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I kinda started writeing on porn sites but most of my work was more geared towards erotic romance I guess thats why i was rated so poorly on those sites but then i found this one hopefully it will be better. this is one of my earlier storys so expect some bad grammer and stuf. you probibly wouldent consider the chapters to be standard chapter length. well thats about all i have to say. enjoy

I glanced at the sky as my father unlocked the door, it was dark out but I guess that was to be expected we had been driving for 8 hours, I looked back and started helping with the bags there weren’t many so everything was in the house and un packed quickly on my last trip in I looked around the house it was small but still big enough for another person. I walked to my room and laid down on my bed I couldn’t help but remember my sister Maria’s pained expression the last time I saw her, without my sister life was going to suck. I thought back to the last few months before my parents officially divorced not the sad parts but what had changed between my sister and I we had become much closer than ever and if I’m being perfectly honest we alienated almost all our friends now that she was basically the most important person to me how did I just start living without her.  


6 months later…


Finally, after 6 months of trial the judge finally ruled in favor of my father and we were all going to live together, mostly because of my mother being a crack fiend but the whys didn’t matter life was going to be better. We drove home another 8 hours but this time was so much better, soon after I arrived I realized how boring nowhere land Tennessee was, well it wasn’t actually called nowhere land but it should be, and it wasn’t long after moving in that I got an email from my sister telling me she would have called but mom wouldn’t give her our number and to “get me out of here”.


The next day my father filed for custody , “now maybe I will be able to sleep tonight” I said as I went back to my room again, I hadn’t told anybody but ever since we moved here I have had about 4 hours of sleep at most so I was up most of the night. Soon after I was in my room I heard a knock on my door “come in I said” it was Maria just looking at her I could tell she had been crying it made no sense to me I immediately went to comfort her anyway like a reflex but she assured me that they had been tears of joy and that she had just came to say good night “oh ok good night I said “she walked out and shut the door.


Damn no good, after trying for five hours I accepted that god had no intension of allowing me to sleep tonight. I walked to the bath room to get the sleeping pills and had been so used to it that I didn’t notice that the bathroom light was on so I just swung the door open as usual and saw my sister masturbating on the toilet, I couldn’t help but look at her, she had long black hair cream colored skin dark soulful eyes large but not ridiculous size tits and that’s as far as I got before a loud “David what the fuck” snapped me out of it I apologized and quickly left before realizing I was pitching a tent. What was wrong with me, my sister and I had always been really close and I knew my sister was beautiful but had never felt this attraction to her before now, I tried to shake it off and sleep but I couldn’t keep my thoughts from coming back to my sister and every time I got a stiff hard on the rest of the night.


The next morning was awkward I apologized again and explained my insomnia problem to her, “it’s alright I guess” she responded a little distant and that was about it for our morning conversation besides a small discussion about why she couldn’t drive us to school, her side was that she was 16 and had her license but I reminded her that I was 17 and she didn’t know where to go with that she conceded and the rest of the day went as normal, slow and boring with the exception that I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister and every time it seemed more and more like there was nothing wrong with us having a more intimate relationship.


 I was waiting for my old computer to come to life when Maria knocked on my door again, I invited her in and she came in and just stood there, she looked like she was stuck on a rubix cube so I said “what’s on your mind sis you don’t have to give yourself a brain aneurism just tell me what you’re thinking” she stood there for a few more seconds and finally managed to ask “do you love me?” this question caught me completely of guard the only response I could come up with was “yes you’re my sister of course I love you” “not like that” she sighed “do you love me romantically?” she asked a little irritated. Not thinking for a second “I think I love you that way” I said and immediately regretted it “what do we do about it?” she asked “we don’t do anything, I know where this is going and it’s wrong” I responded than she immediately broke into tears; shit I’ve done it now I thought as I reached out to comfort her but she just jerked away. That night was horrible I was able to sleep with the pills but when I did I had a nightmare one that I didn’t remember when I woke up but still terrified me.


It was silent the next morning and I couldn’t bring myself to break the silence because I worried about what my sister might want to talk about. The day dragged on slower than ever I had to work that day to which didn’t help I was thinking about my sister again today ok mostly I was beating myself up about hurting her. By the time I got home for the day I had successfully made myself feel like a real bastard so I was greatly confused by how happy my sister was it didn’t bother it just made no sense. I headed to my room but she stood in my way blocking my way to the door “we need to talk” she said “ok, what about” I said cautiously “why is it wrong for us to love each other?” she asked I tried to find a reason but when I actually thought about it I couldn’t what is the reason I thought to myself “I don’t know” I finally admitted at this she instantly lit up “could we try it out for a while?” she asked. I thought about this for a while to before asking my final question “are you really sure this is what you want?” only a small part of me still hoping for a no “yes, you have always been here for me it makes sense and I was thinking about you the other night when I was fingering myself” she said so confidently and seductively that it destroyed that part of me who was holding back       


We started making out in the hall slowly moving towards my room. As we began removing our clothing I was mesmerized once again by how beautiful she was and actually got to take it all in this time, her dark hair, smooth skin, large but soft and proportionate breasts down to the other parts of her body I hadn’t got to before, she had a round ass and surprisingly shaved pussy except for a small strip, they looked better than I had ever imagined. Then I was interrupted because she had gotten my clothes off as well and had started working on my cock, her mouth felt like heaven as she popped the head into her waiting mouth massaging it with her tongue slowly taking in a few more inches of my rock hard shaft and jerking off what she couldn’t fit. She was moving much faster now bobbing up and down vigorously and I noticed that she was rubbing herself a little, while she sucked me I had subconsciously began rubbing her nipples contributing to her pleasure. All of this along with all my imagining earlier was pushing me over the edge “I’m about to blow” I told her through breaths but to my surprise she kept going and let me shoot my cum in her mouth although a lot of it just spilled onto the floor she swallowed what stayed inside.


 Then I picked her up and laid her down on the bed so I could start on her. I started by slowly licking and gently sucking at her pussy lips and clit adjusting myself to the flavor; it tasted very slightly metallic like licking a penny and sweet like honey or bad wine. I thrust my tongue in deeper exploring and probing her regularly returning to her clitoris to stimulate her. Finally I began gently sucking on her clit while flicking my tongue over and around it slightly more aggressively this really got her going, grabbing fists full of my hair and moaning for a little while longer before she finally climaxed. I lapped up most of her juices and rolled over on to the bed next to her.            


We laid there on my bed for a while afterwards and as odd as this picture would look to someone else it felt completely right fortunately for us my dad usually came home drunk and never went in to our rooms, we were safe from discovery at least until tomorrow “any regrets?” she asked “not even if I wanted them” I said with a faint smile and meant it. Then for the first time since we moved here I fell asleep.

The End

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