Welcome to Cyst~ Part Three

“I-I’m sorry Skrybe. I can’t seem to remember my earth name.”

Skrybe leapt forward and grabbed my shoulders, “But what about the rest? Can you remember anything else?” he asked with a desperation I hadn’t seen even in starving families suffering from the awful economy.

“Yes! Yes. I can remember the rest. Why is it so important?”

Skrybe stopped shaking me so he could bring his face to within inches of mine.

“I’ve been looking for someone who could recall life on Earth for over six thousand years boy. You could say it has been my life’s work. It is very important to me.”

Well then.

“I suppose for the meantime we’ll have to call you something” continued Skrybe. He thought for a minute then his eyes brightened.

“If you approve, I will call you Juewuhl.”

“Why Juewuhl?”

“Because to a man who has been searching for years for the information you contain, you are a Jewel.”

Juewuhl. The name sounded so familiar. Like I had known someone else who had gone by that name. It would be an odd name for someone on Earth, but it wouldn’t be unheard of.

“Thank you Skrybe. Juewuhl is great.”

“Then welcome to Cyst Juewuhl.”

I sensed the first meeting was drawing to a close. I stood and began to make my way to the door, already preparing myself for… for what?

“Skrybe, what should I do in the meantime?”

“Excuse me?”

“Where do I go? What should I do?”

Skrybe smiled and nodded to Guyde, “That is a question best suited for him.”

“Follow me Juewuhl.” And Guyde led me out the door.

As we walked back to the square, I once again noticed the similarities between Cyst and Earth. However, it was the differences that were most intriguing. That copse of trees was where Daniel’s house had been built. I could make out Watcher’s Peak, but main street, which passed right by that grassy knoll, was now a dirt path that contained more hills than I remembered. The sun was brighter, and the sky was... well, I could actually see the sky.

“I’ll be taking you to the same area where I take all the new arrivals. You will stay there while you learn to use your shroud and learn how things work around here. “

“What is a Shroud? I heard it mentioned a few times earlier. I thought it just the robe, but you made it sound like it’s something more.”

“That’s because it is.”

“What is it the-“

“You will save your questions for Traynur, the Shroud tutor.”

He said it with a finality that prevented any further conversation. I was left to ponder the landscape in silence until we came to a large building.

And it was large. It wasn’t tall, none of the buildings were, and to make up or the lack of height the building covered a large area. It was made of the same black material as Skrybe’s house. There were no windows, only small slits every couple feet. If I hadn’t of known any better, I would have said it looked like a barracks. That would make those slits arrow holes and would explain the lack of windows and size of the building.

The funny thing was that I hadn’t seen any bows or arrows, or weapons of any kind. And there hadn’t been any mention of the need to defend against enemies. 

What were the enemies?

I wanted to ask Guyde, but I had the feeling that he would tell me to ask Traynur. So I kept my questions to myself.

We came to the door where guide pulled some sort of rope that was hanging from the doorframe. A minute later the door opened and head poked out.

“I have another newcomer for Traynur.”

The End

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