Juewuhl's Journal~ Part Two

“Ah, Juewuhl… I was worried.” Said Lyte.

“Why?” I asked in a somewhat harsh tone. I hadn’t forgotten about yesterday.

“It’s nearly the middle of the afternoon and no one had seen you walking around town. I was concerned.”

“Oh well there’s an explanation for that. I wasn’t seeing anyone yesterday… literally.”

Lyte let her head fall as if she had expected this.

“I am sorry Juewuhl, but there was nothing I could do to help and you were-“

I cut her off, “No that’s not correct. There were things you could do, there was just nothing you were allowed to do. I am sorry it came to that, and I’m sorry for worrying you, but I am busy at the moment and cannot be disturbed.”

Lyte nearly smiled when I said that,

“You sound so much like him… the Juewuhl that I knew…”

“Well I am that Juewuhl, so that makes a certain amount of sense. Now if you’ll excuse me-“

“Why are you in such a rush? Figuring out how to open the chest can wait a few min….” she saw the look in my eyes and her expression changed from minor annoyance to wonder and excitement.

“You found them didn’t you… what do they say? Have you found anything out?”

Being stuck in a conversation that I didn’t want to be in, after completely exhausting myself, and getting no sleep, did not put me in the best of moods. But I tried my best to contain my anger when I answered Lyte.

“No. I have not figured anything out. I was attempting to when you interrupted me with your visit.”

Lyte looked a little hurt by the comment, but she nodded and turned to leave.

“Will you need any help?” she asked over her shoulder.

“No. I think it is best if I read it first. If there is anything that is unclear to me, I will come and ask you.”

“As you wish. May your search be fruitful Juewuhl.”

It was peculiar. Every time I met with Lyte, I couldn’t help but feel as though she wanted to say something but wouldn’t. She looked at me funny, and her eyes lingered on me for longer than was necessary.  I went back upstairs to my room and continued to read, hoping that perhaps the journals would have an answer for that as well.

Entry 24

The air is charged with a sort of tension. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I have a new student. I cannot call her by name, as she forbids me to use the one assigned to her. Even though she has been here for significantly less time, this new student had also shown a natural skill that rivals even Skrybe.She will do well, that one. The grace with which she uses her Shroud, which manifests itself through blades of various sizes and lengths, is beautiful to behold.

I recalled a flash of memory from my past. I cannot say for sure, but I believe the place I saw in my past was called Earth.The select few with whom I have shared this knowledge, profess to have had similar visions. Where is this Earth? Have we all come from there? Can we get back?

The last question is perhaps most important at this time, because Biest grows ever more malcontented with the order of things here. Thrice now I have had to order him to release citizens from his mind control, and my friends who are close within Biest’s circle say that he is laying plans to leave Extol and find this Earth so that he can bring it under his control. I have learned much from my observation of Biest, and while I am not completely informed, I do know how his power works. His Shroud, which is shaped like a crown, turns black, a phenomenon which has never before happened here. When a Shroud manifests itself in an exterior form, it comes out as white as the material from which it stems. I do not mean to read into this too much, but this difference in color is disturbing, and may hint towards things yet to come.

I have sidetracked. The way Biest’s power works, is that a small black spore breaks separates from Biest’s black crown and attaches itself to a victim. Once attached, Biest has full control of the victim. This allows him to perform actions such as, possession of the victim, changing the way the victim thinks and speaks, placing his own thoughts inside the victim, and even placing blocks in the victim’s mind which restrict recollection of the past and in some cases, physical actions. I have tried to find methods of blocking Biest’s power, but have yet to be successful.

Juewuhl, First Citizen of Extol

It wasn’t until I was blinking myself awake, that I realized I had fallen asleep. I had made it through three quarters of the first journal before finally succumbing to a few hours of long overdue sleep. Many of my questions had been answered, but there were some that still lingered. Namely:

Who was the other student?

Throughout the journal, the other me unfailingly referred to her as “the other student” and never by her name. All I knew was that it was a girl who had a large amount of skill with her Shroud which took the form of white blades.

Lyte had told me that the story of this other student could wait until another time. Well, it was another time, and she had said she wanted to help. So when I woke, I took both of the journals with me and made my way to Lyte’s office. I had another question which I didn’t actually expect her to be able to answer. It was more of a discussion topic than anything else.

When I was shown into her office, Lyte looked up and her face seemed to grow brighter.

“Juewuhl! Have your readings turned up any useful information?”

“Yes actually they have, but they have also turned up a few questions. I was hoping that you might hold the answers to one or both of them.”

“I would be delighted to help in whatever way I can. What are your questions?”

I took a seat and paused for a moment before asking.

“Who was the other student?”

Lyte’s face dimmed.

“I-I’m afraid I cannot help you there Juewuhl.”

She was lying to me again, and it was really starting to get old.

“Lyte. You know. Do not try and tell me that you don’t! I can see it in your eyes! I have found nothing in the Journals that tells me you are forbidden from speaking about it, so tell me who she is! I need to know if this person can help me.”

Lyte slumped back into her chair. “If help is what you are looking for, I can stop your search here. Your other student is no longer on Extol. She went looking for you after you left. I am afraid she met the same fate as you and Skrybe.”

“That is a start, but who is she?”

Lyte looked down at her desk for a long moment before answering in a voice that was nearly a whisper.

“My daughter… Pailadyn.”

The End

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