Answers to Kill for~ Part Two

I had my Shroud ready to go, and threw my fear and frustration into the saw that I had created. I managed to slice through one of the “tentacles” before my black blade shattered. The other vines, there were too many to count, wrapped around me and began to crush me.

“You won’t… get answers i-if.. I’m dead.”

The pressure lightened only slightly as Skrybe said “That is true, but it will be a long time before you are dead. That is, it could be a long time before you are dead. The sooner you tell me what I want to know, the sooner I will allow you to die.”

“Like hell you will.” I replied.

No wait a second… I didn’t say that.

Pailadyn did.

She stood in the doorway, her right arm bearing a longsword and her left sporting a dagger. A few of the appendages loosened and shot towards Pailadyn. With almost contemptuous ease she made three cuts and the severed ends of the tentacles fell to the ground and melted into the floor.

Skrybe threw more vine-things at her, enough so that I was able to wriggle my arm free, and while Pailadyn did the best she could inevitably a few vines made it past her blades and grabbed her. Unlike with me, Skrybe didn’t have to caution to not kill me and when I heard the first rib snap, I was thrown into a rage that exceeded my anger from the previous day’s training session.

I had two saws spinning in seconds and I infused them with all the rage I had in me.

It was a lot of rage.

I yelled and hacked at the vines that had me tied up and they gave way like twigs under a boot. As soon as I was free, I raised my arm at the length of vines stretching from Pailadyn to Skrybe. Then, without knowing quite how I did it, I succeeded in launching the spinning saw off my wrist and at Skrybe’s nefarious appendages.

Dead tentacles aren’t very good at wrapping people up, and Paildyn had little difficulty in escaping them.

Skrybe was furious. He charged at me and swung a punch which connected with gut. My breath left me and I fell to my knees. The floor beneath me was moving, and it was all I could to not puke and pass out. Physically, Skrybe was no old man. There was a sickening thud and a body fell to the floor.  When I managed to look up, I was surprised to see Pailadyn standing. Skrybe lay sprawled, a bruise already forming on the side of his head where Pailadyn had hit him with the flat of her balde.

She retracted her dagger and offered the hand to help to pull me up.

“What do we do? Should we leave him there, or should we tie him up and wait for him to regain consciousness?” I asked Pailadyn.

“That wasn’t Skrybe. He hasn’t used Shroud on anyone in years. I think we should and see if he is back in control.”

“OK.” The thought of waiting for the man who just tried to kill us both to wake up didn’t thrill me, but Pailadyn had just saved my life. I owed her.

“Alright, we can wait.”

We searched Skrybe’s house for some rope and it was, of course, black. We tied the man to a chair and waited for him to come to. There wasn’t much to do, so inevitably we began to converse.

“You rescued me.”

“I suppose.”

“How did you know?”

She had been sitting, but now she stood and began to pace.

“Well, I didn’t know… I was just… curious.”

“You were spying?”

“I guess you could say that.”

“But then… why rescue me? You could have just ran away. There was a good chance you could have been killed. I’m sort of surprised you were able to cut through his vines. I’m surprised I was able to cut through his vines. If he hadn’t of hurt you, I wouldn’t have had the strength to.”

“I think I could say the same thing.”

“You… could? Why?”

Pailadyn had stopped pacing and stood facing me. She was close. Very close. I had started to repeat my question when she grabbed my head and kissed me. At least… it passed for a kiss. Neither of us had loads of experience in that area.

Not that it wasn’t… enjoyable and stuff.

Pailadyn pulled away first. She was blushing, and she looked down at the floor, embarrassed. All I could do was stand and stare at her, speechless.

No! That wasn’t my first kiss… what’re you talking about?

And that, of course, was Skrybe chose to come to.

“Ah! Juewuhl and Pailadyn! Glad you could make it. Are you ready to begin Juewuhl?” He glanced at Pailadyn, “Pailadyn… I suppose you can stay, as long as Juewuhl isn’t bothered by your presence. Just try not to interrupt alright? Now let’s-“

He tried to gesture with his arms, and that’s when he noticed that he was tied to a chair.

“Ah… would either of you happen to know why I’m attached to my seat?”


The End

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