shower timeMature

Turn you way from me and against the shower wall. Your hands on the wall and you put your feet apart. I slam up into you. You moan out and I bite into the side of your neck hard. You move your hips to match mine and I start to play with your boobs. Then I grab your hair and rip you off the wall and turn you around. I keep you head back with my hard but press your body to mine. I bite deep into your neck and then kiss up to your lips. When I make it I kiss you deeply and forcefully. I release your hair. And let my hands feel your body. Starting with your neck running my nails over the marks I've already left. Then my hands over your tits give them a hard squeeze. Then to your waist I step closer to you forcing you to have to step back. Then to your hips. Sliding to your ass I gave it a hard slap and then left you off the shower floor and make your shoulder lean against the wall. The hot water running over your body as you wrap your legs around my waist and I slip back into you. I roll my hips from once side to the other. Sliding in and out as I do so. You reach out and and claw into my chest and you shirk out in pleasure. Tighing your legs around me. I keep going even faster now. Cause you to slide up and down the wall with each movement. I reach up to the shower head and pull off of its stand. And let the hot water pour over your body as you move from your neck to your tits and now down your flat stomach. Now you move to your clit as the water hits it you lock up and shut your eyes tight. I slide my hands between you and me and then get my arm past and pry your legs from around me and slip my hands onto your lower back and begain to pound into you. You grab the back of neck with your free hand and with the other you keep the shower head where you like it. I continueously bounce you off my hips and driving myself into you again and again. You scream out my name and beg for me and I give more and harder. And almost endless pounding into your now soaked slit. I feel myself about to cum so I make you drop the head and slam you to the wall and you wrap you legs around me and bite into your neck as it release you moan out even louder than before as I cum deep inside of you. I lay you on the floor of the tub. And lean against the wall to catch my breath but my legs give out and I fall next to you.

The End

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