Shun Ran

Shun is running through downtown Victoria...

Shun grunted as the woman spun into the street, her groceries flying.

A litany of curses followed him--a Doppler wave fading behind him with the rest of the crowd.

Shun brushed a thin hand over his shoulder-length locks, the sweat already heavy on his brow.  He wasn't dressed for this.  Heavy jeans and a pull-over hoodie would only slow him down in the long-run.   He wished he'd worn running shoes.

Fisgard Street was crowded with the dim sum crowd.  Shun felt their eyes on him, bleary and ponderous.  Cursing, Shun turned down Fan Tan Alley.  The morning shadows gave him some anonymity as he put his head down and paced his breathing.

"Coming through!"  he shouted. The early-morning tourists made a channel for him, pushing against the buildings on either side.

He burst out onto Pandora Street.  Traffic stopped.  Shun vaulted an idling car.  He slid across another.  He stumbled down wooden steps into Market Square. 

Bad choice. 

The gates on the Store St. side were locked. He flung himself down the stairs to the lower concourse.  A quick sprint across the stage, then up the stairs on the other side, past the water-fountain and into Johnson Street. 

Precious second lost.

Shun looked up and down the street.  He nodded to himself then headed toward the water.  There'd be more space along the inner harbor, the parliament buildings.  If he was lucky, he'd have the space to outrun what chased him.

Someone whistled, shrill and long.

Shun glanced over his shoulder.

Police-men on horses.

His knees buckled momentarily and Shun slammed into a glass store-front, stunned.  A woman in red inside, setting tables in a restaurant, her golden hair up in braids spilling over a rainbow headband.  She looked up, startled, fumbled with a plate. 

For a split-second Shun gasped--she looked so much like Claire, he wanted to cry.

Then the moment was gone.

There was no going back.  There was only his relentless stride and the race against time.

He wouldn't fail her.  Not this time.  There'd be no-one left to mourn him.

The End

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