Chapter Two

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Chapter two

Kusanagi's Diary (continued):

Next day- Monday, today I woke up early to do some clean ups to Homra's bar before we open. Everyone was awake, Tatara, Yata and also Anna gave me a hand cleaning some parts. I like when little Anna offers to help, she seems to shine every time she takes care of  us, the Homra's members, which reminds me of our king, Suoh. Who's very protective to his clan.

At the moment we were done, and I was rubbing the table -which is a task I usually put for last- Mikoto came down the stairs, groggy. Recently, his presence make me unsettled...

He walked toward the sofa, sat down his heavy body, his chain tingling, with his hands in his pockets, then asked for some water. He has simply uttered, "Water...", looking at me. His eyebrows were frowning, just as always, it could be a hangover from drinking much yesterday that's annoying him.

I filled up a glass, then went to hand it to him. I stretched my arm for him to take it. He refused, and pointed with his chin, "On the table...", which shocked me for a while and made me think whether if I had done something wrong to him to make him bothered by my presence... yesterday night maybe? Could it be that ruffling his hair was what made him not wanting to receive a glass of water from my hand? In any case, I've put the glass down where he ordered. And asked how he feels, with a hint of a smile on my face. 

He didn' respond, and didn't take his glass up, too. He seemed troubled. I wondered what was going on in his head. I waited there awkwardly for few seconds, but I left him immediately thence. I didn't like how he was treating me. I shall talk to him later.

*  *  *

Later- afternoon, Mikoto refused to show up at lunchtime, and the Homra members kept nagging me to do something about our king's situation becoming worse. So I pulled my chair back after I was done, and headed to his room. Before going in, I pressed my ear on his door, curious that I might hear anything, but it was ghastly silent.

I went in, for he didn't reply to me when I knocked. There was no sign of him, only his incomplete cigarette burning in the ashtray I've bought him last week, and the gloomy atmosphere. I pressed it in to put the fire out. Then headed to the sound of water coming out of his bathroom. I knocked, scolding him about the danger of leaving his cigarette on, but all he has uttered was, "Leave me alone!". He had a really aggressive tone, which sat me aback, but that I became tired of this depressing attitude I told him that I'll wait for him in his room. That we needed to sort some things out. 

After he was done -I was sitting on the couch- I gestured for him to sit beside me. And he did, sighing, as if troubled by me. He had the towel on his wet hair, that was dripping down some of its water. I hesitated to ruffle the towel to dry it, I thought it might bother him even more at some point, however, "Can you dry up my hair for me?", he said to me with a soft tone.

I will never understand what is going in this red head of yours, which bothers me as a close friend.

"Mikoto, wanna talk?", I offered, drying out his red strands. He was setting down on the floor and before me. He shook his head. Then asked me about what after few seconds. I took the chance and answered him, "About everything! why aren't you eating, why are you not around everyone anymore, why did you yell at Anna today when she asked you over and over to teach her to play chess? It isn't you...", I paused for a while, ruffling harder and then continued, "And what's with your behaviour this morning? Of not taking a glass from my hand... wh- just what is going on in yer head, mate!". Mikoto tilted his head back and towards me that moment, his towel fell to the floor.

"Does that really bother you...?", he looked at me with sadness I've never seen on his face before. His eyes twinkling and his breath heaving.
"It bothers all of us." I answered with compassion. "You are our king."

Seconds were ticking by, none of us said a thing, until he prompted, "I...", then stood up, "Never mind!...". I pulled him to sit back again from his left arm, "If you won't explain it to anyone, Homra might break apart, Mikoto."

He thought for a minute then looked at his right hand, which wasn't an unusual thing for him to do.

"Nightmares?", I asked. He didn't reply. I took his hand by mine, it was then when the answer has finally started to appear before me.

I felt a disturbing texture against my palm when I touched his, so I looked at it, and oh how I wish I didn't. Mikoto's skin was burnt. It had unpleasing colours from black to red and shades of pink, and felt worse than burnt rubber. I stood up, not believing what I just touched. But for Mikoto's sake not to be overwhelmed, I sat myself back again, taking a deep breath.

I took his hand to examine it again... it was painful to look at. I told him to wait, after I sighed. Then called for Tatara at the door for some ice. When Tatara came back with the requirement, I pulled him in. When I closed the door, Mikoto promptly stood, and walked nervously towards the window, as if he's telling me that he doesn't want anyone else to know. "What happened?", Tatara was confused. "Don't worry, Mikoto, I'm aware of what I'm doing.", I said, then looked back at Tatara, "Bring me any ointment for burns, don't bring it mixed with antibiotics, it might cause allergy to the skin." Tatara asked me again of what has happened, but I told him that I'll answer once the important substance is here. He nodded in an understanding sort of way, then walked out in haste. I closed the door. 

I walked back to my overwhelmed friend, who was standing in front of the window, his forehead stuck to the glass, looking outside as if he were embarrassed to look me in the eyes. I hugged him from behind, then... kissed the back of his neck...

Probably because I was pitying him?... No clue why I felt the need to do that.

I told him not to worry, for it's only the start for everything to become better, and that he'll get back peacefully to his normal state. He shivered to my kiss, so I took my  arms away.

I think that I am acting stupid myself of late, too...

I sat back on his couch, lighting one of my cigarettes. He came back and joined me later. "I'm sorry..", he said regretfully.

"I would do the same if I were you. I wouldn't want to worry anyone.", I smiled towards him. He looked at me for a while. "How do you feel? Do you feel better?", I asked him softly, worryingly. He answered me by throwing his head on my lap. "You know, you should stop leaving cigarettes on, there'll be a risk of fire.", I mocked him, but he didn't even twitch. He seemed relieved mentally, and nearly catching a sleep.

He was so warm... I wish he had stayed forever like that. I ruffled his hair.

Tatara has arrived, so Mikoto fixed himself, and, of course, he asked me what has happened yet again. "This what has happened", I said, fixing Mikoto's palm on my lap upwards, then opening the medicine bottle using my other hand. Tatara's eyes widen, then he whispered to us cautiously, "What is it from?", then looked at the king, who was smoking by his other hand. "I'm waiting to know myself, too", I answered. Mikoto huffed the smoke off, then replied to us, so simply, "I don't know." Me and Tatara looked at each other, doubtful. Tatara sighed, looking at the king, then walked out, "I'll bring him something to eat, the lion must be starving!", he smiled to us. I have a feeling that he's aware of how close I am to the king that he created up an excuse to leave him alone with me so he could talk? Why does this please me so much... It is me who's not being himself right now. Anyways, I treated his hand, then he fell back to my lap. I asked him whether he wants to eat or sleep, but he asked me back, "Aren'chu going to ask me about the burns?", I told him that I'm waiting for him to tell me himself, when he's ready enough. He -finally- smiled.

End of Chapter Two

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