Approximately eight thousand years ago...

The man woke.

He sat up and looked around in bewilderment and confusion. He tried to remember how he got here, but his memory was empty.

The place was familiar. He didn’t believe he had been he before, but with no memory, he couldn’t tell. He pushed himself up to his feet and began to walk shakily around. The space around him was populated with a multitude of trees and other children of Nature. The man felt he could walk around forever and still be amazed with what he saw around him.

He very likely would have continued walking had not another man appeared in front of him. The second man was holding something in his hand.

He was also bleeding from several wounds along his body.

“Sir! Are you all right? You’re ble-“

“Yes, yes I know. Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.”

The first swallowed hard, but did what the other asked, and stopped worrying.

“Do you know where this place is sir?”

“I do in fact. You are in the world known as Extol.”

“How did I get here?”

“I’m afraid I cannot tell you that Juewuhl.”

“What did you call me?”

“Juewuhl. That is what you should call yourself.”


The second man smiled, “Because to a man whose plan is soon to come to fruition, you are a Jewel. You are just the man I need.”

The first man also smiled, “Then I suppose I would be glad to help.”

“Thank you. Here, take this.” The first man was handed two small leather bound Journals and an implement he could use to write.

“Use this to record the important events of your life Juewuhl. It will be very important later on. And I suggest not starting on the first page. You may need that later on.”

“Of course. Thank you.” The second man started to turn away, “Oh… sir. I never asked your name?”

“My name? Oh, my name is not important. We will meet again I am sure. Farewell Juewuhl.”

The second man limped few more steps then faded from the first man’s view.

The second man’s next step was in a different time and a different world. Such was his power. As he stepped out of the copse of trees in which he had appeared he met another man with a striking resemblance to the man he had just left.

“Excuse me sir,” said this new man. “I am looking fo- Oh my word! You’re injured! You need to-“

“I’m fine.” Said the second man a bit irritably. He took a breath to calm himself down then continued to speak. “I am fine. I ran into a little trouble on my way here.”

The new man, a little uncertain, hesitantly ventured to ask a question.

“I… I was wondering if you… knew how to get to er… Skrybe’s house… could you point me to it?”

“Yes of course! His house is down that path. If you come to a place where the pat forks, disregard the new path and stick to the main one.”

“Thank you very much. What was your name again? You aren’t… you don’t know Biest do you?”

“Biest? I know Biest, but my name is Monark.”

The new man’s eyes lit up.

“Monark? There is a page in this Journal that refers to you. I guess you should read it.”

The new man handed the Journal over to Monark who read the page pointed out to him. He smiled and tore the page out.

“Do you perhaps have a writing implement?” he asked.

“Yes! Here you are.”

Monark took the implement and wrote a single sentence on one of the pages, then he handed the Journal and utensil back.

“Thank you Monark!” said the new man, and he ambled happily along down the path.

Monark waited until the man had passed from earshot before saying,

“No, Thank you Juewuhl. I remember. And it’s all thanks to you.”

The End

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