Shower of rocks

Emily’s Teaser: It was a normal day for 14-year-old Piper in her hometown of Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania, but little did she know that her world was about the change forever. Giant rocks begin to fall to the Earth, destroying everything in their path. Scientists scramble to find a reasoning for this while society is thrown into chaos. Piper races against time to find a way to prevent the world from being destroyed. Will she be able to save humanity in time, or will it be consumed by the chaos that has been brought upon it?

Conflict: Meteors are falling from the sky and scientists don't know what caused it or how to stop it.
Rising Action: Piper figures out why the meteors are falling from the sky and how to stop them. She tries to send her ideas to the scientists but the internet and phone lines goes out while mid email on her quickly dieing computer because the power has been out for a while before this. Piper’s mom has a scientist friend who is able to take her to philadelphia to meet with a group of scientists who are studying the meteors.
Climax: She is able to present her ideas to the scientists and they decide that it didn’t hurt to try piper’s idea if it meant saving the world.
Falling Action: Piper’s idea works for the smaller rocks but some of the larger rocks still go through
Resolution: A large meteor, probably the one all of the smaller meteors came from, falls through the Earth’s atmosphere and kills everyone on Earth.

Situation: cold in winters, warm in summers, Mountainous
Characters: Piper - Main Character, Phil - Piper’s best friend, Dan - Piper’s brother, Jennifer- Piper’s mother, Patrick - Phil’s dad,

Possible teaser/beginning:
It’s a normal day for a 14-year-old Piper, she starts to walk home from school then all of a sudden she starts to hear a pounding coming from outside. She looks down the street behind her and sees all these big rocks starting to fall from the sky. Her first reaction is to go and run home as fast as she can, but, then curiosity takes over and she goes to see these rocks fall. In surprise she stands at the edge of the field where the rocks fall at the bottom of a mountain in the town of Jim Thorpe in northeastern Pennsylvania. Now that she has seen this she searches for a way to find out why these things are happening and tries to show Astronomers what is happening and how it could possibly be stopped.
Piper now has to go through Meteor showers every month and each time they fall these rocks get larger what is she going to do? What is making this happen? Is it just there or is everyone experiencing these showers of rocks? Is this the end of the world as we know it? Start reading to find out!

Shower of Rocks

December 12:
Today is the day! The sun is shining and the grass is green! I groggily barrel rolled out of my blue sheets this morning. As I layed on the floor, I slowly opened my eyes to look at my wall then up to my clock that I could not see without my glasses. I very slightly looked at the blaring time machine and see that I am up later than normal but not late enough to be late for school. I’ve got to get to school! If I hurry I wont be late but, infact, a bit early! I grabbed my black rimmed glasses and put them on so that I no longer sees blurry doubles of everything around me. I got dressed and brushed my teeth. I wanted to do everything as fast as possible, because, I wanted to get to school early to meet my best friend, Phil. I walked to bathroom to get my morning shower. Is he really my best friend? I contemplated while I hopped in the shower and brushed my teeth.
I got out of the shower and got dressed in my school uniform of pants and a plain black t-shirt with my normal army green jumper. I went downstairs and it was freezing because apparently my mother had not gone downstairs yet to turn on the heat this December. “Why is Mom not down yet? Or even Dad or Dan. Why is no one even down here yet seeing as how cold it is?” I mumble and then I went to check on my mom and walked into her bedroom to find her still sleeping in her bed. “Mom? Why are you still in bed? It’s almost time for me to go to school.” I asked my mom. “I feel sick today, Piper. You can leave with the bus today or if you want to you can leave early and walk.” She replied. “But, where is Dad” When my mom can’t take me to school my dad normally drives me to school. “He got called in the middle of the night on an emergency call.” Even if my family is the third richest in town, my father still has to work a lot. “Ok, I think I’ll call Phil and see if he wants to meet at the corner of our roads and walk with me.” I stated. I guessed that ruined my day but, I didn’t let it get to me for too long.
I made Breakfast for Dan, Mom, and myself consisting of eggs, bacon, and bread. After we finished breakfast, I started walking to school and Dan waited for the bus. “Is Phil sitting at the corner already? Does he really want to meet me at the corner?” These questions raced through my mind as I walked to school and to see Phil. Then I started to come up on the corner that my best friend was supposed to meet me at. I seen no one at the corner “I bet he is just a little late, I can wait about five minutes.” He doesn't show, I have to leave without him. It took me about ten minutes to get to school and I’m actually about fifteen minutes early.
I walked to my locker, and inside is a note on my book by my brother. “I won't be going home today, I'm going to stay at my friends house for the night but I will be home for a few minutes to get some clothes. See you later lil sis!” Dan wrote on a note. Just then I see Phil going into his first class, which both me and Phil have the same classes all day. “Should I chase after him? Or should I just get all of my stuff and walk into class normally and then talk to him when class lets out?” I question, I just needed to walk into class and talk to him. I needed to know why he didn’t meet me at the corner. I gather the rest of my stuff for the first class, history. I walk into the classroom and I sat in my normal spot next to Phil. “Hey, Phil! Why didn’t you meet me at the corner of our roads like we agreed to on the phone?” I ask him. Phil looks at me then says, “I had to ride with my mom today because she needed to go to the store and decided to drop me off at the school.” “I think that he might be lying but Phil has never lied. Oh well. It’s not like I felt like today was going to be a good day.” I thought to myself as the teacher walked in and started the day's lessons.
Its finally lunch time for me. This is when I am writing and this is my lousy day. I am deciding to write now and tell you about my days because I feel like it is going to be a good day and I need something to do while I wait for my classes. I see phil walk over. I will write more later.

I had finished my lunch when phil walked over to me. “What are you doing in the library? And with a book too!” He exclaimed. “I’m just sitting here writing because I felt like today was going to be a good day so I picked up writing.” Phil snached the book out of my hand and was reading it. “So, you did wait for me at the corner. How nice.” I snached the book out of his hands and put it in my bag. “Bell is about to ring, lets walk to class now.” Phil nodded his head and we started off to our class.
It is now the last few minutes before class ends and I'm about to walk home. I am still going to walk while I write. I hope that I can write while I walk because I want to get this done before I get home. I am now on my way home. I see a cat pass and he rubs up against my leg, then his ears pick up and he scurried away like he feared something. I look behind me to see rocks falling from the sky. Should I run home as fast as possible or check out the rocks. I think that it is going to be dangerous to go toward the falling rocks but I want to check it out. I start running toward the area. I can't write while I'm running.
This place is big! The area where these rocks are falling is huge. It looks dangerous that the rocks, I believe they are meteors, are falling on the mountains and down the road. Rocks are falling from the sky in the middle of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania! That bus is heading right toward the rocks! And now there is no bus… A rock smashed it. I can't take this anymore I have to go home and I might not write anymore today. Good bye for now.

December 13

It's friday the thirteenth. I’m still scared about the rocks, they had stopped but they are suspected to fall again tonight. The only reason I know this is because I am sitting in front of the TV. Mom still wants me to go to school but I'm afraid that it is so close to where the meteors were that it is going to get smashed. Then the anchorman came on the news, “Yesterday there were falling meteors all over the world. This has never happened before and scientists are scrambling to find an answer. Here in Pennsylvania the meteors that fell in Jim Thorpe smashed a bus full of kids. Included in the bus were about twenty kids from all grades, we have yet to identify and inform the parents of these kids that they are dead. Not one kid on the bus survived.” Just then the phone rang. “Maybe it is Dan asking us if we were ok where we are.” Mom walked over to the phone to pick it up. After a few minutes she started crying then hung up the phone. “I’m so sorry, Piper.” She said, “The bus that was smashed, Dan was in it.” I looked at her as if it wasn’t real.
I had saw the bus get smashed and dan was probably in another bus. It couldn’t have been the bus he was on. All I did was run up to my room and say nothing to my mom. I’ll See if I feel up to writing tomorrow.

December 14
It is showering rocks again. I can’t sleep and it is 3:40 in the morning. I’ve been thinking, if the scientists can’t figure out what is going on I will! I'm going to do this for Dan and for Mom. But can I really do something that scientists have failed to do? I wonder, I believe that I can do this! I’ll stop writing now and try to get some sleep and think about how to solve this.

I got it! If the rocks are falling through the atmosphere then they must not be be going through it long enough to disintegrate in the atmosphere! I believe that the atmosphere is too thin to stop the meteors! I learned that if we add fluorocarbons to atmosphere, it will make it thicker allowing the rocks to burn up before they hit the earth. I believe that this should work! But where am I going to find a scientist who can execute this? I’ll know, Phil’s parents are scientists! I’ll email them.
Oh, no the power just went out. Mom came up here in a panic, “Get off all of your electronics, Piper! One of the Meteors hit the power station outside of town and I don't know when it will be back up.” I told her, “But, I'm not on my electronics and I am writing.” “Well, just stay off of them.” She replied and then walked out of my room. I guess I can't do anything now that the internet is gone. But, I still need to write the email. I forgot to charge my computer last night. I'm just going to use my computer for a few minutes while I type and send this email. At least the internet is not out, but, I probably jinxed it.
I jinxed it. The internet and phone lines are now out. I was halfway through the email and it just wet out. Now I won't be able to send the email. I could write a letter but I'm afraid that it won't get there in time before we are all smashed. I’ll go tell Mom about this, she should be able to drive me there.
Mom said, “Not tonight, I'll take you first thing in the morning.” I agreed to it but, she thinks that I am going to see Phil. I am actually going to see his parents about my idea. I’ll write more when I can tomorrow.

December 15
Mom drove me over to Phil’s today. I talked to him about out my plans, “Ok, so. You know how your parents are scientists, right? Well I wanted to talk to them about this theory I have about the Meteors falling.” “Ok, I’ll go get them.” Phil replied. And he brought them back with him to his room. “So what to do you have to tell us, Piper?” Phil’s Dad asked me. “You know about the Meteors falling from the sky. Normally most Meteors burn up in the atmosphere before they hit the earth. Well, they could hit the earth before they burn up if the atmosphere was thin, right.” I explain. “I guess it could be possible given the right circumstances.” Phil’s dad said intriguingly. “When we were in science, we learned that the atmosphere could be thickened by an excessive amount of fluorocarbons. If this is the case, if we release these chemicals in large amounts into the atmosphere, there is a chance that it could stop these meteors from falling.” I finish explaining. “That is a brilliant idea! I would have never thought about it that way. I'm going to a science gathering tomorrow in Philadelphia, your plan might get executed if you come with me.” Phil’s father offered. “I would love to come. I just need to tell my mom that I will be staying for two nights here. I’m sure that she will be fine with it. But, I can’t call her because the phones are out.” I told him. “I’m sure that she will be fine with it. You have stayed at my house for three or four nights in a row without telling her.” Phil added. “Yeah, but, I'm sure she won't want me out that long with the danger of me getting squished by a shower of rocks.” I complain, but, I really want to go. “You can go with me. She trusts me, and if you save the world then she can thank you.” He said. I'm going to stop writing now and get some sleep so I can start my day early tomorrow.

December 16
I started the trip to the other side of the state early today. We made it to the meeting by two and they allowed both me and Phil in with his parents as they said that we were their children. I got in and sat down next to Phil’s Dad then he got up to tell the host about my idea and he nodded. He then came back to his seat, “They are going to let me introduce you when it is my turn to talk and let you explain your theory to all of the other” He told me. I just nodded my head in acknowledgement.
There was a group of about twenty-five people in the room excluding us. The host came and sat down next to Phil’s father. Then he told everyone to be quiet, “We are gathered here today to talk about the problem of the meteors. I will start with Mr. Patrick Jones whose daughter has a theory on how to stop this. I will let them take over now.” Phil’s dad stands up, “Hello, everyone. I would like to introduce my daughter, Piper who has an idea on what is happening to our earth and how to stop it. Here she is.” I stood up when he sat down, “Hello, guys. Yesterday I had a hard time sleeping because of the meteors and I was thinking about my brother who died from a falling meteor that squished a bus. I decided I wanted to find a way to stop this before anyone else was hurt. Later on I figured out that most meteors that fall into the earth’s atmosphere burn up before they get to the earth, and a reason some of these ‘rocks’ could make it through our atmosphere is if it wasn't thick enough. I remember learning about a chemicals that could make the atmosphere thicker called fluorocarbons. If we release a large amount of it outside, it is possible that if we can get enough of it into the atmosphere, it could thicken it up enough that it could keep the meteors in the sky long enough that they burn out before they get to earth. And it won't hurt to try this because it eventually combines with another chemical after a few months and it would fall back down in rain.” One scientist stood up and said, “I believe that it is a good idea to try, it should work if the case is that the atmosphere is too thin to catch the Meteors.” Then all of the other scientists stood up and said that they could try it.
So they decided to gather up all the fluorocarbons that they could and fly it up into the sky and release it and they sent an email to as many scientist as they could because their internet still worked. It should be around this time that we start to see the showers lighten up or stop. I will update this in a few days to see my results.

December 19
It is my birthday today, Mom was mad at me for being away for so long but, Phil’s dad explaned to her what happened. She was happy that i was safe and that the showers lightened and that most of rocks stopped falling except the really big ones. There was supposed to be an asteroid going past our solar system that was causing all of the meteors to be caught in our gravity and hit the earth. But, there is a possibility that the asteroid gets caught in the sun's gravity and curves its path a little bit. It is supposed to be bigger than the earth and if it hits us there won't be anything left of us but that is a very small possibility. If it does get into our solar system we should be able to see it tonight. I’ll update you later on how it goes with the asteroid.

It is now time to see the asteroid. It is nine thirty at night and the asteroid should be visible in about an hour or two. Im sitting out on the lawn with Mom and Phil and his dad came over to celebrate my birthday and watch the asteroid pass.
I can see it now, but it is very slowly going across the sky. It looks like it is barely moving and is slowly getting larger. “It looks like that thing is coming right for us.” Phil’s dad says. “But, it's not supposed to hit us, Dad.” Phil says. “There is a very small chance that it could but the size of that thing if it comes close to earth the gravitational pull could pull the earth out of its orbit. Either way, if it even passes by us, we won't ever live the same way again.” He replied. I don't want it to get close to earth. I’ll just have to wait to see if it comes closer.
“It looks like it is getting bigger by the minute now.” Phil’s dad said. It is around twelve now and it does look like it is getting bigger and the asteroid was not supposed to stay in the sky for over two hours. “Why don't you go to bed now and sleep, I'll wake you up if anything changes. Phil, you can sleep on the guest room if you like. Me and Patrick will stay up and listen to the news about the asteroid. Goodnight.” My mom had said before sending us to bed. I’ll talk write in the event that the asteroid will crash into the earth and mom wakes me up.

December 20
It's two thirty in the morning and mom wakes me up. “It’s confirmed. The asteroid will crash into the earth. They expect it in the middle of america or around canada. The impact will be so big that everyone in north america and possibly south america will die. But, after this no one will be alive with the asteroid being bigger than the earth.” Mom says as she sits on my bed. I guess that there won't be any more of me writing but I will keep writing about this til the asteroid, now Meteor, hits. I went outside and almost the whole sky was just a big red ball of the meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere. It’s just like the dinosaurs all over again. Here comes another extinct species, humans. It looks like it is starting to grow larger and larger. Now it is about make contact with the ground and then we are all dead like rats on a sinking shi...

The End

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