The Secret

I think it’s time for a pit stop!” shrieked Willa. “I have to go… you know!” “Fine, but make it quick.” sighed Shrek. Willa nodded and ran over to a nearby bush. Monkey followed. Shrek shook his head, crossed his arms and tapped his foot into the gravel ground.

“He doesn’t think you like him. But I know for sure he likes you!” Monkey whisper-yelled. “Oh, come ON! How could a person like…” Willa murmured. Shrek had heard Monkey whispering, or at least he tried, so he decided to tiptoe to the bush and listen to what they were saying. “He’s rude, obnoxious and very unpleasant,” Willa continued. Shrek sighed, and hung his big arms down from his shoulders. He felt as though he had been betrayed from Monkey. He felt ugly. He was such a big creature, but why did he feel so small?

As Shrek, Monkey and Princess Willa walked home, Shrek said absolutely nothing. “It’s getting dark. I think we should stop now, we’ll head back tomorrow,” Monkey insisted. “Yeah, definitely,” agreed Willa. “Ugh,” sighed Shrek. Once again, he took off he vest and crumpled it into a ball, as a pillow. Before he knew it, everyone was fast asleep. 

The End

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