A Chance~ Part One

Without a second thought, I sprinted up the stairs to find a floor plan that mirrored my house on Extol. I guess the builders here didn’t have much imagination.

In the room that was supposed to have SKrybe’s there was a bed, a chest, a shelf, and a desk.

On the desk there was a piece of paper that looked like it had been torn out of a Journal.

Entry Two

Juewuhl. I hope that you have put the pieces together. If you are reading this, it appears as though you have. I would venture to say that you’ve escaped from Biest’s mind control and are on the verge of finally accomplishing what I… we… started. You may have noticed that certain things have happened that have not been explained. There is a reason for that. If I were caught or accosted by Biest or one of his lackeys, I wanted to be sure that they wouldn’t have enough information to dismantle our plot. I am still erring on the better side of caution by not revealing all of what you need to know. What I will tell you is something that you’ve doubtless heard before. Hopefully it will be the key you need.

That which you have gained, is also that which you have lost.

I let the paper fall back to the desk, ran over to the bookshelf. I found the book and tore it from the shelf. It felt lighter than it had on Extol. As I flipped through the book I discovered why that was.

The book had been hallowed out. There was a key placed inside.

I took the key out and tried it on the desk drawer. It wouldn’t fit. I moved over to the chest, and was relieved to see that the lock on it had a keyhole. I tried the key here and heard a satisfying click. The lid rose to reveal another torn out page.

Entry Four

Juewuhl. The following is a description of the one method that I believe may stop Biest’s mind control. Should I lose my memory, I do not want this secret to be lost. Use it well. I have also included a shrot list of Shroud powers that I have learned. I cannot include the specifics of use should this list fall into the wrong hands. I will simply have to hope that one or two of these resurface during the course of your fight. I have done everything I can. The rest is up to you.

The method to withstand the mind control described Biest’s spores as drones drawn to thought. If you could clear your mind, the drone would turn away in search of another source. If there was no other source nearby, then the drone would die.

The list of powers was very unhelpful. I hadn’t witnessed any of them being used, and I could only guess at how to use them and what they did. I hoped the past Juewuhl was once again right, and that the heat of combat would bring one or two back to me. There was the sound of a scuffle downstairs, then a yell, and then there was silence. Dropping the page back into the chest, I ran downstairs to see Juewuhl standing over Skrybe’s motionless form.

“What happened?” I shouted.

“He came in and saw me, and it was almost as if he knew I had gotten my memory back, because he started to change again, like he did the other time. So I knocked him out before he could start a fight. Hurry, we must remove the spore and restore his memory.

As we searched Skrybe’s back, I explained to Pailadyn the method of keeping the spores away. I also shared some of the powers I read of, to see if she knew anything about them. She was as clueless as I was.

“Ah! Found it!” exclaimed Pailadyn. She removed the tiny black speck and placed it on the floor so I could grind it away. Once that was done, I decided to wait with Skrybe while Pailadyn went to get Traynur.

After about twenty minutes, Skrybe began to stir. His eyes focused on my face and he went very still.

“Master… is it… is it truly you?”

“More or less.” I said graciously.

“You… it was you all that time… how? How could I not have recognized you? Everything seemed to be in a sort of a fog and-“

“You were under the control of Biest. He had everyone, including me, under mind control for the longest time. But now both you and Pailadyn have been freed, and I hope to bring Traynur, I mean Fyter, back as well. We will have to move soon before Biest becomes aware of what has hap-“

“I am afraid it is too late for that Juewuhl.”

My head snapped up and I spun around, but didn’t see anybody in the room. Then, very slowly a form became visible in the corner.


“I must commend you Juewuhl. You are very dedicated to your work and your friends. I am almost ashamed that I have to end your successful streak here. You will die knowing you were this close to saving the day.” He gave a hand motion and the walls began to explode inward.

Biest’s minions.

A part of me awakened in that moment, and asserted partial control over my actions. It spoke to Biest in a voice that was both my own and alien at the same time.

“Are you so afraid Biest that you must hide behind others? I have my friends and you have yours, but let us set them aside and fight one on one. As it was meant to be from the beginning.”

Biest turned when I spoke and his eyes narrowed as I issued my challenge.

“I am not afraid of you Juewuhl. That is why I am content to let my thralls kill you for me. You are not worthy of my-“

My hand snapped up and launched a blast of something. I had no idea what it was, nor how to do it again. The blast traveled the space from me to Biest’s chest in an instant. Biest roared and flew backward into the wall. When he stood up, his eyes were red, and his teeth had begun to grow into fangs. He was becoming his true self.

He was becoming a beast.

He charged at me, claws extended and mouth foaming.

That was the presence inside me decided to leave.

Whoa whoa whoa!  I thought, while rolling under Biest’s leap. You can’t just get him mad at me and then leave! Help me out here!

The presence came back long enough to say, I have helped you Juewuhl. I have given you your chance for victory. Do not waste it.


The End

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