Long Lost Backstory~ Part Two

I stumbled, nearly falling in the process.

“We’re going to be in trouble if you can’t even walk right.” Said Guyde.

Same looks. Same sarcastic demeanor.

“Do you remember anything from your past?”

Guyde gave me a look, “Why?”

“I’m just curious.”

“Well…” he spoke slowly, “I came from Earth. As we all did apparently. All I can remember is that I had a brother who I was very close to.”

“Was he perhaps… your twin?”

With curious eyes, Guyde stared at me and nodded. “Yes but… how do you know that? Have you… did you…?”

“I met him on Cyst.”

Guyde’s eyes grew wide. “On Cyst? So he is alive?”

I nodded.

“That is… wonderful news. Thank you. When you go back, could you… tell him perhaps?”

“I will.”

Hardly able to contain his excitement, Guyde ran ahead and beckoned me to follow. I passed a small road that branched off of the main path. I wondered briefly what was at the end of it, but I decided not to ask. Soon we came to the crest of a hill which had a nice view of the surrounding countryside.

“Your house lies straight ahead” proclaimed Guyde. “Now please excuse me. I… I have to think about this.”

“Yes of course. Thank you Guyde.”

He was gone before I finished.

I continued straight ahead like Guyde had told me and eventually came to a small white cottage. It, like so much else, seemed very familiar. In fact it reminded me of…

Skrybe’s house.

That meant that this path corresponded directly to the road to his house on Cyst. I jogged back down the path until I came to the small road that branched off of into the wilderness. I turned down it and sped up my pace a little, knowing what I would find at the end of it.

I was right. It was the cliff. The cliff where Pailadyn and I had met… and where I also…

Yeah… that cliff.

I thought about climbing it, but in the end I decided to go back to my house and look around. I opened the door and walked in, immediately recognizing the table and chairs and shelves. I scanned the shelves for anything that might be useful, but was turned away empty handed.

Unlike Skrybe’s house, my house had a set of stairs which led to what looked like my bedroom. There was another bookshelf, a desk, and a locked chest.


Every kid has played treasure hunter  or adventurer at some point in their lives, and because of that I can safely that most everyone would go to the chest first. I knelt down in front of it and tugged at the white lock. It didn’t give.

I called up my Shroud and set it buzzing. Then I swung at the lock with all the will I could muster.

I might as well have been to tear a building apart with my bare hands.

Next I tried swinging at the chest itself. I swung, punched, pushed my blade on it as hard I could, and stomped on it.

It still didn’t give.


I gave the lock another look and when I turned it over, I could see tiny writing.

That which you have gained, is also that which you have lost.

Umm… what?

I paced around the room, trying to figure out what the inscription meant and how it would help me unlock that chest.

After three hours of walking and thinking I came up with absolutely nothing.

I collapsed on the and debated over whether I should ask Lyte or not. She made it seem like I used to trust her quite a bit, and if we knew that the teleportation thing could “erase” memories it made sense that we would have made a backup plan. It was already pretty late, so I decided to ask Lyte about it in the morning.

When I woke, I couldn’t help but notice how much brighter everything was here. The light coming through the window reflected off the white walls and floor, and I couldn’t have made it much brighter even if I had brought a spotlight. I tried once more to force the stubborn lock, but gave up after a few minutes and left to find Lyte.

I came to the same building I had been to yesterday. I now recognized it as the parallel to the Barracks, only it had a second floor and the barracks did not.

I saw Guyde and asked him to take me up to Lyte’s room. He was only too happy to help me. I knocked on the door he brought me to, and heard Lyte’s voice from inside.

“Who is it?”

I opened the door a crack and stuck my head in.

“Ah, Juewuhl! Yes, come in and have a seat please. I hope you found your house… comfortable and memorable among other things.”

I sat in one of the three chairs in front of the desk and leaned against the back.

“You could say that I sup-“

Lyte all but jumped over the desk,

“What did you find? Do you remember anything at all?”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a second before giving her the disappointing news.

“No. The house hasn’t dredged up any memories, I am sorry. Yet there is a bit of good news I think. The location, position, and look of the house is exactly similar to Skrybe’s house on Cyst.”

Lyte looked up at this, “So you’re saying that he might remember pieces of his past?”

“I think so. In fact many people do. It explains their shrouds and names. All of them are based on Earth objects and skills. This I know for a fact.”

Lyte nodded. “An enlightening discovery no doubt. If only we could use it to overcome Biest. However, since we can’t, that information at present is useless, and I doubt you would come and see me if all you had was useless information. What else have you for me?”

“I think I may have stumbled across something valuable, but I’m not sure how to access it.”

“How do you mean?”

“There is a locked chest upstairs in my room. I have tried to open it in every way I could.”

“Is there a keyhole?”

“Not that I saw.”

“Then why come to me?”

“Because there was an inscription on the back. I was hoping you would know what to make of it.”

“What did it say?”

“That which you have gained, is also that which you have lost.”

The excitement, then frustration, then disappointment were all evident as they took turns appearing on Lyte’s face.

“I… I-I’m afraid I cannot help you Juewuhl. Now I have things I must see to. Good luck and good day.”

The End

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