow at 9am.


End of Chapter Seven

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Author's note: I am terribly sorry if my story's going dark. I just prefer to write things as I wish. And, with best hopes, I'd like that you guys understand, appreciate my distinctive fantasy, then enjoy yourselves with it.

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