Welcome to Cyst~ Part Two

“Yes, of course it exists." I said. "Do you know how to get there?”

“No. No we don’t. But you must come with me. Skrybe must be informed.”

“Informed of what? Whoa, Hang on!” I yelled as he pulled me up and began pulling me along.

“Informed that one has finally come who knows of Earth. We’ve been waiting for someone like you for nearly eight thousand years.”

If he hadn’t have been pulling me along, I would have stopped dead.

“Eight thousand years? You’ve been alive that long?”

“No, but Skrybe and Monark have. I’m only just pushing six thousand.”

“Do you… not age or something?”

He looked at me curiously, “Age? What do yo- Oh… that’s right… the process of decomposition in the body on Earth. No. We do not age here.”

“Can you die?”

“We cannot die, but we can be killed.”

I thought about that for a moment, and decided that it made a certain amount of sense. There wasn’t time for an objection anyway. We had come to a small house on the outskirts of the city. Well, where the outskirts of the city would have been, had we been on earth. Cyst appeared to be one large town. Not a city, but a town. Population wise it was a city I suppose, but it just had a towny feel to it. It’s a little hard to explain. Cities are closely packed, no space, polluted air, dirty streets, and an overall color of gray. A town was a little more sprawled. There was room to move and stretch, people knew each other, and a thing called nature still existed. That’s what this was like.

The house was peculiar. It wasn’t made out of steel, wood, or anything that we would consider a building material. It was completely black. Actually, now that I thought about it, all the buildings were black. It wasn’t the shiny black of obsidian stone, nor was it the mucky black of years of soot and dirt buildup.

It was just… different.

Guyde knocked on the door, which further confirmed my suspicions of the black substance. The sound it produced was that of a hard substance, but the surface of the door rippled, like it was flexible and could be retailored.

Maybe it could for all I knew.

The door opened and another young man, about as old as Guyde, stuck his head out. I started when I saw eyes, they belayed his youthful appearance with a wealth of knowledge and experience that was reminiscent of all the libraries in the world put together and doubled.

“Ah Guyde! To what do I owe the pleasure? Who might this be? A new arrival?”

Guyde was silent a moment as he seemed to search for the right words to say.

“Skrybe. This man has-… he believes that he-…” he took a deep breath, “Skrybe, he says he is from Earth.”

Skrybe looked at me hard for a moment then blinked and realized we were standing outside.

“How careless of me. Please come in where we can discuss your past in greater detail. I don’t believe I heard your name.”

“My name? Oh! My name is... i-it’s..”

How the heck could I have forgotten my own name?!

The End

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