Does He Love Her?

Before they knew it, they were back! Shrek could hear the bells ringing and—what?! Shrek shook his head over and over again; trying to forget Willa was about to be Prince Thomas’s lawfully wife! Maybe Monkey was right, what if he did love her? Shrek inhaled deeply and crossed his arms. “Shrek, let’s go home.” Monkey whined. “Uh… yeah, one second.” Shrek murmured. “Say what?” Monkey’s eyes then immediately twitched. “You love her! I knew it, I knew it! Shrek, you better go stop her!” He exclaimed. “Yeah, but what about all of those things she said about me?” questioned Shrek. “Shrek, oh Shrek! She wasn’t talking about you! She was talking about Prince Thomas!” explained Monkey. “I should stop her then, shouldn’t I?” Shrek wondered. “Of course! Hurry, Shrek! HURRY!” Monkey screamed. Shrek nodded and ran as fast as his legs could take him. He leaped over little children licking ice creams and ran past neighing horses. Finally, he reached the chapel where white rose pedals were scattered along the red carpet. He opened the big wood doors and interrupted the wedding right when the soon-to-be king and queen were about to kiss! “Be gone, fool!” shouted Thomas. “Shrek? What are you doing here?” asked Willa. Her heart was throbbing as fast as a cheetah and she felt as though she couldn’t breathe. “I love you, Willa,” admitted Shrek. Willa’s mouth dropped. “Get this lunatic out of here!” demanded Prince Thomas. “I love you too Shrek!” Willa finally spoke, running into Shrek’s arms. This time, Prince Thomas’s mouth hung open.

After that day, Shrek and Willa—oh yeah, and Monkey, lived a very happy life, although Shrek did not turn back into an ogre. He liked being human as though there were many advantages. As for Prince Thomas, he married one of a million desperate girls, but did not become king. Shrek did. 

The End

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