Welcome Back to Cyst~ Part One

I understood why my past self had set his own date and left when he wanted.

When I had woken up the next morning , I went directly to Lyte’s office and passed along my thoughts concerning the information in the Journal. I followed up my summary with a request to leave immediately which was followed up with,

“It doesn’t quite work that way Juewuhl. You yourself set up a council to head up the search for Biest. The council must officially be made aware of your return, and then you must also share what you have found in the journals. Then, and only then, can you start to make plans for a return journey. Speaking of the journals, what did you find in the second one?”

What did I find in the sec-… I… I hadn’t even read the second one. But seeing as I was man, I was not about to admit my stupid mistake.

“I am not at liberty to say. My old self asked me to keep the details to myself.”

And by old self, I meant the old self from thirteen seconds ago.

Lyte accepted this with a disappointed nod, and then dismissed me from her office. She said the council would convene in two days, and that was when we could start planning.

Two days was too long.

So I took a page out of my own book, or journal as it were, and decided to make my own departure schedule. By the end of the day today, I wanted to have finished reading the second journal. I would make what preparations I needed to tomorrow, and I would leave as soon as I was ready.

As it turns out, I didn’t need a whole day to read the second journal. It only had three entries in it.

Entry One

Should you not remember anything, follow these instructions. When you wake, get away from the crowd as fast as you can. Do no wait for anyone. Once you are away from the crowd, find a single person and ask them to take you to Skrybe’s house.

When you meet the man called Skrybe, tell him what you can remember about yourself. If he does not know you, and cannot help you, then go upstairs and tear out he second entry you see here. Leave it in plain sight. Then do not come back. You must find a large boulder and set up so that it rolls on its own. Then you must step in front of it.

I am sorry.

I read this entry over a couple more times to try and make sense of it. According to what the past Juewuhl had written in the first Journal, these were instructions that he left for himself… but they were so vague…  I don’t see why he couldn’t have just put all the information pertaining to himself in an entry so as to spark a memory. And Skrybe didn’t have an upstairs… did he? And then a thought dawned  on me.

Skrybe didn’t have an upstairs, in the same way that my Shroud was black.

Only my Shroud wasn’t black. I had been controlled into thinking it was. Was it the same way with the upstairs of Skrybe’s house?

I had to get to Cyst.

I began to scramble around make the final preparations, which included setting up a boulder on the hill in front of my house. Every now and then I stopped to read more of the Journal. The second page had been torn out, which meant that there was indeed something waiting at Skrybe’s house.

Entry 3

I am recording the results of my stay here on this place called Cyst. I escaped the crowd and managed to find a man named Monark. He pointed me out to Skrybe’s house. We caught each other’s eyes as I left, and it seemed like we knew each other. I do not think this is possible, because I have no memory of my past or how I got here. I have followed the instructions and left the piece of paper upstairs in Skrybe’s house. It was peculiar. When I came back downstairs, I seemed to have startled Skrybe. It was almost like I had appeared out of thin air or something. Anyways, I have set up the boulder like requested and simply waiting to finish this entry before I fully follow the instructions.

There was a second part to this entry that looked to have been written at a different time. The writing was still the same though so it had to have been me.

I have woken up. I am on a place that looks like Cyst. Thankfully I seem to have kept my memory of the events that transpired there. A lady came and told me that she knew me, but I told she must have been mistaken as I didn’t know her or much of anything about myself. There are more instructions which I shall continue to follow in the hopes that I will recover my memory or do whatever it is I am supposed to do.

The boulder was set. My preparations had been made. I was sitting in the path of the boulder and reading the last entry before I set the stone rolling. I had expected to see instructions in this last entry, but there was another page that had been torn out. Entry four was one sentence long.

Entry 4

I remember, thank you Juewuhl.

What the heck did that mean? Who remembered? If it was me remembering, then why was I thanking myself?

If it was someone else who had remembered… how had they gotten the Journal and managed to get it back to the desk? There was another page ripped out of the Journal after the last entry and I wished more than anything that I could have seen what was on it. Whatever was on it had to be the key to this mystery. Many dark and terrible thoughts were swimming around in my head… what if Bi-


I looked up quickly and shut the journal like I was a child who had gotten caught for reading comics in school. There was a figure approaching from behind me. I didn’t need to take a second look to know who it was.

“Juewuhl! What are you doing? You can’t leave!”

“Lyte, stay away. I can’t waste any more time. I’ll be back eventually ok? But there are people who need my help.”

“That’s what you said the last time!”

She was closer now, and I had no doubt that if she got close enough, she could blind me and incapacitate me. I was too far away from the rock to run up and get it started on the gentle roll down. I had to hit with something behind…. If I could shoot something and then have it come back to me, that’d work perfectly, but what in the world did that?

A boomerang.

I focused hard on my Shroud, as I was making something that I had never made before, and managed to create a workable impression of a boomerang. I shot it out, slightly tilted like I had been taught, then watched as the boomerang flew out past the rock and then made its way back around to connect with perfectly balanced boulder.

It started rolling slowly, an at the moment, Lyte had the head start. She lifted her hand as she approached, and this time I knew what to expect. I closed my eyes and looked away as the bright flash of light came. When I opened my eyes and turned back around, I could see Lyte, now struggling to keep up with the boulder.

To make a short story even shorter,

The boulder won.

The End

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