Meet, Prince Thomas

King Humphrey’s palace was like a dream, high tops, and stonewalls. The guards that stood in front of the big wooden doors changed position every 5 minutes, like a toy. All the tourists were snapping pictures and jotting down notes. Men and women dressed in grey or plaid suits rushed through the courtyard, yelling into their phones. It was just like a real kingdom.

“I think it’s this way,” pointed Monkey. His furry finger led Shrek’s bloodshot eyes to a crowded group of girls, huddling over something small. Both of them walked over to the crowd, and to their surprise, there were no tacos.

“Oh, Your Highness, I can be your queen!” One of the girls exclaimed. “No, for the last time! I want Princess Willa, now where is she?” Prince Thomas, the Prince of Far Far Away Land, demanded. The group of girls dispersed apart, revealing Prince Thomas’s incredibly short height. His much-too-large-gold-and-emerald crown was hovering over his eyebrows, and his red cape with gold stitching was dragging along the floor as he walked. “YOU!” Prince Thomas pointed. Shrek crinkled his eyebrows. “Me?” he asked. “Yes, you! You and your little… your little… well, whoever that may be, must find my Princess Willa, so I can marry her!” Prince Thomas announced. “Well… I don’t have a clue where she is, sorry,” Shrek answered, shrugging his shoulders. Prince Thomas’s mouth opened, but Monkey replied instead, “In ogre, that means, of course! We’d be delighted.” “No, in ogre, that means, I don’t have a clue where she is, sorry,” Shrek responded. “Make up your mind, doofus, but I want Princess Willa back here by sunset, in two days… if you don’t… well, let’s just say you’ll be punished. Harshly. Now go!” Prince Thomas commanded, gesturing his hands as if he were flinging a fly in the air, which meant for them to leave. Monkey grabbed Shrek’s arm and skipped down the limestone pathway. They were off to find Princess Willa! 

The End

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