Juewuhl's Journal~ Part One

When I said I had no strength left, I meant it. This meant that I had to lay on the floor and wait until I had recovered enough strength to sit up and look inside the chest. My mind fantasized while I was spread out on the floor. What would I find? Weapons? Methods of gaining secret new Shroud powers?

When my mind couldn’t take it anymore, I forced myself up, using the edge of the chest as my support. I put my knees under me, and when I was steadied I slowly opened the lid of the chest to reveal…

A key.

One key.

Just one, small, stupid key.

It didn’t take long to think of what it unlocked, but it took quite a while to get over the fact that in that entire chest there was only ONE FREAKING KEY.

After watching Indiana Jones and other movies and shows, that was a rather anti-climactic find.

I grabbed the key and dragged myself over the desk. I held my breath as I brought the key up to the lock and pushed it inside.

It fit.

I twisted the key in the lock and pulled the drawer open.

If the key was a letdown, then this downright depressing.

There were two leather bound books.

No weapons… no ancient scrolls… no treasure…

Just books.

There was a brief moment where I considered ripping them to shreds. Then I caught sight of the covers.

The Writings of Juewuhl, First Citizen of Extol

They were my journals…

In about two seconds, my grip on them changed from squeezing extremely hard to allowing them to rest reverently on my palms. I carried them over to my bed and laid them down as softly as I could. It took me a moment to remember that I was looking for information. Not riches. And if these journals were truly mine… then they truly were treasures. I settled down beside them, opened the first one, and began to read.


If all has gone to according to plan then you are reading this and I am indeed writing to myself, which is a very odd experience truth be told. When I began this journal, I left the first page blank intentionally so as to come back later and write this, my introduction to you.

It may seem odd to you that I said that everything has gone according to plan, because if you are reading this, it means that I failed does it not? Yes and no. I failed in my overall mission to rescue Skrybe and defeat Biest, but I was correct in my assumptions of how the mission would go. I have let the others believe the chances of me losing my memory are relatively small. The reality is that the chances of my memory being lost are very nearly guaranteed, but the situation is too important to delay any longer.

I leave tomorrow. Before I go I will impart the secret of these Journals to Lyte and Lyte alone. However it will be with instructions not to reveal the location of these Journals unless it is a matter of life and death. I sincerely hope that this Journal does not find you in that state, and I also hope that you are able to find what answers you need to finish what I… you… we… started.

Thank  you for all you have done and will do.

Juewuhl, First Citizen of Extol

It seemed that my predictions were correct, and that things had not gone as others had intended. How would I be able to make it to Cyst without suffering the same fate? Was it still possible to learn the teleportation power?

I had questions, and the Journal had answers. All I could do was keep reading. The first few entries were about the beginning of Extol. How it was formed, how long it took for the first citizens to arrive. How society emerged. And this time, I read everything. There was no telling when a tidbit of information might pop out. For example, in an entry that started as a simple description of the days happenings, was information about Biest.

Entry Thirteen

Construction continues on the building that is to be our main hall. It is in this building where training will occur, officials will live, and things will happen. I have given oversight of this project to Lyte, the Second Citizen. She has decided to make her office a part of this building. She approached me today and asked if I would like mine to be a part of the structure but I declined. I much prefer the quiet of my house. Distraction does not do right by me.

I have discovered that one may learn to use more than one manifestation of the Shroud. I have dubbed those with this gift as Poly-Shrouds. At present there are two of us. Myself and Biest, third Citizen of Extol, who discovered his second power this morning, only days after myself. I worry about him. His powers seem focused more on domination. I have not revealed this yet, but my second power was created in the interest of self-defence should Biest ever try anything. I must observe him carefully so that I might find a way to counter his new power, which he revealed to be control of the mind. He claims that it works. I wonder who he tested it on. As I learn more about this power works, I will record my findings here.

It is important that we-

“Juewuhl?” came a voice outside my door.

I waited to see if it would go away. I had my suspicions on who it is was, but I didn’t feel like talking to anyone right now. I wanted to continue reading the journ-

Knock, knock, knock


With a sigh I set the book down and made my way down the stairs to the door. I formed a saw on wrist just in case I was wrong about my visitor, then I opened the door.

The End

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