Juewuhl's Journal~ Part Four

Entry 37

He has gone.

Biest has left and somehow managed to take his entourage with him. Including those in his crowd who reported to me. I am sad to have lost them, but I do believe they can handle themselves. I can only hope that some of the braver ones, like Fyter, retain enough of their memories to know that they do not serve Biest. Should the day come where I have to face them in combat, I may very well kill myself instead.

From what my informants were able to gather before they disappeared, Biest is aiming for the place called Earth. However if I am correct in my reasoning, it is very unlikely that he will ever reach this place. The first reason has to deal with the way Traveling works. As I watched Biest develop the power I helped perfect, he seemed to have a higher rate of success when he was more familiar with the target area. As none of us know much about earth other than what we have seen in the precious few flashbacks to the past, I believe he will fail.

What if does miss it? Will he come back here? Or create a new path to world that is similar to Earth? And what of his memory? When practicing with this power, Biest showed signs of short term memory loss when he failed to make it to the target destination. The farther away the destination, the more of his recent past was forgotten. We were able to use stimuli to help him recover in these instances, but when he ends up in a place that he didn’t expect… what will happen?

Skrybe has volunteered to go after the group once he has mastered the power to travel like Biest.It should be me going, but with my unpredictable power, the others outweighed me in the vote in who to send. Against my better judgement, I am training both of my students in how to successfully acquire the power to travel. Skrybe has been handling it well, and the other student has been learning enthusiastically. Her motive for doing so, causes me no end of frustration. She is trying to catch up to Skrybe so that she might go with him to defeat Biest. When the time comes for him to leave, I may have to lock her up in a room to stop her.

We have set an appointed time frame for Skrybe’s mission. He will leave as soon as he has control over the new Shroud. We will give him five cycles to either complete his mission or return to us. If he has not done either, then I will go regardless of the risks involved. I fear for my friend Skrybe. He does not have the warrior mentality like Fyter, whose knowledge of combat powers exceeds my own. He could very well have taken over the academy and trained our new arrivals. He would make an excellent trainer. Skrybe unfortunately is more in his element poring over books and sitting at a table. But he has heart and a will to succeed. If he finds a safe way, I have no doubt he will succeed. I only hope that he retains his memory since he too will be aiming for a place that he knows little of. This is one situation where I would not mind being wrong.

Juewuhl, First Ctitzen of Extol

I continued reading for the next hour or so until I finally came to the last entry in the first journal.

Entry 45

There has been no word from Skrybe, and the council is divided over whether to allow me to help him. I have been very vocal in my stance, and have gotten the people on this committee to set a tentative date for my departure. I am afraid they will change their minds, so I have created my own departure date without alerting the council. It is dishonest, but I refuse to sit by and watch another person fail while trying to complete a task that should be my responsibility. While the council has technically “decided,” there are those who do not wish me to go.

I speak of Lyte. As I have stated in previous entries, when the other student arrived, something was awakened in Lyte. I do not know what, but it has changed her. She holds any kind of contact with me longer than is necessary. She spends much of her time following me, and too willing to aid me. She is also vehemently opposed to my going on this mission. This kind of attention does not feel unfamiliar and I wonder if I experienced it on Earth. Whatever the case, I am ignoring it as much as possible and staying focused on finding Biest.

I have continued to research traveling and its associated memory loss. It seems the method of travel also has something to do with how much of the memory is lost. I have had the other student travel in different ways. I have had her stand, sit, run, and jump while performing the act. Her success rate was fifty percent. Her memory loss varied among the different trials. Then I had her practice using the same starting method, standing in this case. Her success rate was ninety percent and she suffered memory loss in only one case. Familiarity is key.

Thus I have constructed a method that I should be able to replicate anywhere. Death by crushing. There will always be something heavier than I. I have frequently visited the cliff near my house and found several large rocks that I could get to roll if I placed them on an incline. The hill in front of my house should do fine. I plan to set the boulder rolling, then step in front it and allow it to hit me. Should I lose my memory and happen upon this journal, I would advise myself to follow the above process in any world possible.

I have taken precautions, and will be bringing a journal with instructions for me should I lose my memory. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have used Lyte’s attention against her, by forcing her to promise me to guard the secret of this Journal. I hope I have made the right decisions.

I leave in two days time.

Juewuhl, First Citizen of Extol

I let the back cover flip shut over the last page when I finished reading it. I had given a lot of dots in the final entries. Now was the time to see if I had the required knowledge to connect them.

Point One: I had obviously failed and lost my memory somewhere along the way. From what I read, it seemed like losing one’s memory was a possible side effect of traveling. The chances of losing my memory could be mitigated by several factors. Me running out in front of the van and getting crushed was a similar enough to getting crushed by a rock that I had not lost my memory when traveling to Extol.

Point Two: Biest had not made it to Earth. Using Earth terms, Earth, Extol, and Cyst were all separate dimensions, because they were all too similar to be different worlds. Biest’s picture of Earth was limited to what he could recall from his scraps of memory and what he saw around him in Cyst. He would not have been able to account for the advancements made by humanity, so his picture of Earth would have looked more like a separate, unpopulated dimension of Earth, which is how he landed on Cyst, which was a separate unpopulated dimension of Earth. He had, in effect, trail blazed a path to a new dimension thus providing an alternate route for those who died on Earth.

Point Three: Switching dimensions was a greater distance than warping from one end of Extol to the other. This should have caused a massive amount of memory loss. But it didn’t… my only guess would be because while did not end up where he wanted, he ended up on a place that looked like what he wanted. It seemed possible that this fact could have lowered the amount of memory that he lost. Biest’s entourage would have had no idea where they were going, which explains why no one else had any clue about who Biest really was.

I continued to list off as many points as I could until my head hurt and my mind grew tired. I laid down and tried to sleep but my head was still trying to wade through the sea of knowledge obtained from the Journal. After I had thoroughly exhausted all the important details, my thoughts turned to Pailadyn and Lyte.

The situation described in the Journal was much like what had happened between Pailadyn and I. How odd to think that her mother had been flirting with me more than seven thousand years before.

It was even odder to think about how she was still trying to flirt with me…

How would I explain this situation to her? ”Sorry for ignoring you, but I’m actually kinda in love with your daughter.”

As I finally drifted off to sleep, my last thought was how that conversation would be so incredibly awkward…

Which unfortunately wouldn’t be anything new.

The End

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