Chapter FourMature

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

 Chapter Four


Kusanagi's diary:

Wednesday, 9pm- yesterday's night I couldn't sleep well, I was over-thinking things since that ominous night. After that I nipped Mikoto as Tatara, the 'king', has ordered, I've been really thirsting to hear more of Mikoto-san's... agh...
I wonder what he'd think of me if he knew that I'm writing, or thinking such things. I think that... I love him and, I'm just scared to admit, but I really shouldn't. I want him, I know. I want to kiss more of him, ask him where does it feel good to touch, and have my way with his body. Tatara... everytime I'm around Mikoto he jumps in and tries to take the spotlights away from me. Ahh, maybe it's just me being jealous? Mikoto, you're making me lose my mind.

*  *  *

Kusanagi's diary:

Thursday, 3PM- I'm free to write. Yesterday's midnight, Mikoto has knocked my door, then asked me whether if I'm going to sleep soon. I didn't tell him that I couldn't sleep, so I simply said not yet. He sat on my couch, slid his head on the cushion, closed his eyes, then placed his arm on his eyes, as if to cover it away from the lights. "Sleepy?", I asked him. He's lazy to answer as usual, only sighed. I think he murmured something like "... can't control it", which I don' think it was so, for it would make no sense. After sometime, and when I saw his chest heaving for a peaceful sleep, I couldn't help but get my chance. I went closer, and to his face, then produced a soft kiss on his cheek for test. For he didn't flinch, I stole another kiss on his warm lips, he made a grumble. He was so cute to watch...
I... forced my tongue into his mouth to start a French kiss, topping him, and losing myself. My eyes were closed due to my flowing emotions, so I wasn't fully sure if he opened his, maybe not. But I didn't care, for all I wanted was to kiss him.
I felt his hands suddenly pushing me away, from my chest. I asked him whether if it didn't feel good, but he didn't answer, seemed bothered...

He stood up, frowning his eyebrows, looking down -almost closing his eyes- then walked towards the door.

I don't know what I have done. And do not know what to do. So...
Before he's left, I dragged him back by his sleeve -he was wearing a long sleeved black shirt- then stood between him and the door. "I need you to tell me...", I said, then looked at him, "what can I do for you?", almost sobbing. I do not know what has happened to me, or what has made me become that overwhelmed, just as if I was broken. I've put my head on his chest droopingly. He fell to his knees, almost tripping me, but I fixed myself back promptly. It was astonishing to see him in such state... he was grabbing, no, clutching his hair and almost screaming, but trying to keep it down as much as he's possibly able to. I asked him what's going on, and called his name. His majestic symbol started to ache on my body. I've seen his fire aura roar, I stepped back and yelled at him to stop, he uttered, "I... can't..!", baring his teeth. The symbol ached me more, and the king's aura glowed me blind. The others came in.
Tatara seemed very mean towards me -and since the 'king' game incident- asking me what has happened, then what stupid things have I done this time. I faced him for defence -I was sick of his attitude of late- ready for a fight, but Mikoto has finally gave away his scream, his power blew us, and some furnitures, and papers away. He stood up slowly, looked at me with glaring flamed eyes, "Help...", then continued, "I am not able to control it... anymore...". His eyes seemed to be sobbing, it hurts to see.
Yata brought a bucket of water, and splashed the king's savage fires. I yelled at him pulling him back, he said that he was worried, and couldn't think of anything else. I thought that It was the end, and that we'll be all doomed by the king's anger. However, surprisingly, the king has extinguished his fires. Then fell flat on my room's floor, drooping wet. He's still sleeping on my couch right now. We've put him there after showering him. Me -and i'm sure everyone else- are trying to figure out what should be done to help our tortured king.

Anna... she must have felt Mikoto's rage, and has became even more worried. I shall go fetch everyone at the bar. We're going to discuss this dangerous matter.

*  *  *

Later- Midnight, Mikoto has awaken and walked down to the bar, where I was rubbing the glasses me and the guys used few hours ago. He sat down in front of me at the bar, ruffling his was-just-dried hair, then asked me where everyone is. I offered him some water, which he has looked at uninterestedly for few seconds before gulping it empty, then answered his question that everyone had their own business to do, and mine was there, at the bar. Once I was done, I sat next to him, looking him in the eyes, he was bluntly looking back. Oh how he looked so innocent... He does not deserve such pain.
"Since when?", I asked him with my very serious manner. "I'm not sure.", he replied. After exchanging eye contact for sometime, and I withdrew myself closer to his lips, and slowly, he, yet again, has stopped me. "Why?", I asked him. He didn't reply, neither looked at me. He was looking down, frowning his eyebrows yet again. I was on heat for I've got myself three drinks today, which is unlike me...
I asked him to wait for me on the sofa, for I'll bring him something to eat. He nodded, almost happily. He's so cute...
I left him alone to eat - and to distract myself from eating him up...- now I'm here writing. Ah, someone's knocking at my door, who could it be at such time?

*  *  *

Later- It was Mikoto who has knocked my door. He came in, then, again, threw himself on my couch, positioning himself just the same as he did the previous time. I asked him why does he keep on doing that, and not sleeping in his own room, his answer was, "I don't want to be alone.", which, surely, made me happy that he chose my room to stay at. I asked him why my room, he sat himself aback, then uttered, "I'll go to someone else's, then", bluntly. "No!", I said loudly, he looked at me in surprise. "Stay with me...", I continued. He's sleeping on my couch right now, and warming up the whole room. I really want to take him to my own bed, and finally have my way with his body... my heart is racing!! I'm sure it won't be a good idea but a stupid thing to do, that might ruin this close relation. But I really want him....I want to go watch him sleep.

*  *  *

Next day- Mikoto woke up yesterday night when I was watching his thick eyelashes sleeping. I apologized for I was playing with his red hair strands, and asked him if I was the reason he woke up. He brought his face towards mine, lifting up his back. He put his right arm around me, only to push my head closer. He kissed me. A hot kiss that's filled with lust. I wasn't sure if it was because of a certain dream he's seen, or he was just... horny for a sexual intercourse. I french kissed him, and slowly, tasting his tongue, and he accepted it this time. He wouldn't stop moaning, granting, and exhaling rapidly, as if his heart's going to burst. I want to eat his hot, yet wet mouth. I took his hand off my head, and towards my long awaiting member, to touch it behind my jeans mean while I open my belt. His lips were all watery, I just did not want to lose any drop, I drank him up. I sat in front of him on the couch, teasing his throbbing, already cumming organ, while I forced him to jerk mine... It makes me feel hot remembering that....

We kept the hand jobs and the kissing going until Mikoto has started to grant more, I knew he's going to cum. He finally came in my own hand, his last moans and saliva-swallowing was so sweet to listen to. I ruffled his hair and gave him another kiss on his forehead... a long one. He asked for more, pleasing me with his eyes, and his member still hard in my hand. I asked him to follow me to bed if he wants me to fully satisfy his need, but that he might regret it, I winked.

I don't care whether he's a man or not. For love is love...

After we're done and each stuck a cig on his lips, I walked to open the window for a fresh breeze, then came back to sit next to him on my bed, where he was laying.
I asked him why he rejected my tries initially, he said that he was scared. "Of what?", I looked at him curiously. "Of my own power.", he paused to drag a huff, then continued, "I don' wanna hurt anyone... with my fires...", he started to shake. I hugged him with all of the strength left within me. And promised him that everything will be alright.
Although, I hoped that I'll be able to fulfil that promise...

Oh, I asked Mikoto to start writing down his thoughts, in a diary maybe, for it helps heaps to let out the darkness within one.
Everytime I close this diary... I forget about what has been bothering me. It is my closest friend, I said, smiling to his understanding face. He smirked.

*  *  *

Anna's diary:

I've been whining to my aunt to take me back to Homra. She finally agreed. I wish she won't think that I was bored around her for that wasn't the case...

Mikoto is not fine, and I'm having a lot of nightmares at night.... I couldn't sleep! And then, I am worried!! I don't want to wake my aunt and get her worried about me, for I'm afraid she'll keep me with her in the excuse of taking care of my well-being....
Mikoto... (a strand of a long white hair on the page)

End of Chapter Four

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