Second Round~ Part Three

The next fight ended with a yield. Like Pownde’s fight, it too lasted a while, though not quite as long. Come to think of it, the fights ended at about the same time yesterday even though there were less of them in this round. They were longer, and it made some degree of sense too. There was a higher level of skill in these matches.

“Next match, Flaemuh versus Juewuhl!”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then I stood and made my way down to the ring. My mind was already thinking of ways to counter Flaemuh. Like Pownde had said, flames weren’t something you block with a shield.

But the opposite was also true. Flames wouldn’t be much use in blocking anything. Flaemuh would know that though, and obviously he had found some way to deal with it because he was still alive.

The signal was given after we had taken our spots and the match began. If Flaemuh had been watching me he would know that I was mainly close combat oriented. But he would also respect my range. He shot a jet of black flame to my right. It was an easy shot to dodge.

He was testing me.

I had two options. Test him back, or simply wait and react. I decided on the latter, it’d be best to keep him guessing.

He shot some more flame and again I dodged it, but to my surprise I could feel the warmth coming off of it. It really was fire. I really would have to be careful.

This looked like it would be an easy battle. I waited for Flaemuh to raise his hand and then I shot a blade off my wrist and into his leg.

At least, that’s what was supposed to happen. His fire engulfed my blade and melted before it could hit him.

Not good.

I rolled out of the way as his hands began to rapid fire. Hah. Get it? Now that he knew I couldn’t attack him at range, and he was reasonably sure that he could stop me from getting close, he didn’t let up for an instant.

One jet of fire singed my arm, but for whatever reason didn’t affect my Shroud. It was a great reminder that I was quickly running out of options. Flaemuh’s Shroud was shaped after a Fireman’s outfit; jacket-like robe, helmet-like hood, and gloves.

Wait a second...

Gloves? Why gloves?

It could have been strictly cosmetic, but I began to get the sneaking suspicion that Flaemuh wasn’t immune to his fire. Not that that helped me at all, I had no way to turn his fire back on him.

Or did I?

My saw blades morphed into large fan blades that weighed my arms down and slowed my movement. My foot was singed as my speed decreased, and I had to fight to not hop up and down to grab it. I feinted like I was going to take another step forward, then I twisted back around so I was now on the right side of the jet of fire that Flaemuh had launched.

Flaemuh smiled. I think he took my action as an admission of defeat. I was an easy immobile target. I was done for.

If my idea didn’t work, then that would be true.

Two columns of fire began to pour from Flaemuh’s hands while I simultaneously raised my own arms and positioned the blades so that they were parallel to the fronts of my fists. Then I set them spinning full blast.

The wave of fire began to collapse in on itself. The fire that had already left Flaemuh’s hands simply blew out, but the force of the wind coming from my fans was angling the new flames back at their creator.

When Flaemuh began to scream, I seriously considered killing him out of pure pity. But I couldn’t. He collapsed and ceased firing, and I ran up to him, holding my moving blade just above his face.

“Y-yield.” I said.

“Only if you kill me…” said Flaemuh. “Please.”

“I-I can’t. Just yield and the healers can take care of you.”

“I doubt… even they can… can fix me.”

“I saw them heal a fighter who was impaled in the stomach. You have… a few… umm… you have some burns. They can take care of those.”

Flaemuh glared at me, “Fine. But I…But I… will…remember this.” He said with obvious pain.

“That is your own decision.” I said. “Now do you yield?”


The End

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