The First Day in Far Far Away Land

The next morning, the loud chirping of birds and the buzzing of bees awakened Shrek. “OH, COULD YOU BE ANY LOUDER?” Shrek complained. He rubbed his eyes, and sat up. He turned over to Princess Willa who fast asleep, snoring heavily. He chuckled to himself, than stood up and grabbed his vest. As he was putting it on, he saw Monkey muttering to himself. He crept over and stood behind him. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Monkey yelled, as he turned around. “You scared me!” “So I’ve heard!” Shrek said, rubbing his ear. “What were you mumbling to yourself?” he asked. “Uh… n-n-nothing. Yeah, nothing,” Monkey clarified. “Nothing at all.” Shrek stood there, with absolutely no emotion whatsoever. “Okay, fine! You caught me. I think… I think Princess Willa likes you! She told me in the middle of the night… both of us couldn’t sleep with a day like that! So Shrek, what are you going to do? Huh, huh huh?!” Monkey dashed. “What do you mean? How could she like someone… like this?” Shrek pointed to himself, making it very clear that he meant an “ogre”. “Aw, so what? She obviously doesn’t care! And you know what Shrek?” Monkey asked. “What?” replied Shrek. “I think you like her too!” He shouted. Shrek opened his mouth, in disbelief, then instantly shook his head. “I told you! I knew it all along!” exclaimed Monkey. “I don’t like her, Monkey,” explained Shrek. “Come on, she even told me herself she doesn’t want to marry Prince Thomas.” Monkey implied. “Monkey, just go back to stuttering to yourself, I’m going to look for breakfast,” Shrek said, noticeably changing the subject. “Well, alright Shrek. But Willa and I will be waiting for you,” Monkey grinned.

Shrek searched every foot of the deserted forest, but all he found we plump blueberries and ripe bananas. He wanted something more like, juicy raccoons, petite squirrels or even annoying monkeys. He sighed, then turned around and headed back for the camping site.

“Yum! Wow Shrek, this is DEEEEE-LISH! If only we had something to drink…” marveled Monkey. Everyone had been digging into their food, like they’ve never eaten before. It was Monkey’s 5th helping. “Oh would you just be quiet and enjoy what you have,” Shrek moaned. “Well, I think we should probably leave in—” Willa said. “NOW,” shouted Shrek. “Come on everybody, let’s move, let’s move, and let’s move! We have NO time to waste, gather your stuff and GO!” “But I’m not even finished breakfast,” explained Monkey. “Oh well tear, tear. TOO BAD!” roared Shrek. Everybody gathered up the little amount off belongings they had, and headed straight back to the palace. 

The End

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