Chapter One

Fanfiction, of Suoh Mikoto and Kusanagi Izumo. (Mikoto X Izumo)

Chapter one

Kusanagi's diary:

I was walking today, with the other Homra followers, around Shizume city from street to alley and so reversely. It was a mid-day of weekend, a fine Sunday, and the city was already crowded with people.
Our one and only leader and king, Suoh, hasn't been well lately. And it bothers me, and the other members. He eats less, knowing that he's a lion when it comes to food, drinks much, and sleeps more. Sometimes we all feel his stress through our burnt symbols he inflicted on each of our bodies. I wonder how he feels personally... for our pain must be nothing comparing to his own.

He's looked at me with dull eyes, and then turned his face and uttered  "Humans...". He's been doing so heaps of late, and it makes me wonder so much. I wonder what he's thinking, or what's his point or what he means. I am sure he's confused in someway and needs help... I wish I could do anything to help my poor friend.

*  *  *

Later- evening, we stopped to eat in an Italian restaurant nearby the river. It was friendly around, and I could hear laughter from each table but not ours. We've ordered each of us the dishes we desired, until the waiter has asked our leader what he wishes to eat. Before Mikoto talks, Tatara has jumped in, "Anything with meat will be fine!". I knew it wasn't going to turn good, and Mikoto's eyes started to rage. Gladly, when Anna called his name, he calmed down as usual for her. However, and after minutes of silence, he suddenly stood, pulling back his chair aggressively, and walked away.
I asked him where he was going, but he didn't answer me. I knew there was something terrible to follow, because he was pacing at speed towards the waiter who was servicing our table. I followed up after scolding Tatara for his reckless action.

"You, the ignorant waiter.", I heard him say with angry eyebrows. "Change my dish.", he implied."Ahh, I'm afraid that we can't do, sir.", the waiter replied, then continued, "The dish has already been--", interrupted, Mikoto caught him from his neat blue tie, his hand was shaking by anger. I remember the last night we were drinking, Mikoto has told me that he wishes to fight. He said that he has lots of rage within him he doesn't know what to do about. I suggested for him to join a boxing club.

The waiter started to apologize, and yet again, I heard Mikoto utters "Humans...", then sets the man free. "Bring me some wine, then.", he added indifferently.
When Mikoto sat down again, the table was all silent, and the day was all gloomy. Anna seemed sad for Mikoto. I feel sad for her to become amongst all of this.

*  *  *

Mid-night- I can't sleep, I am worried about the king. When we came back this evening, and after I had dragged his drunk body with his arm around me -he fell asleep after drinking almost the whole wine bottle- I've put him on the sofa, and asked Yata to bring some water. Thence, I woke him up to drink it, he gulped a half, then asked me to take him to his own bed. And so I did, obeying the king. In the instance I've put him down on his own bed -that lies at the most left end of his room- and his glass of water on his side-unit, I turned away to let him have a rest and sleep. It was then when I heard a gasp. I turned my head towards him, was almost leaving the room, and I saw my friend crying. It was desperate, and so shocking it ached my heart.

I came back in again and closed the door, and stood next to his bed looking at him, thinking what I could possibly do, or at least say? I knew I had no power to help someone like him.. but I tried. He was snuffling his pillow with his right palm, his face towards the wall, and he wouldn't stop the suffocated cries.. It almost felt like he was dreaming, seeing a nightmare, so I called his name to make sure. He didn't respond. He was busy with his soft, oh so painful to hear cries.

Someone has knocked the door soon, I was sure -for the fisting was soft- it was Anna. I told her that I'm next to him and he'll be fine, and she must go to bed and not to worry. Although I'm sure it won't help settling her small troubled mind.
I reached his hair with my right hand to ruffle it, and told him that it's going to be okay. Funny, cause I had tears on my own eyes too and knew that it wasn't going to be any okay. He slept the night after awhile.

I wonder if that was him having a nightmare?

I'm not sure if crying out would do him good, or I should worry that it might be a sign of depression.

End of Chapter One

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Author's note: It was a sleepless mid-day of a Tuesday, and I started drafting this in my own phone the moment I opened my eyes, for I had a certain dream that has inspired me to writing this piece.

Thanks heaps for reading. More coming. 

Please let me know what you think, or in case there's a misspelling. 

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The End

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