Long Lost Backstory~ Part One

We entered the white building, coming into a foyer-like room with several hallways branching off it. We took the hallway on the far left and followed it to the foot of some stairs. We climbed up two flights of stairs, something that apparently wasn’t possible in Cyst, and entered the second door on the right.

There was a large chair behind a desk in front of which were three chairs. The lady took the large chair and motioned me into one of the smaller ones. She clasped her hands in front of her for a moment, then looked up at me and began to speak.

“I guess the best place to begin, would be to introduce myself. I am Lyte, first citizen of Extol. I was, and still am, your friend and partner in the base of operations that you helped found. Another important piece of information is that you are a Poly-Shroud.”

She paused to let everything she had said sink in. The last piece of news was what hit me the most I think. I had really wanted to be a Poly-Shroud, I still did, although my reasons for wanting to be one now, were different from reasons to be one back when Traynur explained that to me. Back then it was because I was very dissatisfied with the power I had ended up with, and I wanted something cooler… something more useful. Now, it was more that I wanted to master as many skills as I could and become like Traynur. I had won the Tournament yes, but there were those that I had beaten due more to luck than competency… at least that’s what I thought. The information I was receiving now though, changed my perspective a little. Perhaps I did win due to some scraps of knowledge that I was able to retain sub-consciously.

Anyways…so I was a Poly-Shroud. that really begged the question,

“Do you know what my other powers are?”

“You were secretive about some of the Shrouds that you chose to don, but I do know of several of your powers. The power that makes you who you are was nicknamed ‘Tele-resurrection.’ When you die, you are able to come back to life in a different world.”

“ You were trying to learn simple teleportation in order to chase an individual, and though you didn’t complete your goal, you succeeded where many others had failed. We believed that the reason you partially failed, was that certain of our population claimed to have come from a place called Earth.”

“Those who could remember, said that they had died on Earth and came back to life hear. You wanted the teleport part, but due to those tales you were also saddled with the condition that you had to die first. You were able to use your success to teach others. At present there are three others who can use this power. One of them was your motivation, the others were your student.”

I could only guess as to who those were.

“Biest and Skrybe?”

Lyte nodded.

“Skrybe was my student?”

Again she nodded. “You had several students, but he was by far the brightest.”

“And who is the third?”

Lyte’s face hardened for the briefest of moments.

“That is but a side story. You must focus on the larger tale. When Biest left, you made a vow to follow and catch him. You failed to learn Teleportation correctly but you were able to help Skrybe acquire the power. Since we were guaranteed that he was able to travel between worlds, we sent him first. When he didn’t return after a long period of time, we sent you to rescue Skrybe and defeat Biest. And then we never heard back from you, but there was no one we could send after you. All we could do was wait.”

“Why did Biest leave?”

“As you may have noticed, we a re a peaceful community. There is no real leader. Everyone is expected to do their part, and so they do. Biest was not satisfied with this so he left. I think he intended to find and rule Earth, but according to your investigations, he didn’t make it. Instead he punched a new hole in space and discovered Cyst. With the emergence of this new world, the flow of new people to Extol began to ebb as people also began to end up on Cyst as well. We decided that allowing Biest control over his own world and his own people would most definitely evolve into a troubling situation, so we sent two people to stop him. You and Skrybe.”

I was silent as I digested all information. A few months ago I would have laughed it as impossible. Me? An inter-dimensional peacemaker?

That was before the whole new world with mystical powers and stuff.

Seeing that I wasn’t going to speak, Lyte broke the silence.

“If I may, I would ask for your tale. Perhaps there is information that we might be able to glean from it. You will need all the help you can before you confront Biest. That is… if you are still the person that you once were. We need your help Juewuhl.”

I didn’t want to accept right away, even though I had had every intention of helping before I jumped in front a car.

“I will certainly try to do what I can Lyte, although I will need your help just as much as you will need mine. I can’t fight Biest without knowing who I wa-… who I am.”

Lyte nodded acceptance and then with a gesture, deferred to  me so that I might share my story.

I was very general, only going into details on important parts. I told a little of my life on Earth, and how I regained partial memory of my mission. I highlighted my arrival to Cyst, my meetings with Skrybe and his uncharacteristic action, and the tournament. I also mentioned Monark and how he was really Biest. I didn’t mention Pailadyn or Pownde.

When I was finally finished, Lyte was deep in thought. She was probably trying to connect the pieces with what she already knew.

“Skrybe’s actions against you do not seem like his own. And from what we’ve learned, Shroud powers are not connected to the body but to the mind.”

As she delivered that line, she watched me expectantly. She wanted to see what my conclusions were.

“So… if powers are linked to the mind then an injury to the body couldn’t affect them. Only… an injury to the mind. Something happened to Skrybe’s mind!”

Lyte nodded. “I think you’ve touched upon the root of the problem. I have my suspicions on what might have happened, but I think there is a little more information to be gained first. I will have you shown to your old house. Hopefully something there will ring a bell in your memory. We will talk again tomorrow.”

I stood and thanked Lyte for her help and followed the person who was assigned to lead me out. Something about the man was very familiar.

“What’s your name?” I asked.


The End

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