Shrek - A Twisted Version

One dull morning, the rotten, wooden hut that lay in the middle of the green and reeking swamp was actually quiet. The neighbours that lived near this house were either impulsive alligators or infectious bugs. Shrek, the ogre, was the most stubborn and moody being in Far Far Away Land. His large body and beady eyes scared children out of their shoes. Inside the shack, he was preparing his breakfast of mud and frogs, when he heard a knock on the door. He immediately knew who it was…

“Not now, Monkey, I’m busy!” Shrek shouted at the door. “Come on Shrek! Let’s go on adventure… better yet, the King’s palace! Eh! Whaddya say?!” Monkey squealed, turning the knob. His big ears and tiny nose almost made him look cute, besides the fact that he was annoying and impatient. He let himself in and jumped head first into the hay couch. “Monkey, get out of here! I’m busy!” Shrek yelled, opening the door for Monkey, signaling him to leave.  His green, oily skin turned to red. “What could you be busy with? Taking the legs of beetles? Come on, Shrek!” Monkey screeched, wrapping his tail around the TV remote. “No, LEAVE!” The vibrations of Shrek’s earsplitting voice shook the ground. His red skin turned to white. “Not until you agree to go with me.” Monkey replied, flashing a toothy smile. Shrek stared Monkey in the eyes. Monkey’s “please, Shrek, come with me, I’m so lonely and I need you” face appeared, and Shrek couldn’t resist out of the many things he could. “Fine. Where are we going?” Shrek sighed. “The King’s palace, I heard there’s free tacos… I guess it’s Mexican night!” Monkey exclaimed, hoping onto the floor, and headed for the door. Shrek followed. 

The End

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