Chapter Five

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Chapter Five

Mikoto's diary:

I did not ask for this power. And I refuse to be called a king.
I do not want to feel no fire. Don't want to burst and shutter every thing and a thing.

To my followers, or so they're called, I am sorry.
If it wasn't me who took you in, you wouldn't endure the ache of worry.

And you,

You invited me to your heart, then promised me heaven?

From each glass and glass you rub, I will drink, dousing hallucination.

And to the pretty young lady, with the rose-red dress,
If I'm to inflict your pain, I am not the one you will need to embrace. (ash on the page)

*  *  *  


Kusanagi's diary:

Saturday, morning- Mikoto hasn't left his room yet. Probably still dreaming. I wonder what kind of dream he's seeing. Anna's aunt called me, it seems that Anna's longing for coming back here, her reason has been expected already.
Although she's young, for Mikoto, she's great to his eyes. I'm always worried about her growing up... Heck! what am I thinking about!?
Time to clean, clean!
Speaking of cleaning... Tatara hasn't looked at me since that day. And never shown up to do any sort of cleaning as he usually tend to do. How annoying! I need a vacation!!

 *  *  *


Tatara's Diary:

To be, or not to be...

To tell him or not to tell him...

Christmas is coming soon, and I'm thinking to confess to Mikoto about this burning, heaving love I'm keeping for him. For if it's not now, it's going to be too late.

Kusanagi... I am so embarrassed to look him in the eye after what I've said to him the night I've seen him alone with Mikoto, in his own room...
Alone, with Mikoto, and in his own room...

I am bothered, and afraid to let Kusanagi win this love war, yet, I can't force the man, Mikoto, to love me back at any rate. I do not even think that he thinks about such matter, the 'love' matter. He barely thinks of eating.
My love to Mikoto is sick, and the idea of letting anyone to touch him... or kiss him makes me sick myself.
We used to be so close... I'll try my best to see him smile by my own hand. I can do it if it's me.
First, I'll start a friendly conversation with Kusanagi to break the strange wall I have created between us, and, again, help him out cleaning the bar.

*  *  *

Anna's diary:

Saturday, evening- I came back to the bar, and was happy to see that everyone was already missing me. I hugged them, and kissed them, then asked for Mikoto's whereabouts. Kusanagi has told me that Mikoto's just finished his meal and went back to his room. So I ran there, pushed the door open, then threw myself to cry on his lap, very warm lap. I do not want to leave this warmth one second...
He was sitting on his desk, seemed like he was writing something down.

He smiled to me, and rubbed my head as usual, which made me giggle. He looked better than I thought, I was glad. Happy.
He offered to take me out around the city. I jumped with excitement.

There's no better place like home.

*  *  *

Kusanagi's diary:

Sunday, 2am- I've got a call from Mikoto's phone at 10:30pm yesterday. I scolded him once I answered for taking the little girl around in such late time, and that it is better to bring her back home. However, It was Anna.

She was sniffing, and asked me to come. I asked what has happened and where Mikoto is, but she was only crying. I asked her where she was, then to wait me there. I pulled my jacket and ran as far as my legs can reach, thinking thousands of thoughts per minute, then stopped to catch my breath when I saw Anna waiting at the promised spot.

"What has happened, Anna?!" I asked, barely breathing. She hugged me and cried, yet again. I grabbed her little face with my hands to look at me, then asked her to answer me for Mikoto's sake, he might be in danger. She shook her nose. She doesn't know, she answered, then continued, "We were heading back home. Mikoto stood suddenly and looked at the sky, with wide eyes. He immediately gave me his phone, putting one hand on my shoulder to calm me down, and told me to wait here for it is safer next to the convenient store...", she sniffed, then went on, "... he told me to call you to take me back home if he took too long, he.. he seemed really worried, Kusanagi-san!", she hugged me and kept on asking me to help Mikoto, sweet tears flowing down her round cheeks.

I didn't know what to do, and hesitated to call Tatara at first... but that the situation was crucial, and involved Mikoto, I called him. I asked him to tell everyone to go out and around the city. To look for our... missing king.

Now that we haven't found him, we, all, went back home, exhausted and worried. I headed to Mikoto's room, hoping I'll find him there. No trace of him at all.

Anna's sleeping on my bed tonight, she refused to sleep alone. Everyone seems to be asleep, or at least almost everyone... perhaps they only seem to be asleep.

I'm wide awake here myself, too. I'll wait a bit longer for he might return, hoping not to fall asleep, for my eyes are burning...

*  *  *

Mikoto's diary:

Sunday, three in the very early morning...

Homra is sleeping safe and sound.

It is peaceful,

Just as usual.

I am sleeping soon, too.

I am Tired...

My clothes are all torn, I am suffocating... I'm afraid.
I do not know what to tell them the moment they ask me what has happened to me... 

(a long and grey pencil scratch on some unclear words...)

The night's going to sleep, and the sun's going to shine.

And I'm writing instead /of to weep, 

whine and whine an/d whine...       

(the slash [/] represents that a page was torn, from the lower edge upwards...) 


End of Chapter Five

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Author's Note: Just wrote two Chapters in a row. I can not sleep, should rather say, the last three lines? Explains me now. To writing I creep.

Tell me what you think, and about the addition of Mikoto's diary, whether it is a bad, or a good idea.
Personally, I think that it is interesting, and more explaining, to show the perspective of Mikoto, and what is going on in his own mind.

Thanks heaps for reading again, my dear fans.
I'll be back soon with yet another chapter.


The End

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