Meet, Princess Willa

“Monkey, we have been searching every inch of Far Far Away Land, and there’s no sign of Princess Willa… I really think we should go back now,” Shrek insisted, heading the opposite direction. “Shrek… do you want to get punished… harshly?” Monkey asked, chasing after Shrek. “I really couldn’t care less. A man like him could never keep an OGRE in captivity. Maybe a monkey though…” Shrek grinned. “But everybody knows what a princess does when you save her… she kisses you! So, if you want me to rescue her,” Monkey justified, “Then I will!” “Go right ahead!” Shrek shouted, turning the other way. “But one thing…” Monkey murmured. “What?” Shrek sighed, without turning around. “Uh… can you kill that b-b-b-big spider…o-n-n-n my f-f-foot?” Shook Monkey. Shrek turned around, yawned and squished the helpless creature.  He stood back up, and all of a sudden, they both heard the loud screaming of a weak woman. “I think that’s her Shrek! Let’s go!” Monkey exclaimed and ran toward a small, wooden shack.

The two beings crept into the damp hut and looked around. Dirty towels, tangled spider-webs and creaky floors filled the dwelling. As they crept closer, they heard the cry get louder, and louder until finally… they saw her! Her beautiful, long silky brown hair dangled down from her head. Her vivid blue eyes glistened in the bright sun, while her soft, almost porcelain; skin lay upon her magnificent face. Her green velvet dress was dirty, and torn. When she saw them, she screamed even louder, squirming around in the chair she was tied on to. “Don’t be scared, we’re here to save you!” Monkey squealed. He jumped over to the chair and untied the complicated notes, by tearing them apart with his teeth. Princess Willa was too shocked to say anything.

“Well… I can’t see anything it’s too dark. Before you know it, I’ll have a broken leg! We need to stop and wait until morning, then we can head back to the palace.” Princess Willa said, even though they were only walking for about 10 minutes. “No, we’re taking you back right now. I’m not spending another day out here.” Shrek complained. “We still have hours even days, with your legs, to walk. But, ok, then I’ll just stay here. Oh yeah! I won’t forget to tell Thomas that you two left me,” Willa whined. “Who said anything about me leaving?” Monkey mystified. “Oh, well than, Monkey… you are more than welcome to stay with me tonight! What about you Shrek?” Willa asked. “Fine,” Shrek sighed. He sat beside Princess Willa and took off his vest. He scrunched it up into a ball and placed it on the ground, as a pillow. He lied down on the dirt surface, and gazed up at the stars. “They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Willa questioned. “Yes, now go to sleep.” Shrek said, turning his back in Willa’s face. Princess Willa shook her head and closed her eyes slowly. 

The End

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