Chapter Three

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Chapter Three

Anna's Diary:

I promised myself to only write memories I'm afraid I might forget in this small diary Kusanagi has given me. He told me that I can write my memories, feelings, thoughts or anything comes to my mind when I asked what am I to do with this pocket-book. I was happy for the gift and thanked him, then kissed him on his cheek. I think it was the right cheek... I have never owned a diary.

Today is Monday, Mikoto was acting really strange for few days, and was always angry and sensitive. He almost started a fight when we were eating outside in the Italian restaurant Kusanagi has recommended us to try. But today he finally taught me Chess, which he has yelled at me a day ago for... but I do not care, for Mikoto is happy again, Anna is happy too. We are going to the movies tonight, I am so excited, I love going out with everyone, specially... Mikoto.

Oh right, I should pack my bag. I'll be staying at my aunt's place for it has been a while, I miss her. I must be back in a week. I hope Mikoto will be fine when I'm away... (two tear drops staining the paper)
*  *  *

Tatara's diary:

Monday, 5PM- We're going to watch a western film together at 8 tonight. I'm so excited!! It has been ages since Homra went out for a movie. Oh, I think Kusanagi said that it was called "The Dark Knight"? Oh, well! I'll tell the guys to play cards when we're back on some nice drinks from the bar, for it has been awhile. Surely, and after Anna has left, I'll call some old friends -girls- to hang out with us, I'll tell the others to do the same.

The more, the merrier!

P.S: Mikoto has become better, but still, that doesn't mean he'll stay better. I'm glad Kusanagi's always there for him.... I wish I was that close to Mikoto, too.
*  *  *

Kusanagi's diary:

Monday, 11PM- Tonight we went to watch some movie with everyone. It was fun, although Tatara was the one next to me, buzzing my ear with his endless comments. The pizza afterwards was delicious. I think we arrived back half an hour ago.

Now that Anna's aunt just took Anna to stay with her for the week, I think it is time for us, the adults, to have some fun of our own. Some old good friends will be here soon for a visit, and we'll be drinking and playing endless games til' we're fully satisfied. Fully, satisfied. I'm already excited. This should do Mikoto good, too. I mean sexually!

(Ticket pasted on the page)

*  *  *

Tuesday, afternoon- Hangover... I haven't planned on writing today, and to take it fully off, but I can't help it when I'm bothered about something...
Yesterday night, was fun. Until I....well... Mikoto-

I shall take it easy to explain...

The bar reeked of alcohol yesterday, and laughter hasn't stopped since our visitors had arrived. We played cards initially, and then -because Tatara kept on whining - we played the "king" game, which basically goes as: the person who pulls the stick that says 'king', orders the other sticks -each have different numbers- to do anything he/she desires them to do, or say.
Tatara was the dealer, so he offered everyone to grab a stick, even Mikoto, who've just had his second glass of some good Jack Daniels whiskey and sitting indifferently amongst us. I was next to him, just in case anything stupid happens. It's tough to be the watchman!
Yata was the king, he asked 3 to describe what they like of a man/woman, which was so of yata-kun. He's so sensitive about the 'Love' matter. One of the girls stood up, then shouted that she's three, followed by her answer that she loves a man who smirks each time he smiles, and is confident. Tatara laughed and pointed out that he has seen Mikoto smirk heaps of times more than he'd normally smile. She blushed. Mikoto gulped his third glass empty.
The next round, it was one of the girls' turns to be the king, and she asked 1 and 2 to kiss. I answered that I was one. Number 2 has took sometime to reveal himself, I doubted that it might be Mikoto, but Chitose has immediately given up and confessed. It was embarrassing... I've never imagined myself kissing with Chitose. But it was a fun experience.
He hesitated to come closer, so I forced a soft kiss on his lips then sat back where I was. The girl squealed. Chitose's face became maroon in colour. The others laughed. Mikoto was silently glancing at me and Chitose, as if he had some questions in his mind for us.

The game went on, until everyone started to feel more comfortable, and become more... sexual. If I remember correctly, I can see flash backs of topless females from that night. Anyway, It was Tatara's turn to become the king. Before giving away his order, he mentioned how he wished to be a king, and something about Mikoto being a perfect king, uttering hiccups after each line. Then when he was finally done, he asked me, number 5, to leave a kiss mark on number 7's neck. I was already ready, for alcohol's fire was boiling my blood within my whole body, and my sexual organ. The tension in the room was on. After few seconds, a hand raised up. It was Suoh. Yata laughed, saying how ironic for a king to be ordered upon. I bet Mikoto didn't like the joke, for he lifted an eyebrow towards Yata. Tatara put his hand on his mouth, then laughed, then he -suddenly' looked a bit thoughtful and weary for some reason. Maybe he was worried that Mikoto might scold him at some point. Anyhow,
I came closer to Mikoto. I was drunk, and then there's also that I was -for some reason- curious to see, or hear the king's reaction. People with such harsh personality, or voice, are attractive in bed... Heck!! What am I thinking about!! I can't go on this time... maybe later.. I remembered something I should do, too!

*  *  *

Tatara's diary:

What is wrong with me? What for am I so upset...? I was the one who asked for it... I've been sighing the whole day at the memory.

Today is Tuesday. Yesterday's night was crazy, start to end. I'll jus' go straight to the point for that one scene is still fresh in my mind, for some reason.

We were playing the 'king' game. And when I was the one to become the king, I ordered the number 5 to leave a kiss mark on number... 7's neck - if I'm not wrong, possibly 6, anyways!- 5 was Izumo-san, and 7 (or 6) was Mikoto.... the king himself. Izumo did not flutter, he immediately moved closer to Mikoto as if he was waiting for this moment to come his whole life. He, gently, held Mikoto's neck with his left hand, studying his face, and rubbing his thumb on Mikoto's whisky-wet lips, as if he wished it was his lips he was ordered to kiss. Mikoto looked at him bluntly but light headed, with halved sleepy eyes where lust was obvious in. He kissed his neck initially, then started the nipping. Mikoto tilted his head upwards, giddy by the feeling, then twitched his eyebrows. As Kusanagi's nipping became deeper, and maybe stronger, Mikoto has finally let out a moan, and grabbed Kusanagi's hand.
Mikoto smirked... then slid backwards to lean on the sofa's right arm. The others just laughed, or squealed, and some even provoked them to do more. Kusanagi moaned himself, after he has heard Mikoto uttering his name. I boiled inside, so I cut them off by pushing Kusanagi, so violently, down the sofa... and asked them to stop. That they went too far in front of everyone.
The poor guy. I think I freaked him out. But I'm sorry, Izumo, as you're my friend, you seem to be my enemy from now on...
Mikoto fell asleep on the spot!

End of Chapter Three

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Author's Note: It is 5:36 in the very morning. I've just finished editing this chapter, reading it out loud to my "straight" friend. He knows about my love to Mikoto, and I admire his support towards what I do.
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The End

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