Show me the pay cheque!

A bored home maker gets nostalgic about the days when receiving a pay cheque opened doors to fun and freedom.

Show me the pay cheque!

It turns out that staying camped at home, abroad or in India, didn’t make much of a difference. What effect it did have was that the body cells grew fatter and the skin became paler (side effects to staying home for days together!). Seems like I cant stand unemployment for long…for the sweet benefits it brings, most importantly on the last day of every month when your heart longs for the boss to call u and hand over a lovely little something in your hands…the paycheck! Ofcourse if you work at some swanky corporate then the money drops straight into your bank and flashes the sweet news as a sms eagerly awaited on your cell phone! What a feeling it is! I have been missing it and don’t want to miss it anymore. Unemployment makes two opposite things happen to me together, it makes me look “invisible”, as I am no longer a part of the “IT” crowd and also “visible”, as I conversely grow fatter and fatter  (a home maker cooks and eats whatever she can in those unemployed days, you see, not to mention the numerous calls made to the nearest pizza place for ordering various medium sized ones to satisfy the demon like urge to forget cooking for one day, that “one day” comes every third or the fourth day of every week though.. and to the point when the waiters on phone and the delivery guys now know your favourite pizza toppings, your name and address by heart!).

I know that ones self worth should not be attached to that sweet sms tone or the piece of paper in your hands at the end of every month – the paycheck, but the irony is that there are so many goodies attached to it. A paycheck is like a passport to the best things in life – food, clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, colored lenses, watches, cosmetics, a wonderful divine spa experience or a membership to the yoga class. Its so cool to shop till you are dead and occasionally surprise your hubby with the loveliest gifts ever, isn’t it? Oh yes I am getting nostalgic of those years when I used to do all this and so much more – I gifted my hubby with a pair of adidas shoes from my first salary, one of the several things I did for my loved ones on getting a paycheck on time! I am missing those crisp notes in my piggy bank which gave me this power to go out and please my loved ones. I miss those days when I would not think twice and shop till my high heels made screechy noises and the backbone too made a noise more or less of the same kind! I miss those days when I subscribed to my favourite fashion and gossip and environmental and education magazines regularly. Miss those times when I would treat my friends at the office canteen for actually no reason at all! As a home maker, lately my only assignment was to keep cooking family dishes and feel sorry for my “self chosen poverty” !! A pay cheque thus was the window to nirvana by all means.

This nostalgia doesn’t demean the role of a home maker in anyways but when you have the best of both the worlds, personal and professional, its really like having to choose between a dish of pasta and a dish of pakoras! Both are oh so yummy and fulfilling! Then there are two kinds of people – ones who save their paychecks (for God knows what reasons) till “that special time arrives”  and the ones who spend half or even all of it the same day it drops in their bank accounts! I definitely fall in to the second category for I believe that its no sin living life king size as you never know whats in store in life tomorrow so better party till God is blessing you with enough goodies! Its not only about buying designer label stuff over flea market ones but a paycheck actually opens the doors to fresh air of fun and freedom in a world which is neck deep in stress and selfishness. How important it becomes for me then to find that damn swanky job and wait for the last day of that awfully long month to realize my dreams of quick fun food and frolic. Its important, very important, I must say, to choose between these two – either you have a vegetable garden at home and be good at gardening both fruits flowers and herbs of your family’s choice  or have a job which gives ample scope to sharpen the political (the games people play in pulling and “jacking” colleagues up or down!) , social (office places are the new age “homes” with your boss often playing the roles of a “father” or that humble kind “uncle” you turn to as your mentor and care taker and the immediate colleague in your team playing the role of a sister or an elder brother which you never had in your life) and economical sides in you.

Lets not get confused and lost in the labyrinth of on job dynamics but let us just focus entirely (like “Arjun’s” aim) on that aspect which is the soul of the whole matter as to why we crave to slog for hours together amidst all that mess (mostly man made!) afterall…because at the end of all those 4 weeks finally there is a beautiful piece of paper in our hands saying , “this amount gets paid to this person who gave up the choice to grow vegetables at his/her home garden and instead chose to slouch on his chair for hours till the back hurt and stare at the laptop screen till the eyes burnt....” was compelled (in employer’s words) to reward him/her – A PAYCHEQUE!

The End

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